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Why Vote?

In a just-previous blog, I inserted a footnote on the subject of voting, or rather, of not voting; indicating that that 'practice' in America had become a charade, and that I didn't want to be a part of it, associated with it; which, if I did go along with it, would make me supportive of it.  'It':  what  voting has become in the country.  I would like to elaborate on this subject a bit more; for it goes precisely, in my book, to why America is in the dark position - the political troubles - it is in today; and why a modern-day JFK could write a consciousness-tweaking book entitled 'While America Slept'.1

I want to make no bones about this: I want to emphasize my disappointment, even disgust with the American 'system' of voting, as it has 'grown up' - said with much irony.  The American system of government was not designed to fail the Republic so terribly.  This outcome would appear to be the result of the rise of political parties; which the Founders did not countenance, meaning, as well, even see.  However, they started from the very beginning - in the form of the Federalists, who wanted a strong central government, and the Republicans, who were wary of such a power taking on too much power.  (Sound familiar?)2  The whole thing could have worked, if the citizenry - and its political, and moral, leaders - had heeded the warnings even then that such a government - i.e., of The People - could only work with a morally upstanding people.  And - lo and behold: here we are, suffering the consequences of not following that good and warning advice.  I refer to the lack of proper safeguards over the voting system; leaving both sides of the political aisle to commiserate amongst themselves, in a close race, 'They just simply outcheated us; we'll get ours back next time.'

The awareness of this 'problem' has been some time coming.  The American people should have put an end to fraudulent voting procedures a long time ago.  That is, the decent majority of the American people; bypassing the scheming of both main political parties, in acting out their mutual corrupt philosophy that the end justifies the means. Which 'means' that anything goes.  

It's really very simple, fundamentally: No one should be allowed to vote who is not an American citizen, and unless they can prove they are who they say they are; nor who doesn't meet the specific requirements for voting in their particular State; and the eligible voters should have the right to have their votes tabulated in a way that allows a paper trail, in case of a close vote or a suspicion of irregularity in the voting procedures, including not just the count itself (stuffed ballot boxes, say), but the ultimate electronic register of the votes.  

Is that asking too much?

Clearly, the answer is: No.  

Do we have to institute measures like those used in other countries, where, e.g., the voters have a color applied to their thumbs, or by other means, are identified as having already voted?   

Clearly, the answer is:  Apparently so.    

Which is - or should be - a monumental embarrassment, to the leading nation of democracy in the world.  

And that's why I won't play 'their' game.

And would encourages you not to, either.  To, rather, boycott voting in this country, until it can be guaranteed free from corruption.

I have been living out of the country for over thirty-five years, so I wasn't aware of the extent of the tomfoolery that has been going on here in this matter.  At some point I came across a news report of a group in the U.S., that I think was called Black Box Voting, who were investigating the ways that the newfangled electronic voting machines could be hacked.  Good for them, I thought.  Somebody is doing something about this atrocious matter 'over there', in my beloved home country.3  And I waited.  And waited, to see some sign that the matter - that all-important matter, to a democratic form of government - and in the very home of such governance, for heaven's sakes4 - was being taken care of.   And I have now come back to my home roots; and have discovered that I have been waiting in vain.


Because both major political parties are in on the scam.  And The People are still going along with it… 

If it weren't time for a major change in human development - to a level of consciousness where this sort of thing simply does not exist - I would be more incensed about this matter, sufficiently to 'lose my cool' over it.  Saying things to My People like, 'How dare you' sell out The Dream so cheaply; and so forth and so on, in accusation  and judgment.  But it's time to move on; and stay out of such frames of mind.

But there will be a Reckoning.  Of all the dark things that have been going on, in this third-dimensional realm of duality, where such things are allowed to go on.   For their educative value.   Their soul-developlng value.  So that we can learn all the lessons that we possibly can.  Before we move on.  A condition, and life situation, that is particularly and uniquely upon us, as we speak.

Are you going to move on, and up, into the sunlit highlands of your consciousness?  Or back, and down; staying in the lower grades of this classroom exercise that we are involved in, in this business of Life - of the awareness-bearing souls of a loving Creator; engaged in the transformation of our consciousnesses.  With our Creator wanting for us only the Best.  But: Our choice.

Please: Come up with your best answer to this matter.  

Much depends on it.

For you.  And for all those around you; who could look to you as an example, of how to live one's life.  And avoid the dark places in our psyches that hold us back from our potential.  Our potential, that is to say, to be sparkling beings of Light.    

No longer the beings of the Darkness that do such things as live their lives by the philosophy that the end justifies the means.  All manner of means.  Including cheating.  And killing.  And…and……   

That is the Way of the Dark.  Not of the Light.

