Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wrapping Up

[I am so tired of hearing about all the horror stories going on in our time, of killings, and rapes, and kidnappings for various purposes, and people living in gross poverty, and people acting out power trips of all kinds...I really think it's time we put a stop to all this part-playing, and play-acting.  A few words herein to that effect; to go into our weekend with.]

At some point the play needs to be stopped, the scenario 'pieces' - including the various players -  looked at, all awarenesses gained that can be gained, and the set beginning to be struck, for Ascension to take place, and the next stage of our development, as souls 'in process', to be engaged in; whether that is to be, for the individual soul, forward/up in consciousness to our next level of experience, or back in/to a third-dimension duality experience somewhere, for some more seasoning in such a realm.1  But I personally have had enough of the drama, and want humanity to call a halt to the timeline of consequences that we are on, now.  Do we really need any more 9/11s, or kidnappings of children for pedophilic purposes, or use of earthquake-causing technology, or so forth or so on, to get the picture?  The picture, of what can happen when 'the people' lose the vision, of what the life experience is really all about.  And what it is really all about is not the drama for the drama's sake.  It is about consciousness-raising.  About learning from our lessons, and moving on.  About returning to Source, the better for the experience of duality, and all the intervening levels, stages on the journey Home.

A snapshot , of where we are at, at this stage of the drama; for your edification, and hoped-for consideration.  

World Wars I and II, and Vietnam, were set-up jobs, for the Power Elite on this planet to develop and consolidate their hold over the bulk of humanity, in considering the masses mere cattle, for their sustenance to TPTB, and subject to culling, as their Masters so deemed.  The Power Elite zeroed in on America as it became the main player on the historical stage, and, in effect, captured it with the insertion of the Federal Reserve Bank into its laws and body politic in 1913.  They also assisted the development of an ideological 'player' on the world scene to oppose capitalism - communism - in order to continue the monopolistic capitalist trick of creating competition, for the purposes of producing things - military weapons and such - to make more interest-bearing money from, and drive the players up-front on the stage in the drama deeper into debt to them, to say as well, indebtedness; and thereby to be kept under control.  

But all that is wearing thin, and The People are beginning to see 'the man behind the curtain' - see that so much of what goes on in front of their eyes is simply an illusion.  Take 9/11, for example.  The perpetrators of that atrocity - the real perps2 - have fallen foul of the very technology that was developed originally to help TPTB run their 'ship' : the Internet.  'The masses' were smarter than possibly their erstwhile Masters had bargained on,3  and not only refused the Kool-Aid of TPTB, but took a good look at what was going on around them.  One result was to see through the illusion that the public was given to buy into and believe in regarding 9/11, and present their findings on the Internet, and in books and articles and live presentations.  The Puppet Masters were thus beginning to appear; to be outed.  That event's deconstruction also helped the public take another look at the assassination of JFK; and on from there, into other such dark capers - the OKC bombing, and the assassinations of brother Robert, and son John F. Jr.; and of Martin Luther King; the list of crimes of the Power Elite goes on, and on, and on.

And has gone on long enough.

And before I go on too long with this summary of Where We're At, and lose your attention, I'll start to wrap it up, by saying that both sides of the political aisle in the U.S. are culpable in all this criminal activity that has been going on, subverting the high dream of America for the world - to be 'an ensign to the nations, and a light to the world,' in the words of one man attempting to be an honest man, and connected to his Source.  (Look it up.)   And that is why neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have the answer to the future.  They personify the two sides of a process going on ('thesis' and 'anti-thesis'), to help humanity get TO its next, and now-crowning, stage of development (the 'Synthesis').  On the one hand, is the Democrat Party, with its (ostensible) championing of 'the little man,' only in a way that would just create a big-state, socialistic New World Order, of total people control; and on the other hand, is the Republican Party, with its (ostensible) championing of 'the wealth- and job-creator', but in a way that would just create a big-state, fascistic New World Order, with the same intent of total control over the individual.  We don't have to go into either scenario to realize that neither is the answer to the future, and so recognize the need to reject them both - and in point of fact, use this opportunity to call a Halt en toto to the scenario being played out, and step off the stage, and our parts in the play that has been going on; for eons of time now; and start to put the pieces together - the pieces of the reality behind the stage play, that we have now come up with, and now need to 'activate', and in doing so, discard the illusion - the play - before we do any more damage, to ourselves, and to our beleaguered Earth.

