Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Purloined Presidency...

…And Its Consequences: Obama Not Fit For Command

First, a comment I made yesterday to a blog (at '2012: What's the 'Real' Story?') on the Benghazi Affair, titled 'Rogue' U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order': which opened thusly:

"The official story surrounding the events of Sept. 11 in Bengzahi [sic], Libya which left four Americans dead, has now officially fallen apart.

"After numerous flips and flops by the Obama administration…" etc. etc.  [From M. Frank Drover, theintelhub.com 10/29].  My comment:

kibitzer3 says:
This story needs to be gotten to the bottom of, and fast. What the HELL is going on regarding that incident; and why can’t we get straight info anymore about things that we have a right to know about??? It’s OUR MONEY running this ship. Whoever is steering it needs to be more transparent than all this nonsense going on these days. Well; for years, actually. What a revolting mess our so-called leaders have gotten us into, for too damn long now.
Sorry I have bought back into the illusion, briefly. But I am angry as hell, and don’t want to take it anymore. JFK; Bobby; Martin Luther King, Jr.; JFK Jr.; OKC; 9/11 – We The People have been betrayed big time. Who ARE these souls who have had such power over us??? They are NOT FIT for such command. Out with the lot of them. We deserve better than this. GAIA deserves better than this. It’s time for a Change, all right. Big change; big time.
And now: breathe…


(Still steaming - and happening to read a little, as a brief bed-time reading, in Catherine Drinker Bowen's 'Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September 1787'; and having to put it aside mid-read, in disturbed contemplation of today's 'situation in  America' -  I continued to think my thoughts on the matter - the Benghazi matter, and the whole matter; and came up with a sort-of Open Letter to the nation's Commander in Chief.  Herewith.)

The Benghazi business is getting murkier and murkier.  Our nation's Dear Leader needs to be asked, about it, What did he know, and when did he know it.

And speaking of this man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama:

I want to examine your credentials, Mr. Obama, and stat.  It would appear that you are not fit for command.   But let's see what you've got:  Explanation about your Long Form Birth Certificate; which appears to be a forgery.  Serious questions about your Social Security numbers - plural.  Questions about your Selective Service application form; which also appears to be a forgery.  Questions about your passport, or passports - plural; about your college records - 

Who are you really, Mr. Obama?   And what the hell are you doing in that seat of command, that you would - it would appear - leave American citizens, on duty - under your command - hanging, after they made an appeal - a clear, unambiguous appeal; under fire - for help.  What kind of Commander in Chief are you??  

Don't tell me.  I know all I need to know about you on that score.  I just want to know more about you regarding your background; your murky background.  And this had better be good.  Or your ass is grass, son.

And who made you so high and mighty anyway, that you don't have to show your credentials to the American people??

And as for the job that you are doing: 

Part of the executive's role and job is to see that the nation's laws are duly executed.  Executive -  execute.  Got it?  What say you, sir, to your habit of picking and choosing which laws you will execute and which laws you won't?  And to your habit of making law, under the pretext of Executive Orders; using that administrative tool far beyond its intended use??  To say, in summary: When did you become a despot in your mind, sir: before you were elected or after, sitting in that seat of great power???

No; it must have been before, or you wouldn't have been so sneaky about your background; which gives away your frame of mind, and mentality.  

You, son, were born under a sinister star; a Red Star; and are carrying out your nefarious intentions in style accordingly; by treachery aforethought.  

It is a sickening state of affairs - and affairs of state - that We the People have gotten ourselves into, by listening to your slick-tongued oratory; which I for one have had enough of.  And now go to bed, and end this day wishing we all have had enough of it. 


 Oct. 30

I have woken up still with a hard-on about this Benghazi matter, and all else it brings up, so to speak; am still incensed about the whole thing, your purloined presidency - the lot.  You, sir (as Keith Olbermann was wont to say, his voice and manner dripping with scorn and invective towards your immediate predecessor in that similarly dishonored office), are a disgrace to your position, both as President and as Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces.  And I think I'll let it go at that.

It says it all.


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