Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fight Song

Follow The Money

(Teacher:) Alright, Class.  We’re going to sing that song that I taught you yesterday.  Altogether now.  One - 

(Child in back; hand up sharply:) Teacher!

(Teacher; unhappily:) Yes?  What is it, back there?

(Child:) My mother asked me what on earth we are doing learning Islamic songs?

(Teacher:) And what did you tell her, dear?

(Child:) I told her what you said.  That it was a lesson in different cultures.

(Teacher:) Good.  And what did she say to that?

(Child:) That she didn’t understand why we can’t sing Christian songs as well.

(Teacher; sweetly:) Because that is the established culture, dear.  And we’re learning about different cultures now.  Alright, Class.   Ready?  One - 

(Child; hand up and waving:) But Teacher!

(Teacher; getting impatient:) Yes.  What is it now, dear?

(Child:) We’re learning an awful lot about this one ‘different culture’.  All about how ‘Allah is the one God,’ and ‘There is no God but Allah,’ and so forth.  My mother says that that seems more like - 

(Teacher:) Child, It is precisely what I said it is.  It is about learning about different cultures.  Now, I’m going to have to ask you to please stop interrupting this class.  Okay, Children.  From the beginning.  One -      

(Child; half muttering:) I don’t understand.

(Teacher, malevolently, having momentarily lost it:) You.  Will.  Soon.  Enough.  (Then, brightly, to Class:) Alright, Class.  Pick it up from the beginning.  One, two, three…  

(Class, singing merrily:)  ‘Allah’s on the way.  Spread islam now…’

(All but the one child.  Muttering to herself:) Something’s wrong here… (And then, looking around at her classmates, and thinking: ‘Who are these kids?  Are they zombies??’)

Close enoughm Child.  Close enough, indeed.

In my day, we were asked to read about, and learn about, communism.  In this day and age, there is a new kid on the block: Islamism.  Anything, to break down the established order of things, for the New Order of Things to come into play: Totalitarianism, New World Order style.  Ultimately to be the religion of secularism, after the NWO crowd uses Islamism as a battering ram, to break down and supplant the majoritarian structure of American society - and of European society for that matter, as well.  

Or perhaps better, more accurately noted: of Western civilization.  In order for a totalitarian structure and mentality to come in and replace it.  The Jews in particular having a major role in the subversion going on.  Having chafed under the yoke of both majoritarian Christianity and a governing principle of ‘essential liberty’ for long enough.  Wanting to impose their Chosen People identity, as masters over ‘the cattle’.  The goyim.  The stupid herd, mass of people who need to be taught who their betters are.  And not to forget it.

And so, giving Islamism full rein.  Thence to come in afterwards - after the slaughter of the Christian majority society.  And replace the modern equivalent of the Mensheviks with the equivalent of the Bolsheviks.

Who were also majoritarian Jews.

Who have been assigned in History the onerous task of culture subversion.  In order to give The Play some ‘juice’.  In order for us all to learn lessons from it all. 

And so, they are doing God’s will - the true God; the One True God - after all.

And doing a damn fine job of it.  To give credit where credit is due.  Sinisterly enough.

Consider such features of The Play as:

* the advent of communism, particularly by Jews, as a major force in the world;

* the advent of the Soviet Union, both as to its leadership and as to its funding (by Western Jewish bankers); in order, superficially, for said bankers to make oodles of money, by playing communism off against the individualism of the likes - the supreme likes; the standard bearer likes - of the United States;

* how the ‘nest’ of ‘students’ killed at Kent State - in that particular college protest against the war in Vietnam - was made up almost if not entirely of (mostly bused-in) Jews; and the whole Vietnam anti-war protest was spearheaded by Jews.  Because they were on the side of the Communists in that war, and resented having to go to war on the side of the enemy because of the Draft;1

and on and on, in that vein.  And to clarify here, that I am not painting all Jews with that brush - the brush of mounters of subversion of the established order (and thus, of ‘drama’ - of material for lesson learning).  For good example: the judge presiding over the trial of the traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (for stealing atomic secrets from the U.S. and delivering them to their comrades in the Soviet Union) was himself a Jew.  And did a fair job of his job.  And so forth.  But it is in their genes, so to speak.  And thus, why the Jews have been kicked out of country after country over the years, for their ‘ways,’ of subversion of the established order of things, in order to attempt to take over, being the 'superior'.

Not a particularly enviable ‘role’ to play.  In the Grand Drama, of human existence.  And so, they need to be cut some slack, in the criticism of them, for playing that part.  

For doing their job. 

I could go on.  (Ever noticed how many Jews run Hollywood?  And things that have come out of Hollywood, i.e., out of that crucible, that stronghold, of Make Believe??  Like false flag operations???  Crisis actors, and so forth????)2  But I will wrap up this ‘dissertation, by ending on the crowning note, when the Jews, through their intelligence arm, of Mossad, and their counterparts in the U.S., called NeoCons, went ‘a bridge too far,’ in the caper of 9/11.  And deserve to be censured strongly for that particular atrocity alone.3

So, I do not condone them, for the role that they have been playing in the human Drama; helping us to unfold our individual consciousnesses, by being a burr under the saddle, a fly in the ointment - a deus ex machina, as it were.  But I say: Take what they have been up to, throughout their history, with a grain of salt.

Hate the sin.  Love the sinner; as a fellow child of God. 

And then, deliver Justice.

And, like,



1 Not that that war didn't have its legitimate criticisms.  (A no-win war; TPTB financing both sides of it; etc.)  But not for SEATO troops standing in the way of the advance of communism.  And especially after so many Vietnamese living in the north of their country having voted with their feet for/chosen freedom, consciously.  That's where my loyalties lie.
   And where the U.S.A. must always be standing,  Firm.       

2 Rumor has it that Steven Spielberg was behind the direction of the Boston Marathon Bombing (even announced at the site) ’Drill’.  And ‘Hollywood’ was indeed involved, at the very least to the extent of one of the featured characters having been ‘outed’ as a former actor from Hollywood.
   And then there was the Sandy Hook FEMA ’Exercise’, with its bag of crisis actors.  And on, and on, and on, in the charade that we have been subjected to, by our erstwhile masters.  But to continue.

3 However, that’s free will for you.  (Occasioning the need for a Process, with a Dark side, giving individual souls choice.  Whereby we are 'saved' - liberated from the Process - by ourselves.  Our own thoughts and actions.  One by one.)  We wanted it.  We learn from it.


   All That Glitter

Out of the basement
                of 9/11
There comes a story:
Under the cover of that event
         a hoard of gold
As with pirates of old
Was moved to a new
'X marks the spot'.
And they have not
           been caught,
In their glory.

But gold has a glitter
That will give away its location.
               Still hidden.
                        So far.

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