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On Cleaning Up Our Acts

further from; ‘Will Congress Continue Whining About Obama Overreach, Sit On Their Cowardly Hands, Ignore Rep Yoho Resolution, Or Finally Act?’ - posted by Harry Riley - April 19

Permalink Reply by Clois Beckwith on Friday

And you know why the ballet box is shattered, don't you? It is because our State governments and Federal government have replaced the paper ballots with electronic ballets that can be rigged by the code writers, there is no way to contest the vote and reverify the ballot proces. IT IS RIGGED AGAINST THE VOTER, to keep the asses in Washington and the State, county government in power doing the will of the "Devil" who makes the rules.

Permalink Reply by Dawn C, Lynge-Pruden yesterday (April 22)

what we should do is have a second ballot box, that when a person walks out of a polling place he places a second ballot outside, sort of like a "balance sheet, there are too many instances or examples of voter fraud and the switch of a vote and instead of going through a second round of "the hanging chad" and since there is no true "back-up or accounting" of how a person really voted, there should be a print out of every vote cast (like computers you can print the page) well as soon as you are done casting your vote, you print it and it gets secured by you placing it in a "secured, locked guarded ballot box" so if and when there are questions or accusations we can always count the ballots in that in all things there should always be a back-up, we all know about possible emp strikes or loss of electricity, or Verizon employee strikes that CAN affect computers, so why not a back up for the ONLY true freedom we have left and that is our vote,,,as they say One Vote -One Voice, well I want my voice heard, how about you?

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Permalink Reply by Harry Riley yesterday

We need a second opinion, that's for sure.........thanks Dawn.

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Permalink Reply by Tim Vance yesterday

That would be one way to maybe make voting in the US a little less corrupt, but the powers that be would never go for it.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield yesterday (April 22)

Dawn, I like your spunk.  The whole voting business needs a major overhaul, in every state.  Each state can do what its citizenry signs off on for state elections, in our federal constitutional republic, but they should have to pass a stringent certification process to be able to have their state's votes counted in federal elections.  Cleansed voter registration rolls - and I mean CLEANSED, photo ID, back to a paper trail.  Even dipping a voter's finger in purple ink if we need to, to SET THIS NATION BACK TO RIGHTS.  

We have allowed it to become a disgusting situation  It's up to us to clean up the act.  

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Permalink Reply by Dawn C, Lynge-Pruden 16 hours ago (April 23)

agreed, and especially the dipping of the finger, the next is the "absentee ballot" how to control that, and to make laws that the Military votes are FIRST, too many times they are discounted or tossed -the last Presidential election they were not counted because they were "late" well all counts should be held until Military votes are in and counted, never again should it be such disrespect allowed to stand-THEY are the ones sacrificing their lives, blood sacred honor, they should be FIRST!

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (April 23)

Good points, Dawn.  That business about the military votes being too late should have been a 'yuge' wakeup call to us, as to the agenda of the Obama administration, better known as regime.  And the use of the absentee ballot scam.  It's all just corrupt as hell.  Such a disappointment.  This is our response to our legacy, as a free people??...

John Adams had it right, when he said: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  What we need is a spell-it-all-out primer for children.  

…and speaking of children:

from ‘Is It Normal to be a Pervert?  Boycott ESPN in Support of Curt Schilling’s Defense of Our Daughters and Mothers’ - Dave Hodges - April 22/23

Stan April 23, 2016 at 10:07 pm
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At the risk of stepping into it, but for the sake of the truth of matters, it needs to be said that:

Homosexuality and the whole range of gender disorientation is due to environmental effects on the developing fetus at a particular, early stage of its development (I think it’s around the 8-10 weeks’ stage), when the pregnant woman’s hormone levels are skewed, causing changes in the development of the fetal brain, and thus male-patterned brains being wired into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every stage along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. Those abnormal hormone levels can be caused by a number of conditions: abnormalities in the adrenal glands of the developing fetus or the mother or both; endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment from the likes of plastics and pesticides, and The Pill; stress, of all kinds (it is known that there are more homosexual babies born in the wake of wars, for example, than the ‘normal’ background ‘noise’ thereof could account for). But perhaps the most alarming cause is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus. All of which conspires to create a fetal bath that is creating mayhem in our society. (The book ‘BrainSex’ by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel is a good single-source go-to for all this sort of info.)

