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BHO: Friend Or Foe?

Both, it would appear.

It would appear…

Some background.

I recently, by way of some synchronicity in play, came across a very interesting web site, which includes an edited version of a series of Questions and Answers from another site, back in 2008, with someone, identifying him- or herself (for convenience, I'll use the masculine) as a Family member of a highly evolved group soul, called the Lucifer social memory complex - from the 6th Dimension, or Density - that is behind what is increasingly being called the Dark Cabal, but which exists, according to this poster, for ultimately positive purposes (the editing simply cleaning up the original record of some 'clutter', extraneous to the essence of the Comment thread).  Calling himself Hidden Hand, he goes deeply into an intriguing scenario dealing with the 'light' and the 'dark' in human existence, for purposes of soul growth.  He starts off rather harshly, to say impassively, about human pain and suffering, saying in essence that that's just the way the 'game' is constructed; and then moves more gently into a discussion - echoing other material, from another 'social memory complex' of the 6th Dimension called Ra; material that has been 'out there' since the late '80s1 - of the difference between the spiritual evolutionary path of Service to Self and that of Service to Others; StO - that is, exercising compassion and so forth - being the 'higher', faster path, but StS also serving a purpose.  He relates that purpose to 'their' work, as being behind those souls who are and are involved with the Cabalists.  

I'll quickly cut to the chase here: His camp - followers of Lucifer, the bearer of Light - believe/are under the impression that they are doing us all a favor, by 'representing' the Dark in a 'battle' between the Light and the Dark for 'the souls of humans' - for the soul development of those of us in 3D 'reality', whereby the life experience is just a "game", to give humans the dramatic choice between the Light and the plot-inducing Dark; and after the "game" is over, we will all sit down and have a beer together, as it were - meet, eventually in 6th Dimension Positivity, and talk about the roles that we played back in 3D on Gaia.  Which explanation approximates the Truth of things, according to my understanding of 'what it's all about'.  But there is a significant difference  in the telling of the story of life, between 'their' version of  the Truth, and another, more common, one.

Hidden Hand turns on its head the concept that others have provided about the difference between Lucifer and the Christ.2  As I read the explanation of the story in my 'upbringing'/spiritual searching for answers to life, it was Lucifer and his followers who wanted to deprive other sparks of the Godhead of the ability to choose whether or not to return to our Source, rather, to force them to - to give them no free will, no choice in the matter; and it was the Christ (consciousness) that championed the path of free-will choice.3

And thus, as reflected in life on Earth (in a playing-out of the ancient wisdom 'saying', As Above - So Below). the battle is between, roughly speaking (& in terms of our time), the socio-economic model of socialism/communism - where the state runs the show, in the milieu of forcing people to be 'good' - and the socio-economic model of free-enterprise capitalism, where The People run the show, in the milieu of free choice - of allowing people to be 'good'  - or not; as is their choice.  And since the whole point of the exercise of life would appear to be to have choice, and thereby grow in consciousness, by the choices we make (or get stuck on the wheel of rebirth, going over the same lessons again and again, until we 'get it' right), capitalism allows for soul growth - for the experience of 'liberty' - and socialism 'allows' simply for 'equality'.4  To say, in the intention of the statists: everyone is equal (including, in full-blown communism, in income), by mandate of and from the state.  

Or not.

Take your pick. 

And choose wisely.  Much hinges on your choice.  Which statement, in a way, is a giveaway, to the highest outcome, for you as an individuated consciousness.  To say: it all comes down to a matter of choice.  

And to then let that test go - and discover that that was indeed what it was: a test.  Out of which we reach 'equality' anyway; through exercising our freedom to choose.  To say, to reach both equality and liberty that way; whereas the other path, of statist control over The People, leads back down into 'more of the same' - more of the same seasoning, in another go-'round of 3D experience, for those who don't make the grade this time.

A shame.

But that's free will - to say, the opportunity to grow - for you.

For you.  If you don't learn to discriminate.

What am I talking about.

Bear with me for a moment.  Let me finish up my thought on all the above; where I was headed with it.

So: In a way, then, we have these Cabalists to thank: for giving us the opportunity - and such a big one at that - to choose the Light over the Dark.  To follow them down the path leading to the Dark of another go-'round in 3D, or take the path leading to the Light.  The Light of a new day, dawning for humankind. Out of the valley of the shadow of Death, into a Golden Age.  An Age of Awareness, of who we are really: as the sons and daughters (at this stage of our soul development, still in a state of duality) of a loving Creator.  Growing with us as we grow - to say, as we grow, so do we grow our Source, in the seeming eternity of the growing of our consciousness, and knowledge: about how to become Creators in our own right (already being co-creators).

