Friday, 18 December 2015

The True End Of The Matter

I have just spoken, in my last blog, on the matter of TPTB’s desire for their totalitarian New World Order, and of one of the key pieces of the process of takeover that they have engaged in to bring it about, i.e., the placing of their stooge in the Oval Office - arguably the most powerful position in the world.  Which stooge is now delivering for them, and in spades.  With acts like ramping up the national fiscal deficit to breakdown proportions; part of the so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy, to bankrupt the nation, and thereby a) create the conditions for a statist takeover of the nation (made up of elements of both socialism and fascism), and b) help bring in a new monetary system, which will - hopefully, to them - deliver even more power to TPTB.  And another such act is his/their attempt to deprive American citizens of their weapons of self-defense, in order for TPTB via their minions to take over the country with as little resistance (to their best-laid plans) as possible.  I would like, in this blog, to address directly this issue, of Where We Are At, in the historical unfolding of things on this planet.  And point out, thereby, where TPTB have it wrong; or at least, not quite right.  Not quite there, yet.  

Our erstwhile Masters wish to have total control over the human populace.  That means a Total State.  Which is opposed directly by the American system of government; which emphasizes, and celebrates, the individual over the collective.  Wherein and whereby, e.g., government should be like a traffic cop, merely keeping order, so that The People can flow as best, and as far, as they can.  The Left wants it to be, rather, like the Stasi, keeping a close eye on the (little) people for the (big) state; treating ‘the people’ (read, rather, in the eyes of the state: its chattel) like potential terrorists, with a tendency to overthrow their (rightful) Masters.  

This latter point brings up the matter of presumption; i.e., the presumption of innocence, rather than its opposite, where ’the people’ are deemed guilty until proven innocent - the default position of a totalitarian state.  But let me continue with the main thrust of my point for today’s blog.

Which is that this has all been prologue to the culmination of the process: the arrival of, for lack of any better description:

the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

You see, the Dark forces have been used, to bring about a positive outcome.  Their totalitarian New World Order is a reflection - the mirror image; to say, the reverse image, of 

The Real Thing.* 

Where their World Order is built on Force, and compulsion, The Real Thing is built on Love, and compassion.  And so forth.

Not to belabor the point.

Just to make it.

Happy end of the year.

And the beginning of

a - the -

New Era.

And New Earth.


* called out of incipiency into Being.  By a law.  The Law of Attraction.
   The Creation built on - out of - laws.
   Like the Law of Karma.  Aka Balance.
   And Harmony.
   Leading to
   the Still Point.

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