It is not enough to point one’s finger at such adversely affected individuals, as though blaming them for their mental disorientation. It is also not enough for the LGBTQ crowd to demand special treatment, as though it were some sort of ‘right’. The only right that we have – should have – is to be born with as much going for us as possible, by a truly responsible society. Not going against us, by an unfortunately all too irresponsible one, that seemingly can’t see what’s right in front of it.


further from conservative ’Ted Cruz Busted On Secret Tape AdmittingThese Are Fake’ - April 14

Rattlerjake WVF 16 hours ago (April 23)

In the case of Ovomit, he is illegally in office. You cannot legally impeach him, he is NOT the President. A person hired to be a doctor, cop, teacher, etc. that does not qualify but was hired under fraudulent circumstances is not a doctor, cop, or teacher. The people need to file a never-ending line of lawsuits, and a recall could have been initiated based on him NOT being eligible and for violating multiple areas of the Constitution. Besides that, when the government is ineffective, the people need to take them out of office; what do you think our forefathers would have done? That's what we should have done or should do! Sadly, at this point it is too late for removal from office, that is why the fight to prevent Cruz getting in office is paramount. If Cruz is elected, because he is ineligible also, it will set the precedent that the Natural Born Citizen requirement is worthless, and any litigation against Ovomit based on fraud is over.


And that, of course, would be the total end of the rule of law in this country - that is to say, by the Constitution It could not stand if something so fundamental as the eligibility requirements for the office of POTUS were not honored; that would be a hole blown in the hull of the ship of state.

Our hope is with the Oath Keepers, current and retired, to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK. NO MORE NONSENSE. And I disagree that "at this point it is too late for removal from office". We HAVE to get the Usurper out of there, before the NWO crowd orchestrate a Crisis for the Opportunity of the Usurper declaring a 'state of national emergency' and subsequent declaration of martial law. Which would be the end of the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A. That CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Anybody who has any clout with Oath Keepers MUST demand that they DO THEIR DAMN DUTY: arrange with the S.S. to arrest the Usurper, and hold him for trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. And let the chips fall where they may. We're talking about the life of the Republic here, folks. This is NOT a game. Political or otherwise.

  • Rattlerjake kibitzer3 2 hours ago (April 23)

  • You seem to think that the oathkeepers are some kind of legal law enforcement organization and expect that it's only their duty. Oatkeepers are no different than any other "true" American other than they served their country directly in some capacity. The oathkeepers can't do anything without the PHYSICAL support of the people, who insist on sitting on their thumbs and "EXPECTING" someone else to do something. There are TWO types of Americans - 1) Those who believe in and support their Constitution and nation (not the government), and 2) those who think that because they were born here they are American, but believe in and support government over the Constitution (all libturds). It is the duty of ALL true Americans to take a stand, not just the oath keepers.

  • Look at what happened at the Bundy Ranch and in Oregon. These people are true patriots; they took a stand against this tyrannical government, and even did it without violence; they did exactly what we all should be doing; yet who is helping them now? Every able-bodied citizen in and around those areas should have descended on those two locations and beat down the government by sheer overwhelming numbers. Instead, most of them just watched from the sidelines (on their TV/internet). We the people should be instilling fear on the government, NOT the other way around.

  • There is only one thing that could stop this insanity in it's tracks and that would be for all (thousands/millions) of armed citizens to descend on DC, and all state capitols and take ALL of the ruling elite (politicians, military officers, and take control of ALL agencies (fed reserve, irs, epa, etc)) into custody and emplace our own. Then, immediately the KNOWN good guys could be released to aid in maintaining our military and infrastructure, while the KNOWN criminals would be tried and hanged as fast as possible. All of those who are "questionable", would be given a choice, execution or leave the country (with NO assets). But figure the odds of that taking place; I'm betting on the SHTF scenario.

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                  kibitzer3 Rattlerjake a few seconds ago (April 24)
    • It doesn't have to come to all that. To clarify where I'm coming from:

    • Oath Keepers have made a specific commitment, not the general commitment of the public. And, they have a Commander in Chief who is a Usurper, and thus are taking illegal orders. So they need to redress that 'grievance' immediately. Or they will be trapped into doing the bidding of a false C in C. They need to get out of that trap ASAP. They need, in other words, to become the spearhead, that the citizenry can then rally 'round. Not to do so is to abrogate their oath. And once they take the lead, we can follow.

    • White Hats in the Military: Where the hell ARE you? Your duty calls. Your Commander in Chief is a fraud. Deal with it.

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