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On Being A Good Citizen - Part III

So today I followed up on my vow of yesterday to check out the facts regarding the voting procedures in this state, and who best to make my formal complaint to, for not being asked to identify myself at the voting precinct, with the photo ID card that this state routinely issues upon presentation of evidence of one’s birth certificate, and is necessary for many activities, opening a bank account, cashing a check - including a welfare check - etc.etc..  

First I called the number given me at the precinct, of the Election Office; where the young gal who answered pleasantly and confidently told me that the signature that I would put alongside my name on the registration roll at the polling place would be scanned to confirm that it was the one that had been used at the time of registration.  Really? I inquired.  This happens every election?? She assured me that it did.  I then asked her how they determine if the name on their voter reg rolls is a bona fide voter.  Again very pleasantly and assuredly she replied that they check it against such records as “the DMV”.  When I pointed out that that sort of checking procedure is no longer valid, with this state now allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses (thanks a bunch, Governor Jerry ‘Jesuit-trained & -influenced’ Brown, and the Democrat Party majority in this state’s legislative houses),* she baled out at that, and passed me up the chain, to the L.A. County Voter Registration office, where the young guy who answered wouldn’t even go that far.  To my query of how they vetted the registration rolls, he said - after a brief conversation offline with his supervisor, who was listening in on the call - that they take the person’s word for it, “under penalty of perjury”.  

That’s it?  That’s the vetting procedure in this state??  He assured me - with a supervisor listening in on the conversation as well, and thus signing off on it/the information given out  - that it was.

So the onus is on people to tell the truth.

That and a quarter wilt not even get you a cup of coffee.

No wonder the country is in such a terrible state.  Let alone this particular state.

Madison observed, “If men were angels, there would be no need for governments.”

Precisely.  And, government by the rule of law.  Not of men.  The latter of which, as I have observed many times in my contributions to Comments threads on e-newsletter sites, is aka arbitrary law.  Which is aka tyranny.

The young fellow at the County Voter Registration office told that If I wished to take the matter further - which I assured him that I did - that, since a voter ID was not a requirement in this state, the next recourse would be to go to my State Assemblymember and/or State Senator.  Which I dutifully did today, via email, to my District Assemblyperson.  A Democrat.  In as detailed an email (including brief mention of my concern about the electronic voting machines being used) as his site allowed me the space to explain the purpose of my correspondence.

To be continued. 


* to give a good idea of the political mentality of TPTB in this state: This is the state where the Univ. of California Board of Regents (overseeing many campuses) has allowed in-state (taxpayer-funded) tuition, student loans, and financial aid to illegal aliens.  
     Just being good national neighbors, doncha know...


And, as the beat goes on:

from ‘RNC Bombshell: Trump Can Win it All with 1,100 Delegates!’ - Washington Examiner - April 13

Since Ted Cruz is not a 'natural born' citizen by any stretch of the [even] shyster-lawyer imagination, this race is over. Or should be. If there is any Justice in the universe.

And there is. It just takes time to be exercised, sometimes.

P.S. Which includes against the Usurper in/dishonoring the Oval Office as we speak.


As I say:

To be continued.

(Fair warning to all nation hijackers:

I - and many others like me, equally committed to the Truth of things - can be a pit bull.

I don't let go/give up, when something has captured my attention.  Like this business of trying to hijack the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. - MY country - has.)


P.S. Speaking of the danger of the electronic voting machines:


By Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics
April 13, 2016

On April 5, one of my subscribers sent me the following email:

Dr Ed, I'm very sad that Donald Trump lost tonight in Wisconsin. Is this the end to him winning? Can my family still have hope and support him? We just feel very sad and feel like no one is treating him right! How can this be allowed?

Actually, my family stopped watching anything on the news channels...just depressing and mean how they treat Donald Trump!! We hope things still end up with him winning and becoming our next PRESIDENT!!

Do we still have hope? Or is this going to be controlled by the GOP!! We feel very distraught and need you to give us some hope!!!

