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On Beginning Seriously To Lose It

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘What do you think about a Trump/Cruz ticket?’ - posted by Jack Sharpe - December 13

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (December 13)

What do YOU think about getting back to the rule of law in the country - meaning the Constitution??  And how is it, precisely, that so many so-called conservatives don't even know their own Constitution???  Cruz is not eligible for either the POTUS slot OR the VP slot, for not being a 'natural born' citizen; which by historical definition, and the eligibility requirement never constitutionally amended, means one born on the soil (jus soli) of citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  That's PLURAL.  As in BOTH.  The whole POINT of the exercise being to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States. DUH!

When did conservatives/constitutionalists become just like liberals/Marxists, and abide by the Constitution only when it suits them to?  For make no mistake: It is YOU who are putting this nation in so much jeopardy, for thinking to try to make two wrongs make a right - with Obama not being eligible either - because YOU are the opposition to the Left's attempted takedown of the rule of law in this country, and you are proving to be part of the problem, for buying into the charade.  There will BE no 'rule of law' left in this country if you go along with the Democrat Party's chicanery in this matter.  There will be only the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. The hallmark of tyrants down through the ages.

I would expect more of Americans than this pitiful demonstration of irresponsibility, so far.  So far.  The conservatives/constitutionalists can still save this country.  But only by the skin of their teeth, by now.

Are YOU up to it, Citizen?  Or does the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America die on your watch??  And ESSENTIALLY by your hand???  For not doing your DAMN JOB.


..and on the other hand:

from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: ‘What is it going to take for America to wake up — and how might it happen?  an Opinion by - Jean’ [Haines; whose blog this is] - December 13   
(Expressing concern particularly for how change will occur in the U.S.)

kibitzer3 says:

An excellent summary of ‘the situation,’ Jean.

I, too, wonder about the Russia-China ‘thing’. I’m trusting Putin more and more than I used to, when I was wary about his links w/Kissinger et al. But his actions continue to speak well of him. I can only hope that China is not going to try to take advantage of its ownership of much of the U.S.’s mineral wealth – as collateral for our debt to it – and makes the mistake of ‘invading’ this country, to secure its interests here. But time will tell. As for coming out from under the thumb of TPTB and their banksters, and the U.S. moving into a new space: I happen to think that it can happen relatively drama-free, with a clear declaration of release of the old paradigm, of interest-bearing money, and a new monetary system for the world, happening in conjunction with new governance for the U.S. AND the world (the UN having proven to be part of the problem). And then friendly ETs from our dimension can ‘legitimately’ (spiritually speaking) join us, as, together, we move into the New Era, with a basic Mission Accomplished (of our education, as aspiring gods).

As for ETs “from a much higher plane of existence” joining the Ascension party: I couldn’t possibly comment. But wouldn’t it be nice.

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