Monday, 22 October 2012

After Sleeplng On It...

After sleeping on my recent interaction with a poster to a blog that we both follow - the interaction having to do primarily with Obama, and, from my pov, his ineligibility for the office of the presidency, and ranging into different 'takes' on societal structures - I realized how disturbed I was on the one hand, and how understanding on the other.  And thereby hangs a valuable blog, I feel.


On the one hand; a reply to a certain segment of the American people, roughly characterized as being on the left of the political aisle:

I don't know who you people are who are so ready to break faith with the founding of this nation, but I am not one of you, and I am not with you.

You seem to think that 'things' in this country have come down to the privileged few versus the common many.  I am here to say to you: Not so.  Not, at least, in principle.

I have heard, from your side of the current breach in politics, the Founding Fathers disparaged as slave owners and such; out of touch with the needs and aspirations of The Common Man.  As to the first proposition in that statement: Yes, they were men of their times.  And, they also rose above the common level, and produced uncommon things: the Declaration of Independence and, later, the Constitution of what was in the act of becoming these United States of America.  And hallowed be their names for those accomplishments - and to all those, men and women, who rose  to that occasion, and established on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition - the proposition - that all men were created equal, and had certain rights; that among those rights were the rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".

Note well the proposition: the pursuit of happiness.  Not the guarantee, by governmental favor, or handout.  Taking from some to parcel out to others, like gifts from the state - to be bestowed on the individual as long as that individual gave fealty to the state.  Which would be, then, no different a form of social structure in essence from the form of government that their forefathers had fought a war, and gained a hard-won victory, to be free from: the paternal state; whether in the form of Royalty or Religion or other Elite, lording it over the individual - The Common Man -

and woe to that individual if he stepped out of line, because the Master controlled him, and he had better not forget it.  Rather, now, in this new nation on the earth, he was to be the master of his fate.  'The Master of his fate, and the Captain of his soul,' as it has been described.  'It':


The Liberty to be as he - or she - wished to be.  Taking their fate in their own hands.  Not subjecting it to the paternalistic control of the state; grown - over time - too big for its royal britches.

And just so, we come down to our day, and time; when many are thinking to have the state rule over us, once again.  Oh, they don't put it in those terms.  They say that 'Obama will lead us into a glorious New Age.  An Age of equality, and peace and freedom.'  Or whatever......So much for the "disturbing" part of my 'sleep-on': of people not being sufficiently aware of what they are sleep-walking into.  Because the man Obama is - from his entire background; childhood to adulthood - a doctrinaire Marxist-Leninist.  In a word: a statist. A believer in a big government.  Which can not only give to (as in 'a redistribution of wealth').  But take from (as in your freedom).

Now for the "understanding" part.

 Because it's true that there is to be a New Age.  But it is to be a totally new one.  Not a mere linear, horizontal reaction to what has grown up in this country, of the paternalistic power and control of the privileged few - which indeed does need to be superseded - into a form of similar statism and attendant control but just from the other side of the classic political aisle, the - presumed - side of The People.  A form, then, akin to the classic concept of communism; wherein everything is held in common, and The People live happily ever after - without an acknowledgement; a total acknowledgment - of the 'vertical'.  The spiritual aspect.  The aspect of life that gives it meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.

A mere materialistic such New Age would be, indeed, a utopian fantasy.  Would never happen.  Based, as it would be, on a false understanding of Man.  Who has a dual nature.  On the one hand, he is a product of a material level of being.  A physical creature in a physical universe.  Capable of loving actions, yes; but also capable of great destruction, on the way of having his way.  And on the other hand, he is 'a spiritual being having a human experience', as it has been put.  To say: he has a higher aspect to his nature than just that which has grown out of his experience of survival in a tough world.  And his consequent love of power; and control.

I am saying that we face something new, that is neither just an outgrowth of an historical process between the materialistic 'confrontation' of nation-states capitalism and communism, nor a return to an idyllic Eden state, experienced by some native peoples who were more in tune with Mother Earth than Modern Man has become, in his domination OF his Earth Mother; and his heedless, mindless raping of Her.  There is value in a 'return' to that sort of awareness, that attunement to Nature; to live in harmony with Nature, not in antagonism to Nature.  But what we are faced with is not a going-back to an earlier state of being.  Humanity has been involved in a process of unfolding; and a characteristic of it is similar to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, whereby - in effect - you can't unscramble eggs.  He has moved to a new level of his consciousness-unfolding process; a plateau, a camp from which to stage his next step on the stairway to the heavens.

And notice well that I didn't say 'on the stairway to heaven' - singular.  For, if you thought that your journey was almost over:

You ain't seen nothing yet.

But your journey in Third Dimension existence is almost over.  If you are inwardly ready, for the Ascension about to take place.  Where some will move up, onto a new level of existence.  And some will not.  The latter, needing to have a little more seasoning in 3D life.  Which will not take place on Gaia - our home for lo, these many aeons; because She is ascending as well.                        

All of which is another story.  But to finish this one up:

I'll wrap it up by saying that we can leave a gift - a major gift - behind us, in the 3D consciousness of those who still need a little more seasoning in the realm of duality - of the 'play' between the Light and the Dark - by demonstrating (for a short time here, still) what an advanced stage of civilization could look like.  With the collapse of the global monetary system upon us (from its 'internal contradictions', as Marxists analyze the process); and with the technological level of our civilization now giving us access to what are called free energy devices (and so no more need of polluting Oil for our energy needs), and by which we can turn more and more work over to automatic devices; and with Disclosure - of the presence of our Galactic cousins - imminent, thus letting us know that we are members of a larger Family, who have things they can teach us about living in more harmony with each other and with the Creation; and with our wider awareness now of the reality of what we call reincarnation, so that we understand that our current incarnations are just steps along the way, to a higher Purpose than just 3D life - with all of these factors, and more, those left behind on a 3D level of existence - of schooling - can have some solid examples of how to live a better life than humanity has ever lived before.

And a key to that 'better life' is to do away with money.

At the least, interest-bearing money.  Debt-creating money.  Which also creates tremendous separation, of 'income'.  And so, without which, things can flow better between people.  People, giving of their best to the process of social living out of a higher motive than that of the concept (and that is all that it is, please realize) of 'profit'.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be:

out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

And with that gift - that level of awareness - left behind, as exampled, those who are ready to ascend out of the classroom of 3D existence can be on their way.

Some, who have 'passed the test' - are of a certain level of consciousness - will stay behind, to give an assist to those still with a ways to go yet 'on the inner'.  You will know which camp you are a member of.

We 'signed' our contracts before we incarnated.




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