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Ring-Pass-Not: No Debate

A perspective.

First things first.

The phenomenon of reincarnation provides a context for life; thus proving, at the least by inference, that it isn't just a thing in and of itself, for itself only.  That it is for something.  For, then, a purpose.  So there is, then, a Plan to life, that fits a Purpose for life.

And that Purpose, I would submit - regarding us humans, now - is for us humans to grow in spiritual stature, like unto the Being that gave us life.  To learn lessons in the classroom of life.  And then to move on, up into the higher grades of The Process.  Earning our way into each level - grade - at our individual speed.

And we have come now to a major graduation time for Planet Earth, and her inhabitants.  And for the socio-political collectives of her human inhabitants.  Some of which are going through changes, towards a more holistic representation of their constituencies - towards what might be labeled as the power of The People.*  And one of which collectives - America - is now faced with a major watershed time of its own.  Which is to involve - needs to involve - its very socio-political structure.

I submit that both of the major political parties need to collapse, and dissolve.  They have failed a test of time. And therefore, there should not be elections in November.

How so?

Because both of the major political parties have broken faith with the rule of law - with the Founders of this nation, and the founding of this nation; the founding spirit of this nation.  Not just for failing to uphold the Constitution, but by doing so deceitfully and in collusion - trying in unison to pull off their prestidigitatory act in front of the very eyes of The People - they have proven that they are not worthy to continue in being.**

And, it is time now, anyway, for a more honorable generation of souls to take over the leadership of this nation; as the flagship of the fleet of nations to sail the seas of this planet's tomorrow, into space, as an honorable member of the League of such planetary entities.  Who have won their place in the heavens;  and now, wait patiently to wish those of us on Gaia Bon Voyage in our own sailing into The New.

At least, them's my thoughts on the subject.

I could be wrong.

But I'm not.

For it's all - all, of it - a matter of Integrity.  And the learning of same.

(And so, shall we call our new ship - our new nation - the U.S.S. Integrity??...

 - and not just 'Enterprise'.  An Enterprise could be a Dark Force vehicle.  The phrase 'Annuit Coeptis' on the U.S. dollar bill - in association with the All-Seeing Eye, as the capstone of the pyramid - can be translated as 'God favors our enterprise'; but we have seen how 'enterprises' such as Free Masonry can be corrupted by malignant entities.  So 'Enterprise' alone - that quality - is not necessarily of the Light.  The word 'Integrity' carries much more of that sort of energy.

And as for the corruption of such as the All-Seeing Eye, I would tell the corrupters:

God will not be mocked.  So prepare for the end of your enterprise, on this planet.  You are about to get your just deserts.

As we prepare, too, for the passing of 'money'' itself - another dark/controlling enterprise.  But that's another, albeit related, issue.)



* As opposed to the label of 'People Power'; which has a connotation of brute force: the brute force of 'democracy', which, if unchecked by the rule of law, can all too easily become the brute force of the mob (subject to the manipulation of the inciters thereof).  Which, not so incidentally, was the power that the Founders of the American nation were trying to legislate against.  The Founders, that is to say, of the American experiment in self-governance, subject only to the rule of law.  Not to be ruled by Royalty or Religion or any other form of elite overseer; but to rule ourselves as sovereigns in our own right - free and independent agents, developing our maturity as individuated souls. Not serfs or outright slaves.  "A new nation, conceived in liberty..."  But to continue.  

** I refer - of course - to the ineligibility of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to have run for the presidential office in the first place, and who is now - again, uncorrected by 'the honorable opposition' in American politics -  trying to add insult to injury.    


P.S.  It seems a propos to insert here a postscript to this blog consisting of a comment that I have just made to the Comments thread of a blog on the site of a woman who keeps tabs on a lot of what's going down these days, from a spiritual perspective.  Her email blog is called 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth? and this entry was titled 'From Cobra at Portal 2012, Oct. 2 - I don't get this'.  She was referring to the gist of that particular blog, which had to do with conflicting information from various 'channelers' about the winter solstice of 2012 and its significance, and ETs & channelers who we can believe and who we can't believe; where does all of this stuff come from, and why.  It triggered an avalanche of comments.  My contribution:

