Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Life In Our Times:

The Great Culling Caper
            And More

I ended a recent blog on the note of warning to America - particularly to conservatives - not to "get suckered into a war"; that that was "precisely what THEY want you to do, how they want you to react by what they set up, for you TO react to.  Action - reaction - solution;" and counseled "Discernment - and circumspection - in all things."  I feel it's time to go into all this 'Life In Our Times' stuff in a little more detail, now.

Long story short: TPTB are being 'guided' by some very malevolent beings behind even them.  This current confab in Paris, ostensibly on 'climate change,' is part and parcel of 'the deal'.  Its main point, really, is the stated desire, in effect, to cull the population; in order to bring about 'sustainability'.

What do our erstwhile Masters mean really, by that term?

They mean to cull us drastically - using the double excuse that a) we are using up the world's resources at an alarming rate, and b) we are dangerous 'polluters' of the environment, for being carbon dioxide emitters.  When what they really mean is that we are, by and very large, 'useless eaters' - and especially with the degree of automation, and robotics, looming just before us.

Never mind that CO2 is not the great bugaboo that it has been touted as being.  (CO2 atmospheric levels succeed warming periods; do not drive them.)  That has been used as a handy pretext for TPTB to try to fasten greater controls on the populace, unto their long-desired, and totalitarian, New World Order.  (Research the Trilateral Commission in particular, in its material on this subject; they have been advocating, for a long time, such as carbon credits & controls - which puts us carbon emitters right in their crosshairs.)*  So, the Paris talks, albeit with a veneer of 'good intentions' (and we know what THEY can do, potentially) about them, are a watershed point.  On the other side: There Lies either




If there were 'no God,' there would lie


Since there is 'a God,' there, indeed, lies


The Opportunity to use all the 'energy' that has been expended in establishing an atheistic New World Order, in a sort of 'ju jitsu' movement, and transmogrifying it - transforming it - into

a Synthesis, with its counterpart in the historical process, the 'thesis' of the status quo that generated it; of 'religion,' and 'democracy,' and so forth.

Not to belabor the point; just to move on, to an example.

TPTB have used the established Western style of medicine to further their ends, by doing such dastardly things as:

inveigle the herd into getting their yearly flu shots, which not only have such substances in them as anti-fertility agents and RFID chips and GM toxins, but are calibrated to deliver a greater dose of adjuvant to the older members of the herd.  What are adjuvants?   Substances - like aluminum - which help the vaccine 'work' - trigger an immune-reaction response.  And so, with more and more adjuvants, calibrated for age category, comes more and more deaths, from heavy metals & other toxins. 

Nothing if not clever, these bastards. 

I could go on.  But let me cut to the chase:

God will not be mocked.  God also moves in mysterious ways.  And thus, we have nothing to fear from 'where we are at,' in terms of the likes of automation and robotics; because we are also verging on 

a New Era

in which all our needs will be met.  From the universe of which we are a part.  Learning - now; at this stage of our consciousness development - how to manipulate it, to fill all our material needs.  And thus, to allow us to concentrate on other things than sustenance. 

Things like galactic travel.  Thought travel.  Telepathy.  

And spiritual development, on

the spiral stairway to the heavens,  

that we have barely put our feet on.   


Many years ago, I ended a screenplay with a scene that I didn't know the totality of where it came from.  I had developed a character who, near the end, expressed the desire to "be in on the building of a city".  He didn't know, precisely, what that meant, because didn't know, precisely, what that meant.  All I knew, as the vehicle for these ideas, was that my character was ready for a new chapter in his life, which involved a new chapter in the life of all of humanity.  In my story, it took the form of his being involved in the building of a city much like that of/at Teotihuacan (my story was set in Mexico); and at the finish of my tale - because he had 'prepared the field' - we see him coming out in the open area around the developing pyramid and meeting someone (a somewhat indistinct figure) who had just emerged from a UFO.  And it is like a coming back together again.

Picture it: From a direct overhead angle, we see this scene as very much like the reverse of the process of mitosis: from one cell splitting into two, this is like the two 'cells' of a creation coming back together again.  

Meeting as if for the first time.

My character's 'brother'.  From having gone his way, in the creation, out in space somewhere.  

As we went our way, here.

And now, it's time

to get back together.

The human species.  Meeting its own family.

At the end of a stage - a crucial stage - of their mutual development.

And the start of another.

Where we are at.

As we speak.

All our 'contradictions' brought together, and (about to be) cleared. 

At last.

For the next stage of our journey.


Homo sapiens sapiens.

And galactic HUman.

Each to contribute something to 

the reunion.

The Reset has begun.


* The big 'players' among TPTB: the 'Unholy Trinity' of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the TC.

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