Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Break, & Then Back At It

Getting my dander up yet once again…

from ‘Controversial Voter ID Law Fails to Keep Wisconsinites From Polls’ - April 4; posted April 7 
(“Wisconsin’s new voter laws seem specifically aimed at discouraging people from voting, a growing problem in several US states. But Tuesday’s primary showed record turnouts, pointing to the resilience of the American public against blatant attempts at voter suppression…
“This was the first election since Wisconsin passed a new law that requires voters to present state-issued photo IDs at the polling station. Critics argue that these laws – drafted by Republican legislators – unfairly target low-income Democrat voters…”)

“Unfairly target low-income Democrat voters” -????!!!!  What horseshit.  You have to have such ID to open a bank account, cash a check - including a welfare check, you idiots - get a library card, get a Seniors Transit discount card - the list goes on.  THIS IS EFFING NONSENSE.  This is just the corrupt Democrats' way to try to game the system.  The corrupt Republicans’ preferred way seems to be via the electronic voting machines.  But there are reports that the Democrats are using that scam as well, with machines set at default positions blocking out the other side’s names.  What a mockery.  

The Statue of Liberty is shielding her eyes in sorrowful disgust.  It’s obviously time to end the charade.  And with all the scamming that the admirable James O’Keefe & Co. have uncovered, as they travel around the country and try to expose corrupt voting practices…disgusting.  Dis-gusting. 


What is wrong with people. We need to wring out as much voter fraud as we CAN from the system - it is a corrupt system, a charade, a fraud, and it NEEDS such Voter Integrity measures as photo ID cards. And voter registration rolls constantly cleansed of illegal voter names. And throwing out the electronic voting machines, which have been PROVEN to be hacked and hackable (by routing the electronic impulses through a cutout site first, where the 'results' are massaged, before sending them on to the official count site), and going back to a clean and clear paper trail. This country has turned into a cesspool of the worst of banana republic voting systems, and has long needed such a cleanup, to restore some measure of trust in the system, that is sorely lacking today - corruption from both sides of the political aisle. This 'voter suppression' bleat is a con job, pure and simple. Get real.


Addendum, the next day:

When I reflected on why I get so angry at this sort of thing - this sellout of MY country - I realized that it is because it is so typical, of how institutions lose their energy over a period of time; but especially saddened that it would happen to America.  Even America, becoming a charade, a facade of its former, founding Self.  Such a betrayal of such a grand dream: a nation founded on the principle of the sovereignty of the individual, as a child of God.

My feeling on the matter is as deep as though I had been one of the Founders myself.  Madison, or Washington; that degree of commitment to the Cause.  

Poor Fella, My Country, indeed......

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