Thank you, [subscriber]

Dear Subscriber,

We are in a "Star Wars" battle. Trump's supporters are faithful to Trump and Trump will defeat the Darth Vader GOP Establishment.

Republican Delegates2.gif

Let's look at the new delegates. Here's where the race for the nomination stands today:

The blue shows the delegates won. The orange shows the delegates needed to get 1237.

We use RealClearPolitics data as of April 12. Trump needs 482 more delegates or 58% of the remaining delegates. Cruz needs 692 more delegates or 83% of the remaining delegates.

Let's estimate the delegate count after New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island vote. We use the projected delegate wins estimated by Nelson Hultberg.

Of course, no projection can be exact. Voter fraud happens. Polls error by a few percent.

Republican Delegates1.gif

But poll data indicates the delegate chart will look like this after April 26:

Trump will have about 929 delegates. He will need only 308 more or 55% of the remaining delegates to get 1237.

Cruz will have about 638 delegates. He will need 599 delegates to get 1237 or 106% of the remaining delegates. Therefore, Cruz will be out of the race for 1237. But he will remain in the race to help the GOP establishment try to stop Trump from getting 1237 delegates.

Delegate Count.gif

Let's look at the full list of the states yet to vote. We showed the data in this list through April in the above chart. Here is the rest of the projected data using Hultberg's estimated delegates. We assume Cruz gets the delegates that Trump does not win. Maybe Kasich will get some of the votes we have assigned to Cruz.

In this scenario, Trump ends up with 1226 total delegates, only 11 shy of 1237.

Presently, Trump polls 60 percent in New York. If Trump wins over 50 percent in New York then his total will go up by 40 to 1266. Then, even if Trump loses Montana, he will still have 1239 delegates.
After April 26, Cruz lovers who passed high school math may realize Cruz can't get 106 percent of the remaining votes. Then they may find their next best choice is Trump. That may help Trump get more delegates.

It Trump wins he will control the GOP. We sure need to replace those who have fought Trump all the way, and who would like to replace Trump with a candidate like Paul Ryan. Ryan would lose about half of the Republican voters and lose to Hillary or Bernie.

More good news is businessman Paul Nehlen is running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. What an upset it would be for Nehlen to remove the Speaker of the House when Trump becomes president.

Does Trump have a Plan B?

Yes. If Trump falls short of delegates he will make a deal with either Kasich or Rubio. He will choose one of them as his VP in return for their delegates to nominate him.

If both Kasich and Rubio accept similar offers, I think Trump will choose Kasich. Kasich has more executive experience, more name recognition, less in bed with GOP’s elite, and he can assure Trump would win Ohio. Kasich can at least help Trump. Trump would have to babysit Rubio.

I think the reason Kasich has remained in the race is he is running for VP. If Trump needs Plan B, I predict a Trump-Kasich ticket.

Meanwhile, let’s do our best to help Trump so he does not need Plan B.

Will Trump pull the eligibility card on Cruz?

Probably not, at least not until after the June 7 elections and only then if necessary. Doing so might set a negative tone to his campaign.

Meanwhile, there are eligibility lawsuits filed against Cruz in some states. Victor Williams for President has filed an eligibility lawsuit against Cruz. It includes the Amicus Curiae by Professor Elhauge.

The lawsuits that have the best chance to be heard and win are the ones where Harvard Law Professor Einer Elhauge has filed his Amicus Curiae.

Elhauge's Statement of Interest of Amicus reads in part:

The amicus is a Harvard Law professor who has researched and written on the natural born citizen clause and other issues of constitutional and statutory interpretation. Because of his research and expertise, he can help identify law or arguments that may not be presented by the parties or that might otherwise escape the Court’s consideration, and he can otherwise assist the Court with an objective assessment of the legal issues.

Elhauge's Conclusion is:

For the reasons set forth herein, the issue of whether Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen is justiciable and should be resolved in the negative.