kibitzer3 says:
Very good questions, and questioning, Larry. What is Truth? How do we KNOW what we ‘know’?? (with a bow to Cameron Day here)…  [N.B. Ref. is to a just-previous poster]
All I really KNOW is:
* that over 50 years ago I ‘got’ that money was at the root of all our ills & evils. Not just the love of money. Money itself – the concept of money – has divided us from one another. Is merely at its root a convenient medium of exchange, yes – and I should clarify here that I am referring mostly to the concept of interest-bearing money; whereby the object of the exercise became the compilation of the (compounding) medium itself, rather than ‘simply’ the provision of goods and services to one another, which attitude could have kept us in a state of community – of common unity. But, then, we had lessons to learn, in our 3D state of being…so should I get over my desire for humanity to give up that which [has been] keeping us separate from one another (and needing to learn, from actual experience, the lesson of the Golden Rule)? No. I needed to honor my truth. Because by doing so, I was helping to seed it into the consciousness of my fellow human beings; to help us all grow into a higher state of consciousness, of awareness. Not settling for the terrible distortions in society that the pursuit of ‘money’ produced. And interestingly enough, here we are, at a time when the ‘internal contradictions’ of the system of interest-bearing money, and its cohort in corruption, fractional-reserve banking, have brought us to the end of that road. So I ‘know’ that it’s time for a new beginning – a higher state of being – for humanity. Which is happening at the same time as
* that we live in and at a time that we have discovered for ourselves – and communicated that information widely amongst ourselves, with our ‘advanced’ communications technology – the truth of reincarnation. Thus, we are faced with the understanding that, not only is it wise to ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, but that ‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself' – literally. For obviously, beneath the play going on in the theater of life, We Are – in actual fact – One Another. Just playing, and exchanging, parts, in a drama of our making. For, obviously, some purpose. And the Eureka moment would, then, be when we get – really get – that not only are we ‘just’ One Another; but that We Are One. Sparks – fractals – of One Holy Being. Coming into full AWARENESS of our true natures. And thus, having passed a threshold in consciousness, that we can never go below again. Which signals a sea change in human life, and society. Which is happening at the same time as
* that we are being visited by entities from outer space. Which would connote a higher level of ‘being’; at the least, in technological ability. So there could be a variety of such visitors – some more or less highly spiritual than others. But a key feature of the highly spiritual ones would, logically, be that they had come to the same understanding about life: that We Are All One, held in the consciousness of the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Always Will Be (or whatever they have named their Source, their Supreme Being).  So it’s Welcome time, to and with our neighbors; who may be also from other dimensions, as our terrestrial scientists have also – in perfect timing – begun to explore the nature of. But the point is
* that all of this is happening at the same time – and that ‘same time’ also coincides with a major cycle for both our planet and our solar system.
Coincidence? I don’t think so.
To say: I don’t KNOW. But I ‘know’; that
it’s time. And we should pay attention to intimations of that major completion, and beginning. And we may well get conflicting ‘information’, as the Dark Forces that have been part of the realm of duality that we have been inhabiting for aeons of 3D time – duality, in which to test our free will; a legitimate inference, if not a full-blown knowing – sense their reign is over [i.e., those among them who don't learn how to dissociate themselves from their roles], and try to manipulate the outcome in their continued favor. And won’t be successful in their endeavor. Not only because of our practiced discernment. But because – as I stated, way back up at the beginning of this thread – the Dark can’t exist without the Light.  And so they – in the end – lose.
And that’s all I KNOW. Except, as well, that I am very, very glad. That Ascension is here. Whatever the actual details, as it works its way out into our reality.


[My earlier comment was a rather succinct contribution to what was, at that point, not much of a thread.  I simply said:] 

kibitzer3 says:
“…Even the very elect will be deceived.”
Go within. Surround yourself with the White Light of The Christ. Cultivate that connection. (I.e., practice discernment; as Jean counsels.) And trust.
Knowing, [that] the Dark Forces are going to throw everything they’ve got at Humanity. Because it’s all on the table, now. And knowing, also, that, in the end, the Light wins. Because The Dark can’t exist WITHOUT the Light.
And Because God is Just.


The bottom line to it all - to the whole ball of wax (capable of melting - dissolving into its constituent essence - in the Light):

We Are All One.  And All IS One.

And on that note:

Be well.


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