Thursday, 11 October 2012

Beyond Debate

I didn't watch or listen to the vice presidential debate this evening.  I have no time for Kabuki theater.

I didn't watch it, because there is no big list of issues, for anybody to debate.  There is only one issue, in America.  And that is the ineligibility - no, let's call it by a stronger, more honest term: the illegality of Barack Obama, to be sitting in the office of the presidency of the United States.  Which he well knows; since the issue came up during his time running for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, and debating an opponent, Alan Keyes, who brought up the subject of Obama's not being a natural born citizen, to which Obama replied: "So what.  I'm not running for the presidency."

Case closed.

So what has happened.

So obviously, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party entered into an agreement to keep schtum on the matter; the Republican Party obviously going for a quid pro quo, in not to say anything about Obama's ineligibility.  Forgetting that the American people might have something to say about that; once they understood the legalities of the matter, and both political parties obviously thinking that, between them, they could control any public debate that might ensue, and any judicial attempts to right the wrong, via their control of the MSM, and their political appointees to the judiciary.  With the stench of corruption rising by the day in the country.

So - what to do.

Well - lo and behold - the game is over, anyway.  The Game of Life, as we have known it.


* American politics is in a right mess, Stanley.  The officers of the Democrat and the Republican parties would normally have to go to prison for what they have colluded in doing; after a trial, hopefully bringing all the facts out, for the public to fully 'get' what has been going on behind the scenes on that particular stage of operations.  So this effectively quashes the elections this year, with the main candidates being the candidates of two corrupt organizations, subject to RICO statutes;

* the 9/11 atrocity/false flag op is building momentum for a major breakthrough into the public's awareness, whereby the facts will no longer be able to be buried; thus implicating all manner of players in that scenario.  Which will be a game-changer in itself;1

* the world monetary system is about to collapse under the weight of its 'internal contradictions', leaving in its wake an Opportunity for a whole new system (which, by all reports, is up and ready to go), operating, perhaps not directly, but ultimately on the principle of Love - that is to say, on the motive, for sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of one's best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning;

* the question of a Creator having been, and being, clarified by all the evidences in our time of what we call 'life after death' (from NDEs, and visitations, and such), thus evidencing a Plan to life;2

* and not only that reality, but the reality of reincarnation (from the same sort of evidences); whereby we have been playing, and exchanging, parts, with one another - now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another - in order to learn lessons, and then move on, up the 'stairway to heaven', and the higher reaches thereof, with the knowing that We Are, in essence, One (individuated sparks - for now - of our Source, the All That Is);

* all this, in conjunction with the Disclosure, now, of our Galactic and Celestial brothers and sisters, who have been assisting in our process.

Our process, now, of Ascension.  Out of the third dimensional way of doing things - i.e., with duality; with the play of/the choice between the Light and the Dark - and into The New, of 4D life, on its way to melding into the 5D level of experience.  Having earned our wings.  Along with Gaia, ascending with us.  Or rather, more, ascending, with us ascending with Her.  This live Being that has been home for us for aeons of time, going through our growing-up pains; and now, about to graduate, from the lower grades of our schooling, in becoming, ultimately, gods - creators - in our own right (being co-creators for the moment).

All of this, because

* it's time.  Cosmically.  And celestially.

As has been said:

Never let a good Crisis go to waste.



1 which will open up as well, for similar deep scrutiny - which likewise has already been taking place - the JFK assassination.
     And the John F. Kennedy, Jr. assassination.  And...and.........

2 And along with a Plan, there would needs be a Purpose.  About which, read on.

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