Thursday, 21 April 2016

Time's Up

It is time to set things to rights, in America, and the world.

What would that look like?  It would look, first of all, like a kingdom where Truth and Justice prevail, in perfect alignment with Spirit.  For, the Truth of the matter of life as we know it, and have been experiencing it, for lifetime after lifetime on the Wheel of Rebirth, is that it is but part of a larger Whole, in which Justice is built into the very fabric of the Creation.  We humans in this third dimensional realm are vouchsafed free will, yes; but it is in the context of a classroom.  A classroom for aspiring gods - for growing souls, ultimately to their fullest potential, as very Creators in their own right.  And so the free will extended us is in the context of learning lessons; growing from them, and moving on from there, back to the realm of real life, as it were.

Which we are on the verge of, now.  Just about to graduate into.  Just a touch of seasoning left.  A wrapping-up of karmic dues.  And then -

the Real Thing.

And just in time, it would appear.  From the machinations of the Dark side, in such obscene activities as rendering vaccines and food and drinking water laced with poisons, and weather laced with similar malevolence.  Such as deliberate attempts to set off the Yellowstone super volcano in America, to wipe out life on the North American continent in a massive way.  All, in order for the Dark side inhabitants to have their way.  Not realizing that that side of things exists for a larger purpose than just in and for itself only.  The purpose being to give souls - aspiring gods; apprentice gods - choice.

That time, in the classroom of 3D life, is now up.  Choose well, Friend, as to which side you will be on, when the Day of Reckoning comes.  When the Teacher calls: 'Time's up.  Put down your lesson books.'

Graduation Day.  Here we come.

Some, of us.  Some will just have to repeat the course.  Having failed The Test.

the Final Exam, in the time allotted.

Which boils down - in the end.  In The End - to how you treated the Other

as part of your larger Self.


,,,and meanwhile, back at the ranch...

from ’Trump Critic Rubio Vows He Will Back GOP Nominee’ - Jack Davis - April 21


Since Rubio is no more eligible for the job of POTUS than either Cruz or Obama, no one should be listening to him on anything regarding the presidential nomination process. 

And Oath Keepers should be doing their job, and arresting the Usurper and holding him for trial - on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. Another, though related, matter. And this nation being SET TO RIGHTS. Instead of trying to make two wrongs make a right, as we are doing at present. And getting deeper into error as we do.


...and speaking of the political scene in America today...

I constantly get a lot of donation requests from conservative candidates all around the country, for having gotten on a number of mailing lists, I suspect, from my supportive activity in the 2014 elections in particular.  Most of them go directly into the bin these days, with my disaffection with the Republican Party as an entity.  But I replied to one today, on the basis of a particular bit of 'disaffection':

'Dear Mia (Love; a Congressperson from Utah, and a black Republican to boot),

'You voted for the TPA.  [Trade Promotion Authority.  Giving Obama more authority to trash the Constitution, and paving the way for the TPP and the TTIP, finishing off the job.]

'That was a vote to undermine the sovereignty of the U.S., and bury it in the New World Order of our erstwhile masters.

'A shame.  But I can no longer support you.  Because you don't support the U.S. against its domestic, and some foreign, enemies.

'Please take me off your mailing list.'

I have sent the same sort of reply to Martha McSally of AZ and Ryan Zinke of MT, and a couple of senators, for the same reason.  I don't know what this has been all about.  Were they threatened in some way by the Republican Party establishment???

I see (from The New American's 'Freedom Index') that Paul Ryan voted the same way...and on other NWO-type issues.........

As I say: A shame.

To be corrected.

And for clarity's sake:

Am I advocating overthrow?

No.  That has already taken place.  I am advocating precisely what I have said on many a post, and in these pages: that the nation be "set to rights".

Since we have a criminal in the Oval Office, I am advocating that the nation return to the rule of law.  Which, in this country, as a nation, is, and means, the Constitution.

And let the chips fall where they may.


,,,and along these same lines:

from ‘Freedom Watch (Larry Klayman) Sues RNC, Priebus, And Others To Stop Primary Delegate Thievery’ - posted by Harry Riley - April 21 (orig. posted at - April 21)

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The GOP party along with the other party in America must be corrupt.
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They are both criminal enterprises on the basis alone of having put up ineligible candidates for the office of POTUS.  Thus, they both need to be hauled before a - legitimate; perhaps a Common Law?  At least not an Admiralty Law - court of law, and found guilty on the charge, under RICO statutes for such criminal enterprises, fined, and dissolved.  And as soon as possible; that we can set this nation to rights just AS soon as possible.

Which needs to include a complete overhaul of the voting systems in this country, with each state needing to pass an independent certification process, before their votes will count towards federal elections.  That process to include certifiable cleansing of the voter registration rolls, photo voter ID, and the elimination of electronic voting machines; which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways.  What each state does for state elections on this matter of Election Integrity measures is up to them; but to qualify for federal elections, they need to pass strict regulations.  Or we are doomed as a federal constitutional republic.  And will be slipped into being a mere part of a region of the totalitarian New World Oder all ready and planned for us, by devious, treasonous persons.

Such a wakeup call is sorely needed.  And, like, Now.


(N.B. A good site for info on the hackableness of the electronic voting machines is:

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