Let it go.  It's going to be an exhilarating ride.

- but wait a minute.

There's still something going on, here.  

Some confusion.  At least in my mind.

Which was somewhat triggered when I typed how those who were inveigled by the Dark Force Cabal would have to "follow them down the path leading to the Dark of another go-'round in 3D".  But…HH said that their Family would have to spend some time in 6D Negative Polarity, working off the karma that they incurred in playing the role of Dark Forces, for our exercising of our free will, and thus our determining for ourselves where we would end up, in The Harvest, to happen at the end of this year…

…so they themselves would not be having to return to a 3D milieu; having done their Service…

…so…..what does that mean??

It means that I am trying to point something else out here, too, in this blog: 

that all, or at least some, of the Dark Force entities could still be playing what they consider simply a "game" - only for keeps.  Meaning, that they could have become so enamored of the dark side that they have been caught up in it  - the side that attracts those addicted to drugs and sex and violence: the adrenaline rush of things, AND those entities feeding off of lower chakra emotions; and the blood filled with those hormones - and want us to believe that they are really of the Light, and want the same thing that we do, i.e., ultimately to merge back into the Godhead.  When what they really want is to keep you locked in your - their - 3D cage, to continue to use you as their chattel - their cattle - as they revel in their power to rule in the 3rd dimension, and to hell with higher dimensions - with the Plan in and Purpose to life.  Choosing, to rule the level where they can rampage - which allows for the Dark, as its very reason for being - and keep a colony of cattle from ascending, by pretending that 'that's just their job', and seducing souls into staying stuck in it.  

And the way they could accomplish that goal would be to play along with the true process of Ascension that is unfolding - whereby we release the monetary system as it is (for all of its 'internal contradictions' that are playing out so obviously now), and in the place of the profit motive, 'install' a system where we share goods and services with one another (and give of our best in the process) out of the higher motivating power of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning; wherein and whereby we live with such Abundance - living our lives in alignment with the basic Love power of  the Creation - that we no longer need to 'own' anything, with enough of everything for all -

 with the Dark Forces whipping up enthusiasm for a 'redistribution of wealth' and the giving up of private property, being the way to go into the future.  The way - of 'equality - being championed by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

The Powers behind whom then slam down on humanity the iron fist of the all-powerful state, and capture as many souls as they can in that process.  Before the door of opportunity closes on them, and The Harvest - the real Harvest; the Light Harvest - begins.

I am saying, Beware of whomever is bearing gifts.

The telltale signs of something being amiss:

This Hidden Hand person came out with all this We-are-really-Good-Guys stuff in 2008.  Think about it: the year of the implanting of Barack Obama in the presidential office.  After his grooming for the job. (He of a communist mentorship in his youth; and s drug-addled mind in his adolescence; and God knows what all in his adulthood.)   And the 'persuading' of both major political parties to overlook the little problem of his parentage.  Which is not necessarily that of his father being a non-citizen, and therefore the boy not being eligible for that particular office later on.  But could possibly be because the information of his true birth father - whether that was Malcolm X or Frank Marshall Davis - could derail his 'ascension' to that office.  And he was THEIR man for that pivotal position.

Obviously, I do not put it past the Dark Forces to have a lot of power; to include jump-room, time-travel knowledge of his being in that position.  And confirming their chance, for one of 'theirs' to get into position, for their Harvest, in the shadow of the Harvest.          

Why else could this Mystery Man have been placed in the minds of so many 'spiritual' channelers as Humankind's great hope?  Or that is to say, the great Hope for the Dark Forces - who even have power over the thinking of people - to win as many souls to their path as possible.  Because the 'redistribution of wealth,' and the elimination of the concept of private property, only work in the context of the Light.5  Otherwise, they are of the Dark.  Of the Controlling Forces.

Who have had their day.

But are - obviously - not going to go down without a fight.

I've got news for them.

They might as well give up now.

For they will be defeated, by a superior force.

The force of Love.

Against which, there is - can be - no sufficient defense, to withstand.

Because it does't allow an 'enemy', to be up against.

Therefore, there is no 'enemy' to fight.

There is just What Is.

And that makes all the difference.

So: Love your enemy.  But practice discernment; to know who your 'enemy' really is.


