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ICE Director Criticized, Nothing More, For Releasing 86K Criminal Illegals Into US

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ICE Director Gets Away With It – Released 86K Criminal Illegals On Our Streets

ICE Director Sarah Saldana was questioned by Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) in House hearings into the policies of law breaking engaged in by her agency under the outlaw DHS Secretary, Jihadi Jeh Johnson.
As Lou Dobbs described it in the introduction, at issue was the release by Immigration and Customs Enforcement of approximately 86,000 criminal illegal aliens back into the neighborhoods and streets of a country they have no business or right occupying space in, the United States.
Under the current lawless regime, ICE is an agency whose name retains little relevance to its present day function, that of primarily an induction and transportation mechanism for illegal aliens remaining in the United States illegally.
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee member Jordan addressed Saldana, saying, “So when you break it down, people came here illegally, did a crime, in many cases a violent crime, were in your custody, the law says they’re supposed to be deported, and at your discretion, not because their country wouldn’t take them back, they couldn’t get travel documents. Notwithstanding any other reason, but over half of those 86,000 were you just decided you were just going to not follow the law. You were going to release them.”
Saldana replied, “I disagree with that, we do follow the law.” They don’t, they follow a contorted interpretation of the law that is deliberately being manipulated as cover for importing illegal aliens without approval of Congress or the American people for political purposes. They are taking great liberty with the concept of “prosecutorial discretion” to the point of it having become prosecutorial elimination.
Jordan replied, “But the fact remains you released them.” Saldana justified her lawlessness to the Congressman, saying, “After a careful analysis of each case.” Something along the lines of “Is there any excuse we can come up with in this instance for not doing our jobs and protecting the country? Well he does kind of look like a friend of mine from college and when you could separate him from the tequila and he sobered up he was a nice guy. There you go; he’s of good moral character. Let him out.”
“Careful analysis,” Jordan says, “my guess is the families who are here, who I also want to express my condolences to would disagree with your careful analysis.”
Dobbs adds a footnote, citing ICE statistics which reveal that “last year alone ICE released nearly twenty thousand criminal illegal aliens,” 19,723, “who had committed 64,000 crimes. That includes 196 related to homicide, 216 kidnappings, 614 sex offenses and more than 800 robberies.”
Those may be Ms Saldana’s idea of the kind of model citizen she is safe violating the law and releasing into our communities rather than doing the job the taxpayers pay her to do, but outside of the crooked Obama regime nobody else thinks so. They know better as well, they simply don’t care.
What happens next? Nothing. It’s showtime, Congressional Theater for the nation and the families who have lost loved ones to these criminals. The agenda will continue to come before the safety and security of the American people until we’ve deteriorated beyond a point of it even being recoverable. Congress will continue to pretend to be upset, it’s great for getting reelected. Nothing will be done to the criminals at DHS for their treason and lawbreaking.  And while all of them pretend to be upset they’re no different from Obama playing golf after the Foley beheading. It’s not their family members, and they live in neighborhoods where ICE isn’t dumping their trash.
The entire Department of Homeland Security criminal leadership belongs behind bars. We promise you, if we ever get you there, you won’t be released back into our streets anytime soon.

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