Friday, 15 April 2016

For The Record

First, a little history.  Many years ago, I think it was in 1975, as running up to the 200th anniversary celebratory year of the nation's Declaration of Independence, a blue-ribbon body of 'experts' reported, as carried in the mainstream media (that was essentially all there was in those days.  Can you believe it??), that 'there was no way to overthrow this country because of the Constitution'.  I remember thinking at the time, Now what was that all about?  Why would they even say such a thing??'  Was somebody - anybody - even thinking of such a thing, beyond this blue-ribbon group, formed as part of preparations for national celebrations  in 1976???

Indeed there was.  And is.  And they are very close to the accomplishment of their 'mission'.  With such things as drones and small-plane monitoring over America keeping an eye on us, and the NSA monitoring all of our texts and phone calls and emails, and even our search-engine activity, and EMF-emitting antennas in our neighborhoods, using mind-control measures on us and debilitating us, both; and so forth and so on.

How have they managed it, if the Constitution was - is? - such a bulwark against that sort of activity?  Well, for one way:

just ignore the Constitution.  'Short' it, as the saying goes.  And for another way:

ignore any laws that would tend to impede their takeover plot.

As to a): see the phenomenon of the concept of the Constitution as 'a living document'.  Subject merely to the interpretations of its contents by 'activist judges'; and by educating a generation of American students to think that that is a legitimate judicial exercise.  Aka dumbing us down.

As to b).  I have just come across a law - the Immigration And Nationality Act of June 23, 1952, which became Public Law 414 - that attempted to deal with this sort of thing, by a patriotic Congress, particularly aware at that time of the machinations of world Communism in attempting to take over this country, that barred any immigrants from entering this country who were members of "any organization seeking to overthrow the government by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means..."

So: If you were the sort of person, and member of a group, who had that end in mind, how would you get around all this blockage of your best-laid schemes??  Well, for one thing, you could get a campaign going to demonize your opposition, by calling then names, like 'seeing Reds under the bed,' and such.  And, you could get the populace just to a) ignore the laws, or b) not be mindful of them.  The latter of which tactic has certainly happened with this Public Law 414 business, because even such a researcher in all these matters as I am never knew about that law.  But let me get to the main point I wish to make here.

And that is: a) the overthrow of the United States has been a long time in the planning, by who we can call the Cabal (or TPTB), and they have been fiendishly determined and clever in their plotting; and b) they long ago saw that a way to accomplish their dark deed was to undercut the Judeo-Christian culture of this country, and replace it - or at least weaken it, and then attack it - with a Muslim Fifth Column, whose members could not be barred from 'immigrant' entry because it was a 'religion'.  Ignoring the little fact that it is far more than just a religion; is, rather, a form of law (Shariah), and a way of life that punishes 'heretics' in its midst; is antithetical to the U.S. government, the Constitution, and to the American Republic.

We are seeing the fruits of the labors of the Cabal right now in Europe, in the planned attacks on Western civilization by Muslim hordes (from the U.S.-Israeli-Saudi-initiated turmoil in the Middle East).  And coming now to a city near you. Citizen.  Whereby, besides by the placing of Muslims in cities around the country under the auspices of the UN's program for Refugee Resettlement (with little to no vetting for outright ISIS/jihadists), TPTB are planning to fill 20 cities/areas of the country with Muslims under a program called Partnership for a New American Economy.  Local mayors given grants to create a "welcoming attitude towards New Americans... "; to "educate the public" to the takeover; the ostensible purpose being to "create economic growth..."

Why couldn't we accomplish the same 'economic growth' end by our normal immigration program??

Because it doesn't fit the agenda.

The agenda, that also got a Muslim - and a communist to boot, if only the small-c kind - into the White House.  By going around the Constitution.  ("...or by other unconstitutional means...")

That erstwhile 'impregnable' block to their best-laid plans.

Didn't hold up very well, did it.

That the American public, by and large, seemed to mind.

And so much for the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

A footnote in the history of the founding of the New World Order.

Or so the Cabal, and its malevolent minions, would have it.

I think not.

But it will be a close-run thing.

And which side of the Play, as it works its way to its Conclusion, will you be on, Citizen??...On our way to becoming fully conscious; and rising up to a new reality, as we are becoming clearer conduits for the Light to manifest through.

P.S. And you do see now why TPTB want to open our (poorly vetted) voting rolls to a flood of Third World voters, do you not???  People beholden to TPTB for their nifty new standard of living.  Courtesy of the (former) American taxpayers.
     Snicker, snicker...


(Ref.: 'Is Your City One of the 20 Selected for Muslim Re-Settlement?' - Melissa Davis - April 13)

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