Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Odds 'N Bods

So a right-wing e-newsletter blogger thinks that Hillary is involved in 'witchraft' because the person says she talks with dead people ('Secretary of State Doesn't Talk About Dead People, She Talks To Them'; with reference to the 'shade' of Eleanor Roosevelt).  The blogger also makes out people who believe in reincarnation 'odd'; objects of amusement, or ridicule, or pity.

Now, it's true that one needs to be careful about what one is opening oneself up to when 'communing with the dead'.  You can't always be sure that you have the clear link with a discarnate entity, or entities, that you might think you have, in your own mind or are led to believe you have by such a source.  It is a fair warning to be careful about such things; including the fact that to dabble in them can cause mental imbalancing, in the form of possessions and such.  But this business of just rejecting all such things as nonsense is nonsense.

Take reincarnation.  The natural fact of reincarnation (and its attendant Law of Karma) is one of the main facets of Truth that is going to save us from 'ourselves', as things heat up on dear old planet Earth.

Consider.  Once you understand the truth of reincarnation - that we are just playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama (now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another) - why wouldn't' you - at some point - want to come off the stage, and own your real Self?  Especially if you were, at the same time as your growing awareness of the 'theater' aspect of life, becoming aware, through your culture's scientific advances, that there were, indeed, dimensions above and beyond this one??  Above in the sense of vibratory rate.  The third dimension, that we are currently inhabiting, being the lowest, for individuated souls. As opposed to the realms of the animal kingdom (with its basic collective mind/instinctual aspect, and the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, and so forth.  All having aspects of consciousness; just not as advanced as ours.  At the moment.  As the 'king' of the third dimension.  About to take on another role, as we approach Ascension, to the next level Up, on the stairway to the heavens.

But not to get into all that in too much detail, here.  Just to point out, here, the need to open our minds a little bit more, to the larger reality of which we, as humans, are a part.

Sentient beings, yes.  But  having still a ways to go, before we can start calling ourselves fully conscious beings.    

Or, why would be be treating our planet - Gaia; our home away from Home - so badly???

So: be careful who you call 'odd'.

That just might be You.

And now, back to the drama...

...for the time being.........


P.S. For the record: Group soul consciousness amongst individual souls was apparently experienced on this planet in the dim and distant past, before Human 'fell' into 'pure' individuation; but that's another subject.  For another time, perhaps.

P.P.S. A good addition here; this from PMH Atwater - a researcher on NDEs - on How Near-Death Experiences Transform People (posted on 2012: What's The 'Real' Truth?' Oct. 24):

"Love, or lack of it, dominates near-death, near-death-like, and spiritually transforming experiences. The fullness of love, being loved, and discovering the power of love appears to determine the overall effect transformational states have on experiencers, their significant others, and anyone who hears their stories. It is no exaggeration to say that the majority of threshold experiencers return “in love with love.” Being bathed in love beyond measure, pales anything less. A challenge experiencers have afterwards is to “step down” this power a few degrees so as not to freak out people.
The heart’s code is love: love of Source, love of others, love of self. To talk about threshold experiences is to talk about the heart’s ability to expand, embrace, and include the fullness of waveform harmonics. Where does this take us? Always to the same place… Oneness.
All transformative experiences throughout what we can know of time reflect this… what is now termed “the perennial philosophy.” All the great thinkers have spoken of this, going back to Plato and beyond. All native peoples draw pictures of this or speak of it in their songs and stories. All of those who successfully passed the “tests” of the hero’s journey, who made it through the boundary and returned infused with a new wisdom and a new knowledge – described what they discovered as Oneness:
  • One God.
  • One people.
  • One family.
  • One existence.
  • One law – love.
  • One commandment – service.
  • One solution to problems – forgiveness."



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