Saturday, 9 April 2016

Earth: A Plane Not A Planet?

A good friend has been sending me considerable material on the flat Earth debate.  One such missive arrived today.  My response:

"...And synchronistically enough, today I also received (via snail mail, that one) my/the latest issue of NEXUS mag, in which is the following letter to the Editor (which I will repeat here since I don't know if you take that rag, or want to borrow it from [a mutual friend], whom I presume is still also a subscriber):

'Proof of Spherical Earth 

'Dear Editor: I would like to respond to Darrell's comment about flat Earth theory (vol. 23, No. 21) [I.e., the last issue, the Feb.- March issue].  I would like to offer the following evidence that proves the theory false.
   'I have been a yachtsman since I was in my teens.  In the early 1990s I studied celestial navigation with the view to doing some offshore sailing.
   'I bought a sextant, a set of Sight Reduction Tables, a Nautical Almanac, and a textbook on how to take the sight and work out a position line using the Sun.
   'The Sight Reduction Tables are essentially like a set of log tables for solving the calculation to find a position line to plot on the chart.  The calculation can be solved long hand if one is so inclined, but it is a tedious task -- hence the tables.
   'To do the calculation long hand one needs to know how to do spherical trigonometry to calculate the lengths and sides of angles on a spherical surface, which is completely different from doing the calculations in plain trigonometry on a flat surface.  
   'The Sight Reduction Tables are based on spherical trigonometry, not plain trigonometry.
   'Our landings were always on target...'

"etc. etc. etc. in that vein; including the comments: 'The algorithms that GPS satellites use are also based on spherical trigonometry...Plain trigonometry simply does not work on spheres, and spherical trigonometry does not work for flat planes...' 

"I agree that there is something fishy going on in Antarctica.  But it may not have to do with a flat Earth.  And going back to Old Testament/Genesis's take on things may well not answer our modern conundrum.  Also, as to why we are barred from space exploration.  (I think the likes of David Wilcock have the answer to that one.)"  


And interestingly enough, this latest issue of NEXUS also has an article about an American (whistleblower, now; name of William Tompkins) who was a top aerospace designer involved in the creation of a US Navy fleet of spacecraft, originally designed by the early 1960s, detailed architectural plans developed over a decade, construction beginning in the 1970s, "and the first operational space carriers were deployed in the 1980s under a highly classified space program called Solar Warden".  The whole thing based on alien technology, first given to the Nazis by their contact with ETs.  Who, in the late stages of WWII, established a base in......Antarctica.

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our basic philosophy.

But we're getting there.

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