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Quo Vadis

from ‘California Atty. Gen. Eyes Crackdown on Conservatives’ - Michael Reagan - April 27
(AG Kamala Harris - who is running for the U.S. Senate - wants the confidential private list of donors to a conservative outfit, that only needs to be turned over to the IRS, which is forbidden to disclose the names.  But names on such private - and protected - lists get leaked all the time…)

kibitzer a minute ago (April 27)

Same old story.  The liberals are all for privacy issues when it comes to what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, but are on the other side of the issue when it comes to the privacy issue regarding public restrooms.  And the same about the issue of free speech.  'Free speech for me but not for thee.'



I’d like to say a couple of things about this whole business, of, in effect, partisan politics, in relation to my awakening process, which was more ‘bipartisan’ in nature.  

I got to thinking about all of this last night when and after watching a video of one of Donald Trump’s speeches at one of his primary campaign do’s in the five New England states’ sweep of his.  I was struck by  the honesty and sincerity of the man.  In an off-the-cuff rambling speech (which may or may not be a trademark of his; I haven’t watched all that many, or much, of his presentations in those kinds of settings), he got to commenting on the fact that he was not a ‘natural’ for the job, was not actually interested in ‘politics’,1 and mentioned that if a great leader came from the Republican Party or the Democrat Party, that was what really mattered: a leader who would help Make America Great Again.  

Bipartisan leadership…

I got to thinking about my journey in life, and how I have ‘been on’ - can see -  both sides of the political aisle as well, can understand both sides of the equation.  On the one hand, I am a ‘natural’ for human freedom - for the principle of free will.  That life is a school, and we are here in it to learn lessons, and, ultimately, graduate.  And those lessons can take many forms.  Some examples:

* When I was working for an NGO named Planetary Citizens,2 I happened to read a book on ‘environmental issues’ that told the story, e.g., of how the oil industry had secretly conspired to buy the electric-train public transit system in the LA. County area, and then quietly did away with it, so that more people would use more cars to go to work in, etc.  Which was the impetus behind the whole freeway system in the country: to get as many people burning as much oil - their product - as possible; and quietly undercut measures to promote public transit systems while doing so.  Sweet, these conniving capitalists…

* Gen. Smedley Butler’s book ‘War Is A Racket’: how this gentleman general was used by ‘the system’ - this relatively early version of the military-industrial complex - to be its ‘cop on the beat’ in keeping in particular Central American countries in line with ‘the agenda,’ of United Fruit & Co.3 

* Vaccines.  Horrendous in their side effects (and some actually nefariously calculated effects).  But a huge money spinner for Big Pharma.
   The same with a lot of its products.  But who’s to care: It’s all good for business.  Along with such deliberate measures as The War On Cancer.  Which is another war-way to put more money into the pockets of the Captains of Industry. 

* Fluoridation.  A toxic by-product of, initially, the atomic bomb industry, and then found to be as well and in particular of the aluminum and artificial fertilizer industries.  Solution: TPTB roped some scientists into claiming that it was good for teeth,4 and got one of their lawyers into the appropriate federal government agency to promote it for public water supplies and toothpaste/products, and a new industry was born.  Also because of its tranquilizing effect on people.  Perfect to keep the herd quiet, while they are manipulated.    

I could go on.  But you get the idea.  Of the matter of:




The common denominator to all this corruption?


More specifically:

Interest-bearing money.5  Which creates ‘wealth’.

When the wealth already exists.


And can be tapped into.

When a race of peoples - of incarnate souls - are ready to move to such a state of awareness.            

One Planet.  One Humanity.  One Destiny.6  / Make America Great Again.

It’s not the Either/Or proposition that the New World Order crowd would have it be.7 

It’s Both/And.

As I would have it. 


1 He got into an anecdotal mood, and started telling about how, on the campaign trail, he gets up at five, and goes out to a couple of states, and gets home at 1 a.m., and gets back up at five or six, to do it all over again, and his kids ask him, ’Dad, why are you doing this?’
   He is, basically, a businessman.  But he does it because he loves his country, and wants to help Make It Great Again, from the despoliation job that the New World Order crowd  has done on it, to make it submit to their will. 

2 For a year, in 1981-’82; working on a project of theirs (i.e., that they pioneered and were acting as the Secretariat for, which in reality involved many organizations) called ‘The Planetary Initiative - For a World We Choose’.  A project designed to help forward the concept of ‘Thinking Globally - Acting Locally’.  Helping set up local ‘cells’ around the county, and world, working for a better world, through such initiatives as local recycling projects, mounting campaigns to eliminate ozone layer-destroying spray cans, etc. etc. etc.    

