Thursday, 4 October 2012

Who Wins??

'Romney Wins Big in First Debate' - Tea - Oct. 4

Amongst all the hoopla on a conservative site; my word of caution:

So, well and good. But speaking of "defend(ing) the principles of the Constitution and the founding documents", I am unhappy that the elephant is still in the room: the big, dangerous beast of the constitutional ineligibility of the man occupying the honorable-now-sullied office of the president of the United States. The issue of the man currently occupying that office not being qualified to do so - for not being "a natural born Citizen" - needs to be addressed full frontally, if the country is ever to get back to its roots in principle and the rule of law. Otherwise, it will be fatally compromised, and the Constitution will indeed become "just a damn piece of paper".1 

I don't want to see tyranny come to this country from either the Left OR the Right. Wake up, America. You are in extremely dangerous territory right now: the territory of fatal compromise with principle. That is NOT what this nation was supposed to be all about. It was supposed to be 'a shining city on a hill' for the whole world to emulate - government of, by and for The People, sovereign and self-responsible and -governed. Not [by] bodies or individuals attracted to power; as has been the case over and over and over again in humankind's sorry history on this lovely but beleaguered planet.

It's time and past to get back to our roots, as planted securely for us by valorous men and women, sacrificing and daring all for a dream. Not a nightmare.


If I am so big into Ascension by the end of this year - as all the indications are is going to take place2 - why am I still fretting over this issue?? 

Besides because I feel personally involved in the founding of this nation - on whatever level/to whatever degree - and believe in its founding principles, for all humankind - its value TO all humankind, FOR those founding principles - it's a matter of, well, principle.  And more.  It's a matter, I feel, that we cannot ascend until we have 'cleaned house' - put our own house in order.  Our individual house.  And that of our nation. 

The next level of our ascension process - ultimately, back to Unity with our Source - will not allow any taint of corruption to enter it.  (It's a matter of vibratory compatibility.)  We must wrap up all our lessons.  And THEN we can move on.

At least, as I understand these things.  I may be wrong on this issue.  Perhaps, come such a wholesale Ascension as this one (a major, major event; hold onto your hats), there is a 'Jubilee' allowed, and some karma is dissolved, to move the process along; with those who are basically ready to move on, doing so.  But I would still encourage everybody - 'all souls at this station,' as one of those beings channelled these days puts it - to do their best at clearing themselves; for takeoff.



1 Remember that quote?  And who made it??
     George W. Bush.  He of the pushing of acts of Congress designed - designed - to take away civil rights and liberties of The People, in preparation for the Right's - i.e., the fascists' - establishment of their version of a New World Order.  With the Left - the socialists - pushing their version of the same beast: totalitarianism.
     A pox on both their houses.   

2 consider some of the 'signs':
     + the monetary system is collapsing, from its 'internal contradictions', and humanity is faced with a systemic financial crisis situation - time to engage in something new;  
     + we now know, from many sources, of the reality of the phenomenon of reincarnation; thus, we know that We Are One Another (just playing, and exchanging, parts, in a play of our making), and it is only one step further along that line of logic that we realize as well that We Are One.  Divine sparks - fractals - of One Holy Being.  Thus, we can never 'go home again' - to the idea that we are all individuals in a meaningless universe where the only reality is survival of the fittest.  Thus another reason to 'get' that it's time to engage in something new;
     + UFOs have made themselves impossible to ignore any longer.  Thus, we now know that we are not alone in the universe; and are about to experience Disclosure, and its resultant Contact.  Another game changer;    
     + people are wise now to such things as 'false flag operations'', and won't be sucked into the old war games any longer.  Thus, the Dark Forces are losing their control in this area as well (along with their other major area, of 'money'); and last but not least:
     + it is all synchronous with a major cycle ending for both Gaia and the Solar system as a whole.  Thus: As Above, So Below, and As Below, So Above; as the ancient wisdom pointed out to us souls experiencing third dimension reality.  Now to give way, as we move up a notch on the journey back to Unity; having completed this stage of our spiritual evolution, and the lessons to be learned in 3D - that is to say, in the realm of duality. of the play between Dark and Light. 
     For those souls who are, indeed, ready to move on.  Some will have to stay behind, for some more seasoning, in another realm of 3D (with our ascension coinciding with that of Gaia, and this Solar system, as indicated above).  I am, personally, sad about that.  But they cannot hold the rest back, who are ready to move on.
     It is The Law.
     And speaking of 'the law'; and the microcosm mirroring the macrocosm; Read on.

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