Friday, 5 October 2012

I Am

I Am just one person.  But organized, I Am a thousand.  And further organized, I Am a million.  And still further organized, I Am ten million.  And even still further organized yet, I Am one hundred million.  And that's how we take our country back.  For I Am

U.S. Citizen.  Aka The People.  

And I will not be cowed, by those who would make me and Us a serf.  Back under our Masters of old.  Whether of royalty, or religion, or any other elite, and erstwhile Controller.

We are free man and women.  Sovereigns in our own right.  And I resent all those who are trying to rule over The People, for their nefarious actions in that hoped-for regard.

Case in point.  And yes, I've been here before, on my blog.   But it bears repeating: how we are being had, by our erstwhile leaders.

My comment earlier today to an e-newsletter site, of the Tea Party.  To their article titled 'America's Distrust of Obama Birth Story Rises':

I am happy to see this issue still 'up there' in the public's awareness; and I am not happy to see how people keep getting misled in talk about citizenry, or native born, rather than the real issue, of NBC, and its definition at the time and in the minds of those who put it in the Constitution as a specific qualifier for that particular office. But that aside: What also needs to be addressed is the obvious collusion of the Republican Party with the Democrat Party in this charade. [BHO] and the Dems would never have been able to get away with this attack on the Constitution without that collusion. So we are talking about a criminal conspiracy; and that sort of thing is covered by the RICO Act, under which both political parties should be brought up before a court of law. And if there is a God in Heaven - which there is - they will yet have to answer for this injustice. But even in the court of public opinion only, they should be held accountable. 

What needs to happen is for all the conservative organized groups in America to get together and have their followers (a) provide the financing for full-page ads in all the major newspapers outlining the case for BHO's ineligibility in detail (including his authorization of the posting [on an official site] of a fraudulent document on the Internet), and (b) engage in a concerted campaign to have call-ins to all of the leading online outlets for public opinion on issues 'up' for the citizenry (including taking those outlets to task for succumbing to the Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' tactic of applying ridicule to your enemies, as a form of offense). 

There should be no more pressing issue up for the citizenry than the trashing of the Constitution. And in the wake of the setting of that wrong right, both the current political parties need to be dissolved for their complicity in this crime. And let's get political parties developed closer to the will of specific groups of the citizenry of this beleaguered nation: this nation that is under attack by forces that would bring it down, and enter the citizenry into a state of serfdom to a totalitarian form of government, not held in check by a constitution - by the rule of law, which the Constitution provides us. For now. Barely.


My best case scenario?

The People force the issue - with love.  For, Love is the key to the future.  Not Force.  And they do it by

* dissolving the sitting Congress - totally - for not doing their constitutional duty of oversight in regards to the usurpation of the office of the president; 
* putting a halt to the elections coming up, for being fatally compromised, and conceived in corruption; 
* taking the officials of the two major political parties to court, under RICO/anti-trust statutes (and BHO, for usurping the presidential office; along with all those who engaged directly in this constitutional crime, like the eligibility authorizing agent of the Democratic Nominating Convention of 2008, one Nancy Pelosi ); 
* assigning an Officer OF The People to hold the fort while new elections are arranged, with some new political affiliations developing; said Officer cleaning out the Augean stables of the Executive branch of the federal government of corrupted officials  

How do We The People go about all this?  By a show of numbers in Washington, D.C., taking over the Capitol, and putting the White House under non-violent civil-disobedient siege until the Usurper vacates the dishonored office.  This Assembly of The People led by Oathkeepers, and such organized groups as the Second Amendmenters and Tenth Amendmenters and Article Twoers and Tea Partiers and those members of the Occupy Movement who understand the dangers of totalitarianism from either extreme of the political spectrum; and just plain U.S. Citizen.  Mad as hell, and not going to take it any longer.  All of them organized as to replacements, for when they have to go back to their daily lives, at least for a spell.  For this army of the I Am to stay there, until the job is done.  

Knowing, that it is all a part of a larger whole; has a context of REAL Change.  


The world's monetary system is collapsing.  (And: Good riddance.)  Evidence has accumulated, to the point now of Disclosure, regarding the reality of ETs - and of their benevolence, and support for humanity's progress into The New.  The New Era, not only of cosmological alignment - out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius - but of what is called Ascension: the movement of the - our - entire Solar system up to a higher level of vibration.  Of what are called dimensions.  Of which, there are many.  We have been inhabiting the 3rd dimension; we are now about to move up. Because 

it's time. 

I don't want to go into all that in any greater detail here.  This is just to set the context for what is happening in regards to our political processes, and economic processes, and all other social processes, at this time.  Suffice it to say: it is a key time, in our development; as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - as souls on a path of spiritual development; that goes on.  And on.  And

What?, all??  

Well.  We'll find out.   Won't we. 

And I mean, 'we'.  All.  Not just those who are going to go with the flow in this Ascension process.  Those who don't make the consciousness grade this time 'round will just have to have another go at the 3D classroom exercises.  But even you will make it, ultimately.  Because you are a spark of the Divine, just like the rest of us.  

A chip off the block of the All That IS, That Ever Was, and That Always Will Be. 

Now: Questions.

Q: What about the concern over possible riots, in the, er, black neighborhoods, if anybody attempts to remove Barack Obama from the office?       

A: Don't you think that's a bit insulting?

Q: Excuse me?

A: You are basically saying that black Americans are so stupid that they can't understand the facts about a matter once they are presented to them clearly, with no bias as to black or white, except as to the black and white of the matter.

That's enough of questions for now.

You get the idea.

And in the meantime, the Officer of The People will be preparing the way into the New, by initiating such measures as

* the elimination of any federal regulations regarding support for fluoridation of the public's drinking water supplies (it's a poison, and a fertility control & mood control - pacifying - device);

* the elimination of any federal regulations regarding support for GMOs (too long a story to go into here);

* the elimination of any federal regulations regarding support for mass vaccination programs (ditto);

and so forth.  But particularly including the elimination of any federal regulations regarding the rolling out of what are called Chemtrails.  (I for one don't like people screwing up my sky.)

But then, most if not all these sorts of questions will be taken care of anyway, when Humankind switches from a profit-motive society - in the elimination of the system of interest-bearing money; coming up as we speak - to a society where The People share goods and services with one another (and give of their best in the process) out of a higher motive (as I have shared on before; but it, too, bears repeating).  Out of the highest motive there could ever be:

out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.

And if you don't believe in 'a God', all I can say is

You're out of luck.

So to speak.



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