Saturday, 2 April 2016

On Getting Accustomed

Welcome To 3D Planet Earth.

You might as well make yourself comfortable.  You will be here for a while.  Although not so long, now, on this density.  You have chosen to incarnate at its Turning Point.  So: ‘The best of times, the worst of times,’ as one of their fiction writers has expressed it.

One of the main aspects of life at this level that you might find it particularly difficult to adjust to is their concept of ‘war’.  Yes, they are of primate origins, on this level, with territoriality built in to their DNA.  But they have carried the concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’ to an extreme.  Different races, and religions, and nationalities, and ideologies - very ’tribal’ in concept.  And the main such concept is between what they call the Haves and the Have Nots: those who have a lot of ‘money’ - currency: their medium of exchange - and those who have not.

About this ‘money’ business.  They’ve chosen to look at currency as an end in itself, rather than as merely a means to an end.  This is the primary reason for their carrying on with the primitive concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’.  They have raised that concept almost to the level of an art form. You’ll soon see.

And one of the most recent facets of this distortion is what they call ‘carbon credits’.  Their erstwhile masters - hereinafter to be referred to as EMs; also known as the Haves, and also known as the ruling class - have largely convinced them, especially the youth - who have still some residue of awareness of their true origins, have not fallen fully asleep as yet, in this classroom - that they Humans are responsible for what they call climate change - don’t ask; it’s simply a control tool - and they have put a bounty on the heads of humans, for being ‘carbon emitters,’ in the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle of respiration that you will get very used to.  So, you will be experiencing some people turning in the bodies of ‘others’ for their ‘carbon credit’ reward, which is in the form of a currency.  Soon, those Have Nots will be digging up bodies from graves to turn in for their reward, and will then bring in the bodies of homeless people, who they have figured out will not cause too much of a problem in the way of being noticed as missing.  But it will not be long before they will be turning in the ’others’ all around them, such is the sway of that concept over their minds.  (It is the same mentality that has given rise to what is called 'dead peasant life insurance'.  You will find out more about this phenomenon when you help bring about a true and in-depth investigation of what is called the atrocity of '9/11'.  Which you will.  It is part of your soul contract.)   
And speaking of their minds: You will note that they are still very bipedal.  They use their hands a lot.  But they’re getting there.

Other oddities of note, and in this same vein:

Because of this deeply ingrained concept of ‘us’ and ’them’ - this lack of recognition that they are simply One Another, playing various parts in the Drama - they have by and large accepted that some are more powerful than they are, and so all too easily give deference to their EMs.  You may well find this very hard to comprehend, at first.  But you will get used to it.  Although, not too much so, it is to be hoped.    

I could go on, but this will give you an idea of what you are up against.  And I do mean that.  They are very good at not allowing their incarnates to see beyond the confines of their belief system.  Oh, they allow ‘religions’.  But they are largely derided and frowned on, as ‘primitive’ superstitions.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, as one of their sayings has it… 

This is enough for now, as a fair warning, of how far you have chosen to go back down the ladder of Ascension.  But then, only the best are ‘up’ for this major graduation exercise.  For, not only are they up for a graduation.  You are as well.  Good luck!

You will need it.  Such as 'luck' is.  Call it, rather, a test - a graduation test - of your free will.

P.S. I referred to 'the Drama' : You will come to remember - re-member - that life is a school.  The purpose is to graduate.  Don't get ensnared in the lower grades.  You have climbed too far to have to start any grade over now. It would be such a bore.  A word to the wise.
     That is all.  


[The Drama: Now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another.  All, to learn lessons from, in the consciousness-unfolding process.  On the stairway to the heavens.]

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