P.S. And, as an indication that the BHO administration - and allied others - are not in fact taking the high road in this matter - the 'spiritual' spin on a post-monetary-system-collapse  - consider this report, from this weekend:
     'Homeland Security Prepares for Massive Civil War'.  From Jim Fetzer's blog (, it is a scholarly summary of information leading to its headline conclusion; reporting how "the United States Congress has [just; formally posted yesterday/Saturday morning] passed a bill which mandates [FEMA] to 'prepare for mass fatality planning' of funeral homes, crematoriums and mortuaries being 'overwhelmed' in the aftermath of a massive terrorist attack, natural disaster or other crisis" [my emphasis].  The article goes into detail on the number of official domestic terrorist 'leads' for some time now (none), the number of FEMA camps around the country (300), the massive amounts of ammunition that the federal government has ordered for its domestic military troops, etc. etc. etc.
     If this isn't preparation for a mass civil uprising against a planned takeover of the nation's government outwith the terms of the Constitution (except for a false flag-induced declaration of 'martial law'), I don't know what is.  
     What say you, Citizen???

     My conclusion:
     Barack Hussein Obama can't be trusted to be the knight on shining armor that many in the '2012 Movement' would have him be, and have you believe him to be.  He is, simply - by all the available evidence, about his background - simply a doctrinaire socialist-communist.  Which means that he believes in an all-powerful state running things.  Which means that he is the puppet of very powerful entities behind the scenes, who have been in control on this planet for a long, long time - and whose time of power and control is now coming to an end.  And who are obviously not going to 'go' easily - are going to stay in 3D reality; and hope to seduce as many souls as possible to remain in 3D reality, so that they can continue to lord over them, and feed off of their energy.
     Don't give these, your erstwhile masters, the satisfaction.  Join the move up in the dimensional-change process already taking place, and 'designed' to culminate on the winter solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) of this year.
     It's your choice.



1 material through a channel named Carla Rueckart, who channeled Ra from 1981 through1984, with a couple of friends who acted as questioner and scribe; the material having subsequently been published under the title of The Law of One; which has struck a note of resonance with many people intrigued with and interested in this sort of thing.  (Such as I.)  

2 One, of the differences.  Another 'take' on the Lucifer 'thing' is that he is the Master of the impulse of involution - souls entering into matter -  and the Christ is the Master of the impulse of evolution - souls extricating themselves from matter.  
     Who knows. (Certainly not I).
     Although I have always been intrigued by the concept, in Central American lore, of their great from-the-stars Teacher Quetzalcoatl - the Plumed (or Feathered) Serpent - having a 'dark brother' (Tezcatlipoca).  A sort of smoky-mirror image.  Curious. 

3 Hidden Hand didn't talk about the Christ; he portrayed Yahweh, as '"the planetary Logos for Gaia," as being the one who wanted to keep things in the ever-ever land of the so-called Garden of Eden, and was angry when his subjects chose to 'eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge' - i.e., experience choice.  Whereby Lucifer got stick for being the One who gave Yahweh's subjects the opportunity to 'climb the tree of Life'.  Thus putting Lucifer on a higher level than Yahweh.
     This series of questions did not go into the question of the Christ, so HH did not address this anomaly in his story.   Coincidence?… but to continue. 
     Except just to point out the curiosity about the Jewish Bible's 'take' on the Garden of Eden story.  Why did the 'snake' get the role of Bad Guy if it was Satan/Lucifer who gave souls the opportunity to grow in spiritual stature, by experiencing polarity in duality??  It makes life out to be a mistake - the 'original sin' of the Catholic Church; whereas logic would tell us that it is part of - and a vital part of - a Plan.  A Plan of Progression.  A sort of Pilgrim's Progress. 
     But to carry on with this particular blog, for now.   

