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[from '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' - the blog about a 'speech from Obama to the American people, and the world', that has Obama an innocent victim of his circumstances, but really a high spiritual being, the One to lead all of humanity into The New World.  Rather than The New World Order that I see him threatening to lead 'all of humanity' into: a collectivist NWO; part and parcel of his Masters's desires.]

kibitzer3 says:
An awful lot of wishful thinking and lack of discernment going on on this thread.
Jean suggested that people have a go at their own such address. I did, over at my blog, at Beware: It has a different take on this subject, than this one, and the bulk of its responses at this site. But as Jean said: The more, the merrier. So to speak…
  • Luis Magno says:
    Looks like everybody else is all gaga over this hypothetical Presidential speech. Wishful thinking and lack of discernment sums it up well.
    • ohnwentsya says:
      Luis, I am curious what the lack of discernment is? As in what are you and the other commenter seeing that you feel the rest of us are missing?
      As far as wishful thinking, that is all ANY goal, hope or dream IS until people either singly or in groups, apply focus, intention, Will and action.
      The point of creating inspiring things like this piece of writing is to help people to focus their intention, their will and their actions toward positive outcomes instead of being mired in the pointless fear and drama the cabal creates to keep us all controlled.
      If you have never read The Intention Experiment or The Source Field Investigations I suggest them as good sources on the science of human applied intention and just how well it really does work, especially collectively done and the more specific the better.
      This piece is quite specific and Jean’s wonderful blog reaches quite a few people who have a regular practice of meditation or other focus training, so it is (imho) quite reasonable to think that using such a specific focus, with a large enough and capable enough group that it might have a positive outcome. Perhaps not the exact outcome of President Obama giving exactly this speech in the near future, but stranger things have happened;-)
      I would like to know what I might be missing tho as I have put quite a lot of effort into training my discernment and I was unable to figure it out after re-reading the piece when I saw your comment in my email.
    • Jean says:
      In my opinion, nothing happens by accident! Michael’s desire is our desire. He happens to have manifested it so we can all read and visualize his ideas as ONE. We will manifest this together, I do believe! Again, I think Michael – and Source, as well, who is clearly working through him. It is time . . . Hugs, ~Jean
  • kibitzer3 says:
    As “the other commenter,” I’ll make brief comment to your query, ohnwentsya. ‘Michael’ was making Obama out to be this virtuous, good-intentioned, simply-liberal soul who was stunned at the extent of the corruption and ‘secret government’ power that he discovered was running things after being elected and before assuming the office proper, and has been just playing along to get along, as it were, but now suddenly is going to show his true colors. His true color, obvious to anybody who has looked into his background, is deep red. From both sides of his paternity, and from his early mentor ‘Frank’ (Marshall Davis; a member of the Communist Party, and who may well have been his true birth father. See Joel Gilbert’s ‘Dreams from my REAL Father’), and from his favorite professors at Occidental, and his training in Chicago in Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ techniques of overthrowing the established order – excuse me; of ‘community organizing’ – he became a committed Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. (See Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott’s ‘The Manchurian President’ and ‘Red Army’, e.g..) He may have been toned down some in his growing up to the reality of things ‘on the ground’ in life, but that’s where his interests lie – to the point where even as late as his days in the Illinois Senate he was captured on a Chicago radio talk-show interview lamenting that the US. Constitution only talks about what the Government CAN’T do TO you, but SHOULD, rather, talk about what it CAN do FOR you – and that socialist mentality shows up in both of his appointments to the Supreme Court.
    You can say that that’s simply having a liberal perspective on politics. But he has given every indication, while in office, that what he MEANT by his slogans of Hope and Change was not just a reaction to the war-making and civil rights-denying excesses of the Bush II administration, but was fundamental change to the American form of government, to a doctrinaire socialist statist condition. Which is simply more of the same, only from the other side of the political aisle – big government, controlling every aspect of the life of the populace; and thus denying free will for soulular development of the individual. And to get there to try to accomplish that overthrow, he has sequestered all aspects of his background, to the best of his ability (although a lot of it is getting out, regardless of the control that the people behind him have over the MSM).
    He may well turn out to BE ‘a high spiritual soul’, in the end. But it would be from the Dark side – the sneaky, deceitful, hypocritical side of the human nature, that allows us to hone our commitments to the Light. We – Americans, and the people of the world – are faced with a threat from both the Right AND the Left: a fascist NWO from the former, and a socialist-communist NWO from the latter. Neither is the way to the future. The way to the future is neither to the Right nor to the Left, but Up; beyond the statist mentality of People Control. Beyond Force, and into Love – a freewill offering of the soul to its Creator.
    I have seen how some so-called lightworkers think that Obama is the cat’s pajamas, and is The One to lead humanity into The New. Not from where he is now, he ain’t – and where he is now is not just keeping schtum for his safety’s sake, and that of his family. HE HAS A HISTORY, that is conveniently not being looked at, by far too many Americans. And history is prologue. And for those innocent lightworkers who think that ‘redistribution of wealth’ is simply shorthand for the prosperity packages to – hopefully – manifest, rather than a fundamental plank of the Communist Manifesto, I’ve got a bridge to sell you, with that largesse about to burn a hole in your eager pocket.
    Discernment, ladies and gentlemen. Which hopefully will include as well your awareness of what a former Director of the CIA was leaked as saying, in a private setting, many years ago: “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is
    false.” You don’t REALLY think that Obama is his own man, do you???
    Or Romney, for that matter. But that’s part of a larger take on this matter. The matter, of Whither Thou Goest, Humanity. Left. Or Right. Or Up.
    We have a choice to make. Make yours wisely. Not from reacting viscerally to snakeoil salesmen’s oily pitches.


