Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Okay, Smart Guy....

What Would YOU do?

Two U.S. presidential debates down, and one to go.  The lurking of Fat Cats and Neo-Cons somewhat still in the shadows on the Right, and, closer to being smack up in our faces, big-government regulatory czars and outright communists on the Left.  Scylla and Charybdis on either side of the American ship of state, and The People being given only the choice for it to steer in either extreme direction.  What to do.

I've got it.

It's time for something new, in order for The People to get out of this mess we have made for ourselves.  'For ourselves' - to do just that:


To go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  For the next leg of our spiritual evolutionary journey.  And not just Americans.  But the entire People.

At least, all those ready for The New.

Others - those not graduating - will just have to go back, into the classroom of The Same Old.  Only to another classroom, than this particular one, that we have been in for eons of third-dimensional time on dear old Gaia.  Because Gaia is graduating, too.  Or I should say, for greater accuracy: that many of us are graduating with her.

I will explain.

But only to a degree here.  (So to speak.  :-) )  I don't want to get bogged down into the details of the matter - the matter, of our soulular development (including cellular).  The rough outline, of what has been going on, and is about to 'go on', is as follows.

History repeats itself, as we, the players on the stage, play out our parts - playing, and exchanging, parts as we go along, to learn lessons from each role we take on.  Now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another; and yes, now a torturer, now a torturee - to say, now of the 'dark', and now of the 'light'.  As we gradually, from direct experience, learn our lessons, of what it is like to be gods in the making; since we are, basically - at our inner core, in our inner nature - sparks, fractals of the Divine.  The One Divine.  The One God.  The Ultimate Source  The All That is, That Ever Was, and That Will Always Be.  Who wants nothing for us but the best.  Who loves us so much that the Ultimate I Am wants us to be able to join back into total Unity with our Source, giving up the 'roles' of being co-creators, and becoming creators in our own right; on the same level as The One Ineffable Essence.      

How's that for a reward...

the reward, of weathering the trip.  The adventure into seeming separation.  In order to go home again.  The same.  But different, for the experience.

And right now, some souls are playing some particularly very dark roles.  And some have become attached to their roles, and are stuck in them.  But that's another aspect of The  Drama we are in.  I don't want to 'go there' right now.  I want to stay with the essential thread to this sharing.  Of where we're at; and what is about to happen.

Where we're at is as follows.

We are at a major Turning Point.  We can go down into the Dark.  Or we can move up into the Light.

Take your pick.

You are being given quite an opportunity for choice, right now. And I don't mean 'just'  between the Left or the Right of the political scenario.  I mean, ultimate choice.  Between staying on the same level as 'the problem' - to continue to play out such parts, in the drama that in reality exists to 'catch our consciences' - move us forward in awareness.  Or to ascend, to a higher level of the spiritual evolutionary process that we are - all - involved in, for being in life (which is a process; not an end in itself).

For it's really not much of a choice between the way of the Right and the way of the Left, in the current political parlance in America.  Not a fundamental choice.  It may feel like one right now.  But it's fool's gold, either way.

And speaking of gold.

Some individuals today have looked 'down the road' that we are on, and have seen that the current monetary system is in dire straits, and about to collapse (under the weight of its 'internal contradictions', in Marxian terms), and want to return humanity to 'the gold standard' - to back up the money of the system with something concrete (rather than just a 'promise to pay' in the same paper money that is involved in the problem), either in gold - the historical item of intrinsic value - or in a  basket of commodities, or what is called a resource-based currency, and economy.  But they are all still 'short of the mark' - short of where we need to get to; and where we're actually at, right now.

Which is at the Turning Point that I mentioned.  Because we now have the technology to move into an era of free energy.  Every house can have its own free-energy device.  And there goes oil.  To say: the basis for civilization as we have known it.  For long enough.

We are at a - the - Turning Point, too, in terms of linking 'income' with a 'job'.  Automation is rendering many classical jobs obsolete; and the timing of life in general is rendering the whole concept of capitalism, or communism, obsolete: that is, the idea that you need to force people to do things, or they won't do them.

I've got a better idea.

And so do many other people.  Charles Eisenstein, for one.  Michael Tellinger, for another.  Peter Joseph, and Jacque Fresco, for another couple of good perspectives on the subject, of a post-interest-bearing-money society.

But as I say, I don't want to get bogged down in 'the details', here.  I want to present a quick case for the need for major Change, that is not represented in the scenarios of either the Left or the Right in political terms, or that 'classic' scenario in general.   But in terms of where humanity is at, right now.  Which is, as I say...and you know the rest of that mantrum.

So.  In sum.  The way of Obama is not the way to go.  Because he represents the tired old way of the Left, and its extreme statism, of the government running things to within an inch of the lives of The People; who, as individuals, should really be in the driver's seat, for being the 'souls on a mission' that they are.  (And he is an illegal president - in terms of the Constitutional requirement for the job, and in terms of some of the decisions that he has made while in it - anyway; and should therefore not even be occupying that prestigious, and powerful, office in the first place.   But that's another story, beyond what I need to 'call into play' here.)  And the way of Romney is not the way to go, either.  Not just in the likelihood of his not bringing 'the 1%' to account.  But in particular, for the fact that he - also - has some very shady advisers (and correspondingly dangerous attitudes).  In his case, they have links to the Zionists who are causing such trouble in the Middle East - to the point of wanting to bring about (for their hegemonic purposes; and, in Romney's case, apparently due to his fundamentalist-Christian religious beliefs) a major conflagration in that area (which could all too easily, in our world as it is now, spread to a global conflagration) - and of whom the domestic Neo-Con crowd are a part.  The crowd - between them here and associated with the state of Israel - who brought us the appalling and outrageous false-flag operation called 9/11.  (Which awaits its in-depth investigation; as and when The People start setting things right, in the drawing to a conclusion of The Play as it has been unfolding.)*  And who himself - like his opponent, Obama - has things to answer for in his own life; particularly in regards to his links with the Bush crime family, and their involvement with drug-running (as is coming out, as various investigators look into the investment company that he started; which has all the earmarks of being a money-laundering operation); and with former VP Cheney, and his various shady dealings; and so forth.

Neither of them, representing the way that America needs to go, now.

As I say: It's time for something new.

And just in time, it would appear.

For not only the American ship of state, but that of the entire world, to sail the new sea facing it; that has neither a Scylla nor a Charybdis to worry about.  Because we will be above such dangerous rocky  shoals and whirlpools - literally.  On a higher level of existence, and experience.

Going up.
Ready.  Or not.

Your choice.

This year.

With neither Obama nor Romney to help guide you.   For they are of The Old paradigm.  Which needs, now, to be released.

As I say:




* And such investigations to include the likes of the assassination of JFK.  And of John F. Kennedy, Jr.  And of Vincent Foster.  And of Gary Webb.  And of people in Obama's life.  And...and...and......
     Criminals, all.
     This lifetime around.        


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