Monday, 21 December 2015

On Hoaxes Large And Small

Almost everything we see on our various screens is an elaborate hoax.  But then, life itself is an elaborate hoax.  So, what’s new?

What’s new is the extreme extent of the hoax being put up on our screens, to program the herd, into being obedient little creatures to and of their captors; cattle, to be corralled and culled, as the need arises, in the New World Order afoot for all of humanity.

Many thanks to Russia’s president V. Putin for slowing the process.  But, first things first.

Let’s look at a little history on this subject thread.  Take, e.g., the sinking of The Maine, in Havana Harbor, which led to the Spanish-American War, and the U.S.’s extension of its hegemony over part of Central America; which led to the likes of various wars for the multinationals.  As Gen. Smedley Butler pointed out  so succinctly, in his book ‘War Is A Racket,’ about his role in the exploits of the multinationals particularly in the ’30’s.  

And then there was World War I.  Which the U.S. got inveigled into, in particular to advance the Zionist’s cause for a foothold in the Middle East, in the previous area of the 12 tribes of israel.1  Zionists told Great Britain that they would bring the U.S. into the carnage on their side if they, the Brits, would secure for them a foothold in the now-Palestinian territory but under the political control of Great Britain.  The deed was done, and sealed with the Balfour Declaration.2

The people behind all this political manipulation - known by various names; the Illuminati, the Olympians for two such terms; call them the Cabal - tried to obtain major control in and of the world at that time via the proposed League of Nations, but their plot was foiled - by one vote - in the U.S. Senate.  Never say die: these charlatans inveigled the U.S. into their next-try WWII by enticing the Japanese to attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor; a plan that was set up TO happen by FDR and his closest advisors.  Viola: a really nice war.  As wars go.

And then, which one was it...oh yes: the Korean War, officially known, for political reasons,  as a Police Action.  The U.S. beginning to lose its sovereignty.  Where the U.S. Secretary of State gave a speech wherein he announced that South Korea was not within the U.S.'s "sphere of influence," whereupon communist North Korea, as if on command, dutifully  invaded it, which created the next lovely war, excuse me, UN Police Action (and thereby bypassing a clear declaration of war by Congress, as required by the Constitution).

And on.  And on…

…down to the manufactured Gulf of Tonkin ‘event’, and the U.S.’s subsequent entanglement   (via its membership in a UN Treaty Organization) in a land war in Asia.  Which Gen. MacArthur warned JFK about getting into.  And which warning became one of the reasons that JFK was taken out, when he showed signs of pulling away from that tar baby.

And then there was the first war against Saddam Hussein, when the U.S.'s rep from its Secretary of State's office echoed that office's previous signal for the Korean War and told Saddam that the U.S. had no particular interest if he would make moves to take over Kuwait, hint hint...    

As for the role of ships in this catalogue of carnage, there was also the attempted sinking, by the Israeli state, of the U.S.S. Liberty, and attempt to blame the sinking on the Egyptians, in 1967.  And on and on the litany goes, of wars, and rumors of wars.  To feather certain nests.   

And especially, the nest of vipers sitting atop the main pyramid of power in the world: the one controlled by the Cabal of mention.  Who have had ambitions for just such an accomplishment for centuries.

And who have been used by the Most High in it all; Who has let us discover for ourselves what happens when we think we in our meat suits are the be-all and end-all of existence.    

A puny ambition, surely.    

And not to get into detail in the 9/11 false flag op (orchestrated in particular by the NeoCons in the Bush W. administration and Mossad, in order to drag us into war in the Middle East, to further the Khazarian-Mafia israeli state’s ambitions for a Greater Israel; except just to say: 'Who benefits?').  And the 7/7 London Tube exercise mysteriously, supposedly, gone live.  And the Sandy Hook Hoax (a two-day DHS/FEMA ‘event,’ with the actors paid off handsomely for their services).  And the Boston Marathon Bombing drill (even announced as such, at the time and place; to keep the public from fouling the crisis-actor-staged scene).  And the Charlie Hebdo Gladio-operation-like ‘thing’.  And the Paris ‘thing’.  And the San Bernardino ‘thing’.  (With the patsies’ killed with their hands fastened behind them in handcuffs?  I don’t think so.  And their house crime scene allowed to be fouled by the press??  And repeated active shooter drills at the primary site???  And an ad in Craig’s List for crisis actors to be used in a live shooter drill in that area…And one of the supposed victims having told her daughter that she would be “leaving”.  For where.  Brazil??  With a ton of money in her pocket, to start her new life with???…)  And on.  And on.  And -


No longer.    

It’s time to put an end to all this Hollywood imagery stuff.  Because

it is



1 Not of most of the Zionists per se.  Most of them were, and are, Ashkenazi Jews - European Jews, descendants of the peoples of Khazaria, an ancient nation in the northern Caucasus, made up of a Turkic people, who were converted en masse to Judaism by their king, and known, by their neighbors, for their pugnacious ways.  Another, though related, story.
   (N.B. They may have been part of the ancient Lost 10 Tribes of Israel; but DNA testing would appear to rule that out  They are not a Semitic people.  Like the Arabs are.)  

2 As for the sinking of ships in order to accomplish nefarious ends, such an event took place here, too when the Lusitania, a passenger liner sailing out of New York Harbor for Great Britain, was sailed right into known German submarine-infested waters, even after the Germans had warned, in newspaper ads, that such an event could result in such an event; especially when the Lusitania was also ‘secretly’ carrying war munitions for Great Britain, thus undercutting the U.S.’s attempts at neutrality.
   I put the word ’secretly’ in quote marks, because it was a secret only/especially to the passengers on the thus-doomed liner; since the fact was well known to the Germans.
   Who had leaked that information to the Germans?  Ah, well.  Keep reading, friend; and see if you can come up with the M.O. easily enough.
   But let me make it clear at this point: the scoundrels in this scenario are not just what are today called Rothschild Zionists - Khazarian Jews.  The filthy rich of whatever personal background like to get more filthy rich from wars.  That’s what they do for a living.  

   You’ve gotta do something; right?  And why not be better than anyone else at what you do do??…

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