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What Is It To Be An American?

This is from a site - '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' - where the blogger, name of Jean, posted what was supposedly a letter by a new school principal to his students. which was in reality not a real letter from a principal exhibiting somewhat 'reactionary' feelings, but from a talk-show host, giving a 'conservative' slant on how the education system has deteriorated in America, turning out kids not understanding or appreciating their country.  Her concluding comment, after giving her readership a chance to comment on the item:   (18 Oct.)  

What it sounds like this principal really really wants is perhaps a return to the dream-state, based largely on lies, when America was supposed to be a really great place. When, I want to ask, are we going to come together to create the ‘real’ America, an America based on the truths of who we really are as a people: a wonderful hodge-podge, patchwork quilt made of all kinds of cultures: brilliant, gifted people, who just happen to come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and colors!

Anon says:
It’s nice and odd that you mention the ‘patchwork quilt’, Jean.
The tradition of quilting in America is legend, and the finished work is beautiful.
The very idea is beautiful!
To envision that a thing of value, an heirloom often, could be created out of the desire to waste nothing! Sitting down to work, often in small community or family groups, using those odd fabric patches of many different prints and maybe different textures too, bringing them all together, slowly, stitching by hand, with love, into one of many beautiful designs, the creation of a practical and warm comforter for the home…wonderful!
Is the humble Patchwork Quilt and the traditions of its creation a thing the PEOPLE can learn from? Yes! icon_smile.gif
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    October 18, 2012 at 5:33 am
    Great thoughts about ‘the humble Patchwork Quilt,” Anon; thanks.

  • As for the ‘speech’: I can understand where the person was coming from. He was trying to help ‘us’ get back to the idea of being an American, as opposed to the PC ‘craze’ of so-called ‘multiculturalism’, that was in reality a political device, by ‘liberals’/socialists to try to break down the established order, and move the country (same as in others) into a post-nuclear-family world, and post-dominant-religion world; indeed, into a post-nation-state world (think La Raza/Aztlan, or the NAU) – into the mentality of a socialist New World Order. (I’ve been reading their material for years.) Just like others on the ‘Right’ have been working for a fascist NWO (and reading THEIR material for years), and have been championing the same breakdown tactics; ultimately, both extreme camps wanting to eliminate the Constitution, because it is the one thing standing in the way of the accomplishment of their goal: a new world – but, unfortunately, a Brave New World of materialism, in both cases. The baby thrown out with the bathwater.

  • ‘The old’ has to go, yes. But to be replaced with a new, not from either the Left OR the Right. But from Up. Humanity moving to a new level; a new dimension. Having, at long last, come to a point of Transformation. Not just more of the same old, same old, that we have seen in and out, civilization after civilization; playing different roles in the process. Finally getting it: that ‘it’ is not about material things. It is about spiritual evolution. Whereby, indeed, we are One. Just not in an artificial way; the way that political ideologues would have us be.

  • ---

    ...and so another thing it is to be an American is to stand for the truth of things.   That's what the legacy of a nation founded on the concepts of free speech and such was supposed to give us.  That legacy has been sorely abused; to the anger of many Americans, including me, who believe in The Dream. And so, therefore, my position as follows:

Dear Steve,*

With all due respect for all the good work that you have done, and the path that you are obviously and definitely on,  I have to query you on the Obama thing.

Simply put: It is not feasible for you to pretend that, though sinister forces were behind the 'alterations in' - let's call it what it is: the forging of - his birth certificate, it had nothing to do with him personally.  Steve: It had EVERYTHING to do with him personally.  He authorized it to be posted on the official White House web site.  Additionally, the previous two versions of a Certification of Live Birth for him (not copies of the - presumed - Certificate itself) have proven to be forgeries as well.  Conclusion: He is hiding something, deliberately.  

Which ties in perfectly with his immediate presidential act, of sequestering all of his bona fides from public view - his school records, his passport record; the lot - and refusing to answer questions, and allegations, about his Social Security number(s), and the falsification of his Selective Service registration. The list of anomalies goes on.  

Not befitting a presidential candidate.  Not befitting a 'being of the Light' - a presumed high spiritual being, here to lead humanity into its Golden Age.  And if your channeled sources can be so misleading on this subject: what ELSE could they be misleading you on??

I'm not saying that all channeled material is false, or corrupted.  I'm saying that 'there's many a slip/between the cup and the lip'.

