Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Obama Deception: Time...

To Leave It Behind

I'm going to leave the Obama Deception (and, to some extent, Obsession)1 behind now, and get on with more positive aspects of life.  But one final word on the subject.  The subject, in short, of the 2012 elections.

My Founding Fathers are the likes of Washington and Jefferson and Madison and Adams; Obama's are the likes of Marx and Engels and Lenin and Trotsky.  They are diametrically opposed socio-econo-political camps.   The one is individually oriented; the other is collectivistally oriented.  The one stands for free will and individual attainment, including of soul development; the other stands for the state being responsible for all things, and wherein the individuals are treated like subjects - and objects: soulless cattle, or sheep; to be manipulated and culled at the will and whim of the state

Which will wither away at some pie-in-the-sky point in time in the future.  And if you believe that - coming from those roots - you will believe anything.

You can trust a Communist - to be a Communist; as the title of a book in my growing-up period had it.

Why do I emphasize this difference, in worldview.

The man who now calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was raised by Communists, and has affiliated with Communists all his life.  The fact that he has managed to bury a lot of his background from the eyes of the majority of The People - with a lot of help behind the scenes - speaks volumes.  About the man; and about the forces behind his rise to political prominence.  That The People bought a pig in a poke for their presidency is a shocking indictment.  Doesn't speak well for the man; but doesn't speak well for The People, either; especially in a form of government that demands more, much more from the populace - demands their close attention to matters of state.  For THEY are the sovereign, in this country.  Not the Executive; nor even their hired representatives in Congress.  Many of those sovereigns have been asleep at the switch that has gone on, from Americas being 'the last, best hope of mankind' (for championing the individual; not for the way it has strayed from its moral roots), to America becoming a mere cog in the machinery of a proposed New World Order, characterized by people control carried to an nth degree, by an all-powerful state - from whichever side of the political aisle it emanates.

That is the state of play at the moment.  Choose well, America.  Much - of life on Earth - lies in your hands.

And now, on to brighter things.  Like the imminent collapse of the global monetary system;  and its replacement - perhaps with a transition period, until the level of consciousness of the mass of humanity rises to a critical-mass degree - by a moneyless system.  Which will obviate the need for private property, after all.

But we do not get there by way of an all-powerful state, running people's live to within an inch of them - and from either side of the political aisle.  Speaking of which: We don't get there by following the likes of the NeoCons into war, and the rumors of wars, either.  We get there by doing our inner listening; and understanding ourselves as the vital sparks of a loving Creator.

All of us.

Yes.  All, of us.

Even those who are currently flirting on the dark side of things.  Flirting with power, to be used in not uplifting ways.  But rather, ways chosen by the same old, same old.

Been there.  Done that.

Time for something New.

And I don't mean the New World Orders of either the Left or the Right.

I mean: The New Age.

A reality after all.  Not just a glamor trip, or hippy pipe dream, or a metaphor for hoped-for Change.  But the real thing.

Coming - sooner than you might think - to a planet near you.

In fact: right under your feet.

Supporting you.  To live the sort of life that you choose to.  Have chosen to.

With such total free will now to come to an end.  For those who choose to move Up, in consciousness.  Out of the matrix; the drama of 3rd dimensional experience, and further on the stairway to the heavens (note the plural).

Those who choose not to, or are just so far from the necessary level that they won't be able to move over the bridge to the New at this time:

Your time will come.

And until then, I hope that you will awaken to The Plan.  And choose to leave The Old behind, just as soon as you can.

I assure you: the grass is much greener, on the other side of that fence.

The fence that keeps you in captivity to such unenlightened souls as are running things in our day.  Treating you like cattle.  Or sheep.  To be sheared, and culled, at their will and whim.

Come out; come out.

You'll be glad you did.

It's a promise.

A promise, that has been coming for eons of time.

Now here.

So, don't vote for the Old.

Awaken to the New.

And - who knows.  Your current leaders might just awaken to that New, too.

Check them out on it.



1 based, I am sure, on the fact of my deep connection with the founding, and Founders, of this nation.  I think I've said it before, somewhere in these sporadic blogs of mine, that I wouldn't be surprised if I had been one of those Founders myself, so deep is my affinity with their project, and Dream for humankind.
     Or helped them with it on some other level.

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