    Maybe I shouldn't take all this so seriously.  But he is trashing the Constitution of the United States - which has a spiritual mission yet to perform for all of humanity - and I WON'T HAVE IT.

    Sometimes I feel that the comments I make and the conversations I try to enter into with people on the Internet on this issue goes something like this:

    'But you have read nothing about his background.'

    'I don't want to know.  I don't want to hear it.  Nyah nyah nyah nyah.  Hands over my ears.  I can't hear you.  Nyah nyah nyah nyah.'  

    Sigh......Fortunately, I know, that, in the end 

    it's not a losing battle.


    P.S.  There was a follow-on to this thread; FYI:

    • ohnwentsya says:
      Thank you for explaining that! I think perhaps rather than a lack of discernment I simply have a differing perspective. I knew all those things you mentioned, but as a long term student of political movements I know that communism and socialism, like capitalism, anarchism etc have many different branches, facets and types. they are no more monolithic single ways of thinking than say being a christian(methodist, catholic, mormon, southern baptist, ame zionist etc etc)
      There are forms of statism fascist capitalist ala mussolini and fascist communist ala stalin that are plain awful to any perspective.
      Indeed the cabal has been playing everyone off against each other, controlling both the capitalsit and the communist states as pawns to keep their war machines humming and bringing in dollars. There was a great punk song about that years ago with reagan and gorbachev supposedly on the phone, one rambling on about starting a war and the other making fake orgasm noises;-)
      The thing is, communists/socialists, just like capitalists have OTHER types and they are, like the small business, people centered, environment respecting capitalists-the GOOD guys.
      I personally know a lot of them and they are not in league with the cabal. and as far as I can tell neither is Obama.
      There really is nothing wrong with thinking that every single person deserves to have food, shelter and medical care, its called compassion and is a required trait for anyone on a spiritual path;Obama is a very caring person so his study and fascination with systems that promise that is understandable.
      At age 11 I read ayn rand and karl marx and found them both sadly lacking. rand was childish beyond belief-if she was too childish for me at 11 i’m dumbfounded that adults look up to her. Marx meant well, but he too bought the idea that time is an arrow and humanity is “progressing”, that capitalism and communism were both necessary stages to get to a utopian state that for some reason he and the capitalist thinkers failed to notice was ubiquitous worldwide before colonization began;–)
      Obama has shown thru his actions that he is not seeking a communist state. Unfortunately the cabal gets a lot of mileage out of playing people off against one another and their 4 companies that own all the major media in the US do their bidding, and trumpet lies so many times over that people believe they are the truth.
      socialist democracy is the closest people have been able to get to the natural state we are looking at in 5d, in a world that has been so controlled and money based, where everything was made scarce in order to enrich a few. It isn’t perfect but it isn’t a horror either, the way some Americans talk Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France are identical to Mussolini’s Italy!!!
      So Obama admiring such states and wanting to see the poor in America get health care, or have enough to eat hardly qualifies in my mind for making him one of the cabal.
      I have all but the thesis of a graduate degree in globalization and international political systems so I am not at all lacking in knowledge or awareness of the facts (i’ve also read nearly every conspiracy website and book on both sides of the aisle) my undergrad degree is in psychology and i’ve done a lot of counseling so I am pretty well versed in profiling, and determining truthfulness/lies/patterns etc.
      In my estimation Obama is a good man, most likely a lightworker, who perhaps underestimated what the cabal would demand from him in his current position, but who is doing his best to resist them in as many ways as possible (no war in Iran yet, not for lack of their trying!!)
      Americans who fear communists/socialists should realize they are not all statists, and they are not all extreme. they argue amongst themselves and disagree on what is best just as do every other political stripe, but what they all agree on is that human beings deserve dignity, each person should be respected but all should also work for the group so that none will be without.
      this is actually a really really old idea, marx did not invent it;-) Jesus was big on it, but the aboriginal peoples of every land on Earth are it’s true authors. (Tho they all say the Creator invented it, they just kept it as instructed;-)
      stripped down to its bare essence i find it hard to see how anyone could disagree with it.