3 And who was approached by a coterie of the Big Capitalist crowd to lead a fascist overthrow of the FDR administration, on the side of Hitler and Mussolini.
   Not to absolve FDR of any blame for political shenanigans.  He was directly involved in the deliberate enticing of Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, to give him the excuse that he needed to take the country into war with both Japan and their ally, Germany.  Whatever his personal motives.  
   Much as G.W. Bush & his administration of NeoCons engineered their ‘New Pearl Harbor’ of 9/11.  But not to get bogged down exclusively in the war theater here… 

4 when in fact it makes bone brittle, not hard; and anyway, as an additive is not in the form that it is in nature.  (And causes bone cancer to boot.  Another wonderful aspect of this marvelous product of human ingenuity.  Which also lowers IQ......had enough yet???) 

5 And its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking.  

6 The motto of Planetary Citizens.

7 ‘Either it’s our New World Order way.  Or it’s the highway.’  So to speak.


...and to round this contribution off:

from ‘(SCANDALOUS VIDEO) Susie Sarandon Talks About WHY SHE ENDED HER AFFAIR With Hillary Clinton…’ - Sara Paige - April 28
(“Susan Sarandon appeared Wednesday night on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” the other night and explained why she had to DITCH Hillary Clinton…”)

Susan is for Bernie and totally against Trump, because she is for, in part, "minorities". Say what?? Trump a) wants to bring jobs back to America, and b) wants the illegal aliens to leave, which will free up a huge number of jobs for the huge number of American citizen  unemployed minorities.

Susan, you are a lovely woman. But something happened that you didn't get your head screwed on properly.


Speaking of jobs: It is good to see many young people in the audiences of Trump's appearances.  They know, that if he doesn't win, their futures are on the line - that the NWO crowd are bent on turning the U.S. into a Third World country, so that their future in that scenario is to be as serfs in the NWO crowd's plantation.

Bully for him.  And bully for them for seeing through the smokescreen lie that they have been given in regards to the 'environment'.  There is no AGW; and any Climate Change is due to factors beyond the man-made one.  

The Sun is that culprit.  Not Man.    


Late entry:

from ‘Only An Assassins Bullet Can Stop Him Now’  - Dave Hodges - April 27/8
(“This is your last chance for freedom. It has been 37 years since we had a presidential candidate speak for the people…”)

  • toejam April 27, 2016 at 11:00 pm 

  • The future is not carved in granite. History is replete where a man (or women) has arisen out of the people who has led the people out of their morass. Dave is quite correct. The Donald could to be that man. The millions upon millions of Americans have come to the message that Trump speaks, and even if Trump is not that man, he will be the harbinger for the one(s) that will follow.
  • The Donald has unleashed the great American middle class from their psychological prison where there will be no turning back. The criminal Mattoids who thought that they had conquered the American spirit will be sadly mistaken if they attempt to take down Trump and deny the will of the American people. As Dave has so ably written, the NWO elites will not go quietly into the night. They have plans and assets to do great harm to the American people.
  • It is sad to think that the American people may not be able to gain control over their destiny as a nation state without violence. As it is said, it’s baked into the cake.

  • #comment-##

  • Stan
    April 28, 2016 at 10:04 pm 

  • (Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 
  • There need be no violence, toejam, if the American Oath Keepers, current and retired, will just do their job, and

  • * arrest the Usurper in the Oval Office, and hold him for trial – in a legitimate, Common Law court (NOT a Maritime Law court; they need to go, too) – on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason;

  • * dissolve the sitting Congress, for failing in their constitutional duty to rein in the rogue Executive; 

  • * arrest Hillary, and hold her for trial – in the same sort of cleaned-out court as the Usurper – on her own “whole host of charges by now;”

  • * install an acting Commander in Chief, who will call for new elections within a time certain (say, 120 days), and in the meantime, clean out the executive-branch agencies and departments of their rogue elements. And that includes all the appointments to them that the Usurper has made. Which includes Loretta Lynchmob, as Dave likes to characterize her as. 

  • As we take these measures and more to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM ITS ERSTWHILE HIJACKERS, trying to rope the nation into their totalitarian New World Order. Who have another think coming.


Those elections, incidentally - if they even take place - not to take place, at least for federal elections, until the state has passed a rigorous certification process, for a) names on the voter registration rolls, b) photo ID at the polls, and c) NO MORE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES.  They have proven to be too hackable  in a number of ways.  Back to clear paper trail voting. 


Enough of this effing nonsense that has been going on in this country for long enough, now.  For far too long, now.

I just read somewhere that the U.S. is at the bottom of a list of nations in regards to Voter Integrity issues.  What an embarrassing indictment. ENOUGH!!

Not MY country, you won't.

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