Monday, 22 October 2012

And So On And So On It Goes...

The blogger I have been 'dealing with' came up with another posting, in which he STILL has it wrong, about the definition of a 'natural born citizen' (as opposed to native born, or naturalized).  I was going to let it go, feeling that our basically private little tete a tete was not appropriate to continue in that thread/at that site.  But then the original 'blogger' - the man who came up with the exampled Obama speech in the first place - weighed in to the discussion; and I couldn't resist a response.  Herewith.

mhenrydunn says:
The nature, character, history, birth, upbringing, and presidential eligibility of Barack Obama are beside the point of the speech. It could be given (with only slight adjustments) by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (General Martin Dempsey). It was written, it is true, with Obama’s style and character in mind (the Lincoln quote for example), but my goal was to write a speech announcing a great victory of freedom for the world, including a brief and reassuring historic overview, as given by the spokesman who would be the most reassuring symbol of continuity amid upheaval for most of the world (our American partisan insanity, and birther madness notwithstanding). My goal was to create hope and generate vibrational momentum towards the realization of the global transformation.
But we will all be better off if a speech like this one is given by the President of the United States – think of him what you will.
If General Dempsey gives such a speech, announcing an interim government, the world would view it as the first coup in American history (well, at least the first visible one, as the years 1865, 1963, and 2000 come to mind as the occasions of non-military coups), and the myth of American democracy would be shattered. If Dempsey gives it, the majority of Americans who voted for Obama (present disenchantment notwithstanding) will likely conclude that the rightfully elected president has been deposed by the military in what will look at first like a Tea Party-inspired coup. If, however, Obama gives it, and announces that the election process has been corrupted for decades (including his own election in 2008), and that paper ballot elections will be held shortly, then a peaceful transition becomes more possible – especially if the announcement is accompanied by the reassuring and happy news of debt forgiveness, release of global funds, and development of free-energy technologies.
However, such a speech can only take place either before November 7th because of military intervention to suspend elections, or in the wake of an Obama victory, even if tainted.
It goes utterly against the grain for me as an American to wish to halt a presidential election, but if the elections proceed as scheduled, that course is rife with peril. For they are tainted, and will be fraudulent, and whatever the outcome, upheaval will ensue. And there are grave risks here, the worst case scenario being one in which Romney is (fraudulently) pronounced the winner, in which case any such speech by Obama will be viewed as de facto announcement of a dictatorship by the losing candidate. As Romney is the candidate of the Bush cabal, the banksters would then have millions of rightfully outraged American voters on their side as they attempt to foment civil war. This is the scenario that must be avoided at all costs.
It may be that my estimate of Barack Obama is in error, and that he is merely the cabalist tool now condemned by former supporters. My intuition tells me otherwise, but I am merely one person, and do not have all the facts.
In any case, his power at this time is so much more limited than we can imagine. He cannot effect this transformation on his own. He can only be (if indeed he is) a figure of integrity and humility in the wake of the Shift, not the principal actor who accomplishes it. It is up to the Pentagon patriots, the oathkeepers in the agencies, the law enforcement officers, the US Marshalls, and the calm and centered, patient militia (let us hope that they are so!) to make this change possible.
And, of course, it is up to all of us to calmly share what we know, and to be of service to our communities where we can.
  • Cindy says:
    Thank you once again Michael for sharing your enLIGHTful thoughts. My focus will remain with the vision you so graciously presented and one which I too have intuitively held for some time now. We all are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and what we THINK and how we FEEL can change every thing for the good of all.
    Warm Blessings of Light and Love,
  • Jean says:
    In case those of you reading this comment do not realize it, the author is the same person who wrote The Global Announcement! Hugs and thanks, Michael. ~Jean
  • kibitzer3 says:
    Well, you just gave yourself away, didn’t you, Michael.
    You made it all sound so “reassuring” and ‘from the Light’. But “birther madness”?? The phrase, and political position, earns you no credit in my book, or respect from me. Either a person is for the whole truth of things or they are not. You are not being a truthseeker with that attitude. You are being a political partisan. As such, your ‘speech’ is not being a source of inspiration. It is being a source of propaganda, passing itself off AS a source of inspiration.
    So-called ‘birthers’ are passionate about their country (believing that a terrible wrong has been committed, against the Constitution, and therefore not just against the principle of the rule of law, but against the nation). It would appear that you are, too (in a cleaned-up way). Prove it, by stepping back and looking at the whole picture; not just from a doctrinaire leftist position. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political aisle. Lightworkers have work to do to bring this country back together, and that’s not going to happen by taking partisan sides on the issues. It will require deep listening, and then coming from a higher place than just the level of the problem.
    I may appear to be coming from the latter level when I react to what I take as, shall we
    say, ‘inadequate’ statements on this ‘natural born citizen’ definition issue. I admit that I am being partisan there. But I am being partisan to the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers; not to the Republicans. They have their own set of vices, and outright crimes. It’s time for the truth of ALL things to prevail; and to bring in the genuine New. Not just another nugget of fool’s gold. And to do that, the American form of government – and that of other nation states around the world – may well change. But it has to come from a place of integrity – a spiritual place. Not a place of the same old, same old. Of the shadowland that we now have to grow out of.
    And HAVE to grow out of; to say, have the opportunity TO grow out of. If we will just let Truth prevail, in all our dealings. With each other. And with ourselves.
    ...and Jean - which is her due, since it's her blog - had the last word:
    • Jean says:
      . . . AND YOU, my friend, are being incredibly judgmental. Since when is perfection required of us? Are you sure YOU have all the answers? He who is without guilt, let him throw the first stone – or something like that . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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