4 Many people these days seem not to understand the fundamental difference 'libert'y' and 'equality'.  Swedish socialist scholar Gunnar Myrdal certainly knew the difference; when, in a book he wrote (cited by the Supreme Court in their Brown v. Board of Education decision striking down school segregation in the South), he said: 'In the battle between liberty and equality, equality is slowly winning.'  That is to say, the power of the state to override the freedom of the individual, and impose 'equality'.  
     I happen to think that the Supreme Court got the decision in that instance right.  But for the wrong reasons, if they relied on Myrdal's perspective to sway them.   They tried to clarify the difference between de jure segregation and de facto segregation.  That is, in the first instance, segregation by law (which clearly was being practiced in the South, and was clearly against the 14th Amendment; 'separate but equal' just a ploy, to head off an ultimately correct decision in the matter, and bring the South in alignment with the Constitution via that amendment.  "The equal protection of the laws" obviously meant just that, in the minds of those who proposed that amendment., in the post-Civil War era  That is, the law must be color blind; it can be no 'respecter' of persons.  It cannot be arbitrary, applying to one person or set of persons, and not to another.  All were equal before the law).  And in the second instance, segregation simply from life circumstances, i.e., where people were choosing to live, that factor thus determining the school catchment areas.  The ruling was never meant to run The People's lives to the nth degree, by imposing a ban on de facto segregation as well.  But that's how many people tried to interpret it, by starting to drive the wedge into the law of busing simply to try to overcome de facto segregation.  And that was the beginning of the slide down the slippery slope towards reverse discrimination, known by its polite name of 'affirmative action'.  Which clearly is illegal, i.e. to say, not countenanced in the Constitution - which says, in effect, that the law is supposed to be color blind.  Not color conscious.
     But that's all a whole 'nother blog.

5 To say, only in the context of the historical process unfolding Humanity into its new level of reality.
     Some people dismiss 'the Hegelian dialectic' out of hand, as merely 'dialectical materialism,' a 'tool' of Marx's to make a rationale for his take on things primarily economical.  But it also works in things ecumenical; to say, in the understanding of History across the board, and how things unfold in life in general.  In this instance, a good 'Hegelian' description of where we're at is the following (succinctly put): 
     A 'socio-econo-political thesis' was established, of capitalism/private property in conjunction with a major social belief in God - in creationism, and from that premise, a belief in the primacy of the individual (the concept of an individual soul).  It - via its excesses (because it wasn't yet 'stable,'  a final process in itself) - triggered an antithesis, of communism - all goods held in common (no private property), in conjunction with a denial that there was 'anything other than Man' - and the crowning glory thereof, of Soviet Man.  The communists thought their version of the science involved was the 'crowning glory' of the process, because they saw a different set of indices, leading to communism as being the synthesis stage of the historical process.  But they didn't 'count' on the actuality of there being, in point of fact, 'something more than Man'; nor did they 'count' on the realization that, if you don't give someone a fundamental reason for being, they will 'get' that there is no real reason to do anything except engage in personal survival tactics.  They reasoned that it might take some time for the individual to get disabused of his notion of his priority in life; thus, they built into their system the concept of the all-powerful state, controlling everything - until such time as the state could 'wither away', as Man was conditioned into thinking like Soviet Man. 
     Big mistake.
     So the synthesis stage of historical development is still pending.  And it could be described thusly: the importance, even primacy of the individual, because of the existence of his soul, and therefore of a Plan in and Purpose to life; but the concept of private property withers in the light of advanced technology, (a) throwing people out of work, and thus creating the need to delink 'income' from 'job'; and (b) creating a state of potential abundance.  Which does away with the need for a state of 'economy'.  And with the advanced stages of technology comes the introduction of, e.g., new forms of energy; eliminating the old, 'clunky' versions.  (Such forms already being ready to go.)  Also, the concept of profit having driven some to substitute the making of money for the making of things - for the circulation of goods and services - resulting in such 'internal contradictions' as the sicker the people are, the healthier the economy is, in drugs/pharmaceutical products in general, and medical services.  And the raping of the environment for the insatiable appetite for its resources, for the making of money, with 'planned obsolescence' products.  And so forth and so on and on.  
     Not to mention power over The People, to keep them producing and consuming insatiably, for the manufacture of profits.  Power, to the point of police state stuff and nonsense. 
     As I say: treating The People like cattle.  
     And speaking of such a scenario:  You did know about the story of the communists knowing about 'one of their own' in Obama, didn't you?  The story, by an American businessman - name of Tom Fife - about a business trip he had taken to Moscow in 1992, when the wife of one of his Russian business acquaintances got voluble and started taunting Tom about 'one of theirs' going to become the president of the U.S. who was "a chocolate baby', and was going to advance the cause of communism in the States.  Look it up.  (Originally posted under American Free Press, apparently.)            
      There could be a misunderstanding, and the communists could only be thinking of the concept of a 'redistribution of wealth' in classical Marxist terms, rather than a spiritual spin on the matter; and Obama could actually be thinking of that concept in a spiritual context, rathe than the Marxist concepts of his upbringing.
     As I say: could be.   
     But I don't think so. 
     And as for so many 'channelers' sharing with their followers that Obama is the bees' knees, I can only say:
     Even the very elect can be deceived.

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