Item.  The global monetary system is about to collapse (under the weight of its 'internal contradictions,' the Marxists would call it).  But it needs to dissolve anyway, because it is built on a scenario of scarcity.  We now have the technology to be able to bring in what are called free energy devices; which stage of civilizational development makes outmoded the Era of Oil, for our energy needs, and makes those needs practically free to be met.  It is thus an end of an era on that score alone.  And happening at a time when our level of technology has also allowed us to eliminate a lot of jobs, and thus to start moving towards a moneyless society, where 'income' is not tied to a specific job.4

Item.  In our time the evidence of both a 'life after death' and the reality of reincarnation is so overwhelming as to no longer be able to be ignored.  Thus, (a) there is a Plan to life, beyond just in and for itself only (signified by the existence of reincarnation; with obviously a point to the process, for there even to be a process); and (b) we have only been playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama; are not the parts that we play.  So, we have an identity beyond them.  So, what is it??  The answer to that question - and thereby, the answer(s) to the Purpose for the whole process - does not have to concern us here.  (I have alluded to it above.)  All we need to consider, at this point, is that we are more than the parts that we have been playing, and it would behoove us to begin to explore that level of reality, off of the stage that we have been just playing at  identities.   Another end-of-an-era game changer. 

Item.  We are about to experience Disclosure, of our cousins from elsewhere in this dimension, and other dimensions.  That means that we have reached a Turning Point in our development.  And yet another end-of-an-era game changer.

Item.  Our planet, and our sun, are about to go through a 'window' of space-time, that will carry us with them - those who are ready to Ascend.  Ready as in their consciousness.  Their ability to withstand the change in vibratory rate - frequency - that we are about to encounter.

At the end of Time, as we have known it.

I say that we recognize where we are at, as a species, and call a halt to 'the games that people play.'   Let this election go, for its false outcomes5 - as not being based in reality, rather, just in the illusion that we have inhabited, like a matrix, for so long.   For long enough.  Hold some Truth & Reconciliation sessions, about all the crimes that have been going on; so that we can gain as much knowledge, and awareness, as we can, about what 'we' have been up to, on this lovely planet.

And then move on.                            



1 Which won't be here on Gaia; for Gaia is ascending with those souls who are moving up to the next level.  Although, to be more precise: those souls who arriving up to the next level of consciousness  are ascending with Gaia.  And with this whole solar system; which is involved in a systemic move Up.

2 of which there may well be two camps; but the bottom-line 'camp' was from the Right, and the Neo-Con faction of the Bush II administration; engaged in "a new Pearl Harbor" in order to advance their nefarious, war-making and people-controlling agenda

3 There is an issue here of the deliberate dumbing-down of the masses, both to try to keep them under control, and to slow down the using-up of resources on the finite planet (the more educated the populace, the more resources they consume).  The brightest could be bought off by providing them with larger incomes than the masses.  At one point, at least - from my reading on the subject, of Management strategies and such - the scenario of TPTB was to create t'he 20:80 society', whereby 20% of the populace would be valuable to The System - and handsomely paid for their services to The System - and 80% would be, simply, 'useless eaters'  - a drag on The System, and to be dealt with as cheaply as possible.  That could mean giving them food stamps and electronic toys, to keep them relatively happy, and docile, and quiet;  culling their numbers, by pumping them with anti-fertility agents, via the water supply and vaccines and other means; or culling them by other means altogether, like war, and 'medicines'.
     It is a sad, sad story, what Man will - can - get up to, when he loses contact with his inner Self.    But that possibility 'came with the territory,' of the experience - the gift - of free will in a dualistic dimension.
     Coming to an end, as we speak… 

4 I've talked about this in more detail in other blogs, so won't go into it in detail here.  And so have others.  Review Peter Joseph's; Jacque Fresco's; Charles Eisenstein's idea of a 'Sacred Economics' (; Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu initiative (  The list goes on, of positive thoughts on this subject, of a moneyless society, and various steps to be taken to get there.

5 and for which the vote count is already hopelessly compromised anyway; and from both sides of the political aisle.  A terrible fact that will cause much unrest in the body politic, as I say, from both sides of the process 


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