Thursday, 7 April 2016

Back To The Shortening Fuse

Part of my evening's mail yesterday (now) was a '2016 Presidential Election Year/Israel Survey'.  From an outfit called Jerusalem Prayer Team International, I forget how I might have gotten on their mailing list (I have also ended up on a lot of a) Christian lists in general, and b) specifically Catholic lists  Don't remember how all that happened).  But this one in particular gets my goat, for how its leader, a Christian, genuflects so pronouncedly to the Israeli state.  I have finally had it with this kind of crap - especially seeing as how the Israeli state is one of the entities behind the likes of ISIS, whose members, some of whom are undoubtedly Israelis, and in any event, are 'on the payroll,' seem to enjoy beheading Christians in the areas that they take power over - and instead of tossing the mailing directly into the bin, I decided to take their Survey.  My responses:

1. Do you feel that America is standing with Israel in an appropriate way?
     Yes     X No     Comments: America should demand that the state of Israel apologize for: the Lavon Affair; the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty; acts of omission in the attack on the Marine Barracks in Lebanon; acts of commission on 9/11.  & more.

2. Do you believe Israel deserves the support of all Believers?
     Yes     X No     Comments: Not until it repents.

3. How important is support for Israel to your presidential voting decision?
     Very     Somewhat     X Not Much     Comments: Ditto above.

4. Do you believe the Middle East peace process will succeed?
     Yes     X No     Comments: Ditto above.

5. Do you think that Israel is responsible for the lack of peace in the Middle East?
     X Yes     No     Comments: Until it stops trying to rule the world through its New World Order
     lackeys, it will be a thorn in the side & a pain in the ass.

6  Do you believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a major problem for the Middle East?
     X Yes     No      Comments: Duh.

7. Do you believe that the Old Testament promises to Israel regarding the land are still in effect?
    Yes     X No     Comments: They never were.  The Israeli god was at best a tribal god, one of the
    Anunnaki 'god' clan.  The state of Israel has no legitimate claim to/on that land.

8. Do you believe that the Church has replaced Israel as the recipient of God's promises?
     Yes     X No     Comments: There were never any such promises in the first place.  This is all a
     load of codswallop.

9. Do you believe the world powers will ultimately betray Israel?
     Yes     X No     Comments: No 'betrayal'  The only betrayal here is the state of Israel's - over
     &amp over, &amp over.  &amp especially with its role in 9/11.

10. Do you believe Christians have a responsibility to promote supporting Israel?
     Yes     X No     Comments: See all of the above.

11. Do you feel that recent events in the Middle East are a sign of the End Times?
     X Yes      No     Comments: Because off of this nonsense has to come to an end  It has gone far
     enough - & almost too far.

12. Do you think most Jewish people have a positive view of Christians and Christianity?
     Yes     X No     Comments: They think of the as 'goyim' - cattle, whom it is okay to steal from,
     because they are just that to them: stupid cattle.

13. What doe this is the most effective way to improve the way Christians are seen by Jewish people?
      Comments: Stop thinking of them/seeing them as 'cattle'!!!!


And to show that I am not anti-Semitic - just anti-hypocrite - there is this also from yesterday evening: I had just been invited by a niece of mine to the every-other-year Family Reunion, up in the state of Utah (they are Mormons).  Background to my response: I had emailed her, and another of my key relatives up there, on how appalled I was upon discovering, via a video in my emails, that {even) my birth town in Utah had given Ted Cruz a rousing turnout for his candidacy the weekend before their Republican Primary caucuses, which, in the event, signaled a rousing victory in the whole state for the ineligible Cruz.  I outlined the case against his candidacy in my emails.  To neither of which had I received a reply.  They must 'all' have been swayed by Glenn Beck's fervent, even religiously adulatory support for the "anointed" Ted.  (Whether Beck knows the truth about the definition of a 'natural born' citizen or not; rather, may be captivated by the guy's ironic aura of being a great 'original intent' constitutionalist.)  My response to my niece:

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you how disappointed I am in 'Utah' / Mormons not understanding sufficiently what's going on politically these days, with a very dark crowd - called the New World Order crowd - trying to take over the U.S., on their way to turning it into merely a part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order.  I'm talking specifically here about Utah's 'conservatives' backing for Ted Cruz for the Republican Party presidential nomination, when he is not constitutionally eligible for the office.  I would have thought better of the Mormons in such a situation.  I will not be setting foot in the state, such is the extent of my disappointment, and even disgust.  For a people who call themselves Latter-Day Saints, and consider themselves a moral people, and staunch Americans, if they can't even back the Constitution - and particularly at its great hour of need - what good are they???  They could have sent a major message to the country on this crucial issue.  They blew the opportunity.  So I will not be coming to your family Reunion."

Between you and me, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Mormon leadership has been co-opted into the New World Order vision; along with so many Christian ministers, who don't want to lose their tax-exempt status, from threats by the Obama illegal administration, and from what they could consider was the undefiable Power Elite behind the Republican Party as well - that is, the very Cabal running things in the world.  What a sellout.

'Even the very elect will be deceived.'  I may not be a Christian.  And there is overwhelming evidence by now that the New Testament is a fable, a tall story, a counterfeit.  (Concocted by people like the Jewish historian Josephus, who became the imperial-court historian for the Flavians, pushing the role of Titus as their expected Messiah, in order to keep the Jews from being so damn rebellious against the imperial power of Rome, and so creating the god-man Jesus - from pieces of many god-men of 'history' - to have him 'foretell' the military campaign of Titus that ended with his sacking of Jerusalem, 'prophetically'.)  But there are some nuggets in there.  And that is one of them.

Even the very elect can be deceived, by the very cunning.

'For we are up against principalities and powers...'


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