If "enlightenment is the purpose of life" - as I have read in your bio; and as I, too, believe, feel, think, know - then the purpose is not to be 'right'.  At all costs.  Including to the Truth.  And the Truth is, that Obama is a fraud.  A deceptor.  With sinister forces having pushed him to the fore.  And you have been misled.

Take 'it' inside.   Fully.  And see what YOU get, on the subject.  Beneath the level of wishful thinking. and defensiveness.  And the fact that yes, he may well be serving the Light.  Only from the Dark side.

Anyway - as we both know: It all works out in the final reel. 

As I say: 

With all due  respect,

'Stan' Stanfield
a fellow seeker of Truth, on The Path

* Beckow, of 2012; which site specializes in spiritually uplifting articles, and the channelings of various 'players' in the New Age/Ascension scene 


And on and on it goes: the betrayal of The Dream, in modern America.

And on that score, and to give this 2012Scenario site its due: its offerings for today included an article on the apparent fakery involved in the recent big international story of the Taliban shooting an outspoken young Pakistani girl, for her 'wanting an education'.  It turns out - as I say: apparently; the whole story has yet to come out - that former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, heading a UN agency promoting a global campaign for charter, for-profit school systems in the (particularly Third) world, could only 'command' the interest of one reporter to his press conference at the UN kicking off the campaign.  So, what to do.  (This is a multimillion-dollar scheme, led by some body called 'the Global Business Coalition for Education', ostensibly in this for PR purposes, but really for the money, and the indoctrination & propaganda 'outcomes'; creating an 'educated' clientele to whom they can sell their GM and such-like products.)   Got it: create a poster child, to sell it.  And hey - we just happen to have a most likely candidate: a young Pakistani girl who was featured in a docu in 2009, by a young CFR and CIA Mockingbird asset at the New York Times,* along with her - get this - school owner of a father.  Who stood to lose a lot of money if the Taliban succeeded in closing down girls's schools in his area.  So - as I say: what to do.

Mutual interests came together, and voila: a young, outspoken Pakistani girl was shot by a terrorist on a school bus, and wounded severely.  Well; that depends on which day you/the aghast and outraged public hear the story.  At first the shot to her head damaged her brain; then it didn't ('It's a miracle!  Her brain is intact!  She can still be our poster girl, selling our product! - er, I mean...'); then she was also shot in the neck; then she wasn't, the same bullet sort of tracked down there (remember the 'magic bullet' in the JFK assassination???); then her surgeon said something about the wounds, and then he didn't -

I don't want to go on with this.  It's too disgusting.**  Just to wrap the story up, for this short telling of it: Photos of her have surfaced seemingly putting the lie to the official story.  Let's see how this story unfolds.  In the meantime: 

Don't believe everything that you are told.  Especially by people who have an interest in selling you something.

In this case, the 'interest' would seem to be two-fold: (1) the 'school' scam, whereby huge amounts of money can be made by private interests, PLUS the opportunity it gives to indoctrinate and propagandize the 'clients'; and (2) there is not only an oil pipeline involved.   There are two.  One, various Western interests want.  And the other one, that they don't want to happen.  With the Russians the main competitor of those free-enterprise stalwarts of the West.

The same stalwarts that Lt. Gen. Smedley Butler wrote about in his 1930s book, that he titled 'War Is a Racket'.  Detailing how he was, while in the Marines, nothing more than a strong-arm man for United Fruit and Company.

Dark Company.

Certainly not the Company of Heaven, that is presumably involved in coming to humanity's rescue at this time.

Especially if you can believe everything that you are told. 



* as in Project/Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program from the early '50s to influence foreign media, which morphed - as these things do - into a domestic project as well; whereby ultimately the CIA could boast that they had influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies.
     Which brings to mind the 1981 quote from former CIA Director William Casey:
     "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." 
     That's the sort of people that we're up against, ladies and gentlemen.  
     A good, polite word for whom - for more public consumption - is 'unsavory'. 

**  Like the appalling story the public was given, in the lead-up to the first Gulf War, about those dirty Iraqis coming into a obstetrics hospital in Kuwait and dumping all those poor little pre-term babies out of their incubators and onto the floor.  Appalling.  Disgusting.  Except that - and because - it didn't happen. 
     It was a scam.  Like so many others, the public has been fed over the years to get them to react like the cattle they are, in the minds of their Controllers.    

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