Tuesday, 12 April 2016

On Being A Good Citizen

                                         On Being A Good Citizen

1.  A Statement On The Matter Of A ‘Natural Born’ Citizen*

Ambiguous law is bad law.  You need to codify your law as clearly and unambiguously as possible, in order to avoid slipping under the rule of men.  Also known as arbitrary law.  Also known as tyranny.

There is no ambiguity in the law in this instance.  It is very clear: One of the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency of the United States is that the person needs to be a ‘natural born’ citizen.  And what does that mean?  Very simple: You go to the historical record to find out what that term meant to the constitutional Framers, and as was understood to mean generally at the time, and in this case, as was as well taught in the universities of the day.  (And thus, had no need to be defined in the Constitution.) 

The term derives froth the definitive tome of the day on such matters: E. de Vattel’s magnum opus, ‘The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law’ - as it is known that the constitutional Framers were well familiar with; and which their elder and respected mentor, Benjamin Franklin, and who was sitting right there amongst them as a delegate himself to those self-same Constitutional Convention proceedings, was known to have three copies of.  And there it is, as plain as day: Book One, Chapter XIX, Section 212, as translated into English; quote:

“The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…” and furthermore, quote: “…those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers…”  Unquote.

What is the determining factor here?  That is supplied to us from the historical record as well, in the form of the letter from John Jay - a well-regarded statesman of the day; and who, not so incidentally, became the first Chief Justice of the new U.S. Supreme Court, such was the respect for his statesmanship and acumen - to George Washington, in his role as Chair of the Convention proceedings, in which he advised, quote:

“Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government; and to declare expressly that the Commander-In-Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen.”

And thus, the occupant of that office clearly having SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.  NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.

And there things in this matter rest, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

Of which, there has been none. 



* A friend of mine, in responding to my position regarding the definition of a 'natural born citizen,' pointed out that, to him and others, there seemed to be "ambiguity" around the definition, and issue, and therefore, the lawyers could make of it whatever they wanted to; that it depended on who you listened to.  My position:
   No it doesn't.  There is no ambiguity here.  It is clear as day.  Except for rogues and vipers.

2. And in yesterday’s mail, which I got to late in the evening, there was a ’Second Reminder’ from the Tea Party Patriots organization, regarding their ‘2016 Membership Appeal’ and my ‘2016 Voluntary Dues’.  My response:

“‘At stake,’ Jenny Beth [their Co-Founder and National Coordinator; and quoting back to her from her cover letter], ‘is the Constitution as more than just ‘a damn piece of paper’ [and I was sure that she knew whom I was quoting there].

“A ‘natural born’ citizen is what the constitutional Framers understood it to mean* - not whatever people want to make it mean.

“Wake up!  Or take me off your mailing list.  Your call.”

* see, e.g.: puzo1.blogspot.com     

3. And oh happy clappy - off to vote!  Elections today for our local City Council district.  I plan to test them again, as I did in 2014, to see if they will ask for my ID.  (Last time I personally could have been Joe Blow from Kokomo, paid a tener to go in and vote under a particular name; which name got on their registration rolls without my having to show a birth certificate, to be more than just a resident.)  if they don’t, I will ask to see their supervisor, and register a formal complaint, that they are aiding and abetting fraud.

My motto:


And thanks be to organizations like Judicial Watch - and Veritas; and American Civil Rights Union - for trying to clean up this area of mess in this country.  

My state even already provides a photo ID card, easily obtained, having shown my birth certificate to acquire.  But now, my state - under its NWO governor, Jerry Brown - is allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.  So all the more reason that the photo ID card ITSELF needs to be asked for, in elections.


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