Elhauge shows how Cruz's legal arguments fail. Elhauge discusses many legal documents. His review of Wong Kim Ark is conclusive:

The fourteenth amendment of the constitution, in the declaration that ‘all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside,’ contemplates two sources of citizenship, and two only,—birth and naturalization.

Citizenship by naturalization can only be acquired by naturalization under the authority and in the forms of law. But citizenship by birth is established by the mere fact of birth under the circumstances defined in the constitution. Every person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, becomes at once a citizen of the United States, and needs no naturalization.

A person born out of the jurisdiction of the United States can only become a citizen by being naturalized, either by treaty, as in the case of the annexation of foreign territory, or by authority of congress, exercised either by declaring certain classes of persons to be citizens, as in the enactments conferring citizenship upon foreign-born children of citizens, or by enabling foreigners individually to become citizens by proceedings in the judicial tribunals, as in the ordinary provisions of the naturalization acts.

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Trump voter Jeremy Rogers said,

"It was the strangest thing. The machine literally would not let me vote for Trump. I have heard the same from several others coming out of the voting booth."

If you don't think the GOP can and does rig voting machines to get the result they want, then you must watch this 121-minute documentary video:

An error occurred.

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.
The documentary video shows how good people who wanted fair elections worked to reveal the truth about voting machines. The video shows how easy it is for the manufacturer to remotely reset voting totals, and to even set local voting machines to change votes.

Expert programmers were able to find backdoors where manufacturers can set their machines to produce desired results. They demonstrate how they can edit the database and how they can change the memory cards.

After a software expert demonstrated how to easily change voting results, a state voting official stated:

"If I had not known what was behind this I would have certified this election as a true count of a vote.

The video shows a check from a GOP establishment to the machine manufacturer. Why would the GOP send a check to the manufacturer? To request the manufacturer to set the results of an election. The manufacturer can remotely program the machines to produce the desired result.

The Darth Vader GOP Establishment not only fixed the Wisconsin election but threatens to do the same in New York. DJ Lewis reported on Twitter,

"I was 5 feet from Priebus [Chair of the RNC] when he said 'Use the Diebold program in New York to keep Trump under 50 percent.'"

Wisconsin is littered with voting machines, most of them Diabold. Wisconsin voters reported voting machine problems in 2014.
Wisconsin County's.gif
Here is a map of Wisconsin counties that Trump and Cruz won.

Here is a list of the voting machines in Wisconsin. You can match the counties with no or few voting machines with the counties Trump and Cruz won. Trump won every county that did not use voting machines.
What is other evidence of vote fraud?

Compare the final results with the good polls. Ignore the bad polls like WSJ because they are purposely biased because Murdoch hates Trump.

The final vote results should not be more than ten percent different from the good polls. In the states that Cruz won, his votes were up to four times his poll data. The probability of this happening is about the same as winning a lottery. This happened in Wisconsin.

Why do states buy voting machines with hidden software?

Here is a rule: Never buy a voting machine with hidden software. Only buy source software. Every state has universities, colleges, and private industry with expert software people. The state should hire these people to review, test, and approve the software in every voting machine.

Even better, let your experts design the software. Keep it open source so experts in all states can benefit from each other.

The video shows the voting machine software was written in Microsoft Visual Basic with an Access database. I am an expert in Microsoft Visual Basic and Access. One year I won Microsoft's "People's Choice Award" at Microsoft's Windows World Open and Computerworld's Custom Application Contest.

So you can believe me when I tell you, you don't need a voting machine. Voting machines are a scam! Having said that, it’s time to move away from Visual Basic and Access.

The best way would be to write voting software to run in Google’s Chrome browser. Then people can vote with a touch-screen PC, Apple, or smart phone.

Compare the browser-based, very secure software used for stock trading. By comparison, counting votes is very simple.

Properly done, it is possible to let people vote from their own computer or smart phone. That is the future. Imagine, our military personnel would be able to vote from anywhere. States to have a way for the few who can't use a computer to still vote.

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