Sunday, 30 April 2017

Vaccination At Any Cost...

...And Other Evils

I have now watched Episode 1 of a 9-part series of another set of whistleblower-type sessions on the horrendous scam and multiple dangers of vaccination.  And I have just read a whistleblower-type report by a man who used to be a top dog in the world of finance, in foreign-exchange wheeling and dealing and money laundering and so forth, who shared with an interviewer about the very evil people he had been involved with in that pursuit - outright worshipers of Lucifer, complete with child sacrifices (and filming of those present, for blackmail purposes) - before he had a Near Death Experience which caused him to ’see the light’ and got out of the game.  And then, just before going to bed on all that, I read some lovely messages from the channeled likes of ’Saul’ and ‘Archangel Michael,’ which move me to say, to, say, Archangel Michael:

‘Dear AAM,

‘I get your point, about creating ‘what you dwell on and thus invoke’ and all that light-filled stuff.  But you see, there are some terribly dark things going on on this level of reality - this plane of existence; this realm of (seeming) separation and duality, for its educational purposes - and we’re not going to get rid of it just by concentrating on the good and beautiful.  We’re going to get rid of it by doing so.  

‘With all due respect,

‘Sign me

’Still a faithful servant of the Light - but losing his cool in the face of all this shit, and not going to take it any longer.'

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