See you on the other side???  

The other side, of the gulf, yawning before us - right before us - that separates our little Selves from our higher Selves. 

Come on  You can do it.

I can see the color on your thumb - er, I mean, the color of your aura…



P.S. And by the way: I hope that nobody is thinking that I am being a bit 'precious' in my attitude towards not wanting to take part in a charade.  That is a lifelong attitude of mine, and I would hate to think that somebody thought so little of the quality of integrity, and its importance in life; for that is what this comes down to, in my book.
   I can remember, for example, when, in serving in the Army, in Korea (this was just after the uneasy armistice in that war - excuse me; that 'police action', in the political terminology of the day) - where I was a c.o. (conscientious objector), and thus was in the Medical Corps, and wangled my way into Special Services, where I became the go-to guy in the Seventh Division for entertainment of the troops inn our sector - part of my job was to go down to Seoul monthly and rate the Korean floor show groups who we then contracted in for shows in the Service Clubs in our areas.  Their rating determined what they got paid.  Except, I was to find out, not always.  There were also Korean bands involved in the rating process; and I would go on, after my stint in Seoul on rating the floor shows, to another, smaller city, for the rating of the bands; until I happened to find out that their rating did not, in fact, mean anything; that there was some other, behind-the-scenes process involved.  So I told the Special Services woman in charge of the ratings process that I would no longer go on down to that city for that part of the process.  Would not take part in a charade.
     She tried to get me to continue to 'be a show' myself in the matter, since it didn't look good not to have the Seventh Division rep involved in the farce.
     She didn't know her man.    



1 I hope Americans today are not so dumbed down (by mainly socialist ideologues who want to cut down the intelligence and thinking of Americans because a highly educated populace uses up more resources than a more easy controlled herd of cattle, and the planet, whether you call it Gaia from the Left or just plain old Home Base from the Right, needs strong leadership - including totalitarianism, if it comes to that - to ride herd on the mass of humankind.  Those contrary beasts, who just think they are in charge of their lives) that  they don't know something, at least, about JFK, besides that he was assassinated (by…by….come on.  You can come up with the answer.  Or can you.  And about who was behind 9/11??  And…and…..???); and can associate the name of a book he wrote - 'Why England Slept' - with my reference here.    

2 "As long as Washington was President, such was the veneration accorded him that partisanship was not likely to run to violence, bust he would soon retire and with him would go the last force for unity." - Merrill D. Peterson, Editor, 'James Madison" A Biography in His Own Words', in referring to 'the Revolution of 1800' occasioned by the so-called Jay Treaty and the presidential campaign of 1796.  When the cat's away…

3 I've looked it up.  I had it right:; run by a Bev Harris.  Good on you, Bev.  Excellent work.
     A shame it hasn't been picked up more definitively - across the board.  Of the game...

4 "the world's proud template for democracy," it has been called by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; who went on, describing America - particularly post- the 'Citizens United' decision by the Supreme Court; which has resulted in the situation that "(t)hose who have the most money now have the loudest voices in our democracy while poor Americans are mute" - as "now listing towards oligarchy and corporate kleptocracy".
     Indeed, Robert.  Indeed.  Now if you had just helped clean up the voting sector of life in that proud template...


P.S.   A late entry to this subject; my response to a blog titled 'Beware the 'Lesser-of-Two-Evils' Trap', on World Net Daily by David Kupelian, written Oct. 30, posted the 31st:

I have a slightly different take on this matter.  It comes, primarily perhaps, from having been out of the country for over 35 years, so I haven't been subjected to the slow cooking in the pot that the rest of you have.  I'm referring to the appalling fact that the voting 'act' has become so corrupted, that it seems to have become, in the minds of the populace,' just the way it is' -  simply a fact of life, in this, the last, best hope for mankind.  
It needn't have been this way.  The People could have stood up - yes, even to their own two major political parties - and said 'No more' to the corruption of 'the vote' in this country.  Whenever a citizen feels that their vote is not protected - that the vote can't be trusted - they are disenfranchised.  Voting without a paper trail...electronic machines that have been proven to be hackable...non-citizens allowed to vote, due to lax procedures...'the way it is' jokes about vote early and vote often...I could go on.  With the accusations.  But not with the reality that has grown up here.  I will not be voting, period.  I refuse to engage in a charade.  To do so just allows it to 'go on'; makes one an accomplice to and in the sordid fact.  
Give me an honest vote.  Or I withhold my support for your system.  As long as it can't be trusted, it is a farce, and a fraud.  Do YOU really want to part of THAT??   


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