Friday, 22 April 2016

On Living A Lie

Somewhat recently I posted a comment on some email site or other wherein I referred to the fact that we don’t really know what the real, birth name of Barack Hussein Obama is, because of the copy of a bc posted on the White House official web site proving to be such a fake that it would be laughable if it were not so serious a matter.  And somewhat recently there has appeared on the Internet a video of an ex-CIA man claiming that Obama’s DNA - obtained from a glass of water - has proven that neither Stanley Ann Dunham or Barack Obama Sr. are his birth parents.  (Which - if true - would discount the very feasible theory that Frank Marshall Davis was the birth father, with the slutty Stanley Ann, who posed for trashy erotica for him.)  So researcher Martha Trowbridge could be as right as anyone, when she claims (I think I have this right) that his birth parents were a 1960s-style domestic terrorist named Elizabeth Ann Duke, cover name Jo Ann Newman, with Malcolm X, last name Shabazz, and Barry’s real, birth name was Bari Malik Shabazz.  Their child ‘parked’ with a fellow communist family, for undetected grooming for major work in the future, for ‘the revolution’.

Any evidence for the claim?  Well, for one thing, there is no evidence that Stanley Ann was pregnant leading up to the time that she took the infant Barry with her to Seattle, to start college there.  (Though there is evidence that whilst there, she didn’t know the first thing about a baby, and diapers, and such, had had no such preparation; commented on by a college mate.)  And for another: Who WAS that mysterious woman who appeared, and was photoed, sitting with Barry at a NY Knicks basketball game, and who accompanied the official presidential entourage on a junket to the UK??  

Questions, questions…

But it is all as nothing compared to the real Lie of our time.  And for the last two thousand years.  Which is about the true origin of the Christian religion.

I refer to the explosive material contained in a fairly recent (@ 2011) book entitled ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus‘, by a particularly keen researcher named Joseph Atwill.  His claim, with voluminous corroborative evidence: the Christian religion was the product of the Flavian court in Rome of the time, who wanted to stop the incessant rebelling of the Jews to the imperial power of Rome.  Realizing that their rebellious nature was fueled particularly by their belief in a militaristic Messiah who would come and lead them to victory over their enemies (and place them in power over the world, not so incidentally), the Flavian court concocted a fable about a peaceful, turn-the-other-cheek, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” Messianic figure, whose back-calculated ministry precisely paralleled, albeit in a cleverly disguised way, the ‘later’ military campaign of Titus in Judea that led to the ‘prophesied’ destruction of the Jewish Temple and Jerusalem itself in 70 C.E., setting that prefiguring ministry in the first part of the same “wicked (to say, from the Roman perspective) generation” (a generation figured at the time to be forty years).  It was carried off in particular by the very deviously clever talent of a Jew named Josephus, who was the court historian for the Flavians (i.e., father Vespasian and sons Titus and Domitian), and who was involved in constructing the Gospels and the Acts and his own ‘Wars of the Jews’ and ‘Jewish Antiquities’ in a parallel way that could be figured out by equally clever readers.  But which has escaped the main body of Christian researchers to this day.  Until now.       

So perhaps the lies about Cruz and Obama aren’t so big after all, in the greater scheme of such things.

P.S. Atwill doesn’t cover, in this book, the evidence reported elsewhere, in our illuminating time, that Paul of the New Testament was really Josephus, with their lives paralleling each other so remarkably.  In his next book, perhaps.  Which is also - he reports - to cover the machinations of the younger son, Domitian, in establishing himself, after the death of his older brother Titus, and with the help of his own imperial-court historian (Suetonius), as the Messiah, and specifically the ”Lord God” of Revelation.
   Don’t go away.  This ‘thing’ - about living a lie - ain’t over yet.  The Usurper in the Oval Office is, it would appear, among the least of it.
   As the Truth outs.  And in spades.

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