      Just as an example, Ron Paul is a capitalist but he is a good man who works for the people and believes truly in his morals. I feel that Obama is the same sort of creature even tho to a Paul fan he might seem not to be-but you can look thru Paul’s career and find places where he too caved on something in order to accomplish something just as Obama has, that is how washington works unfortunately.
      Plenty of people on both sides have been blackmailed, threatened and otherwise driven into doing the cabal’s bidding. Many of those who refused to be cowed are dead:The Kennedy brothers, Paul Wellstone; others were silenced thru sexual expose’s (i wonder what Clinton tried to resist them on? lol) or thru harm to their children etc.
      If you read enough you start to see who the criminals are, and who are just patsy’s, who are resisting or playing along in order to accomplish something positive. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are definite bad guys-cheney along with bushes, kissinger, johnson and nixon was in on the kennedy plots. Elder Bush too-but GW Im not as sure, he could be a patsy because drug addicts are notably easy to push around.
      (there are plenty of dems in there besides Johnson im jsut falling asleep;-)
      anyway i hope that helps explain my level of discernment on Obama and maybe helps clear up some of this Sen McCarthy rising from the dead thing.
      I would love to hammer the stake in myself! (in case you didn’t know “red baiting” is a cabal game, and has resulted in a lot of lives destroyed and several innocent people put to death in front of their children in the 50′s for being socialists. It was a way to put thru the fascist agenda without anyone looking at what the corporate fascist stooges were up to since they were all busy hunting for communists under every bush)
    • Jean says:
      DISCERNMENT!!!! DISCERNMENT!!!! DISCERNMENT!!! This is fantastic! I really appreciate your taking the time to share this with us all. Your wisdom, knowledge, info are all so important for us here, and I hope people, especially those still working on discernment will take the time to read your thoughts and ideas . . . such value here to all of us. Thank you so much for participating! Love and hugs, ~Jean
    • Jean says:
      How different the personal emotional content of your response is from ‘ohnwentsya’. Do you understand what I’m saying? It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that you are not yet disengaged from your emotions, and so I must wonder about your clarity here.
      Have you not condemned a man because of a history that is not necessarily his? Just because we are told his parents are thus and so, etc., does that it make it his truth? I think the history you have decided to believe might largely be a manufactured one and not by Obama, either, but I just do not know – yet. I think there is also plenty of evidence to the contrary out there, and so I’m willing to wait this one out.
      Remember the saying ‘those who talk don’t know; those who don’t talk know’ . . . who is talking and shouting the loudest – and has been doing so since day one of the Obama Presidency?
      Let’s try to wait and see how this all unfolds . . .
    • kibitzer3 says:
      You’re right – I was being emotional. My Constitution and form of government is being trashed, and I am upset about that. They have a high purpose for humanity, in empowering the individual to make a difference, in his or her own life, and the life of the individual’s polity. And we ascend on the spiritual spiral individually; not as a group.   [At least at this level of the journey of self-discovery.]*
      I am particularly incensed about Obama because, as a constitutional scholar (supposed), HE KNOWS that he was not eligible for that office. He even admitted it in effect when, in running against Alan Keyes for the Illinois Senate (I think it was), and at some point in a debate Alan called him on not being a natural born citizen, according to the definition of those who put that requirement and qualification in the Constitution for the office of the presidency – the office as well of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the Republic, and so the constitutional Framers not wanting it to go to someone who had dual loyalties or allegiances for not having both parents be U.S. citizens – his response was, “So what – I’m not running for the presidency”. Fast forward a few years, and lo and behold – there he is. What was the difference? The difference was that – obviously (it will all come out in the end) – the Democrat Party honchos and the Republican Party honchos did a deal, to further their own ends. (In the five years leading up to the 2008 elections, both parties made a total of eight tries to get an amendment to the Constitution on this very issue started through Congress; none of which even made it out of committee. So they decided to do an end-around play, to stuff the Constitution, stiff the American public, and get away with their scam by, between them, controlling the mainstream media in the country.)
      My sense of justice (and partisanship with the Founding Fathers and the high dream of the American Republic) is offended, deeply, by these political shenanigans on both sides of the political aisle. But I’ll let my clarifying response – about the reason for my ‘being emotional’ in this matter – let it go at this; not to belabor the point. Just to close (and now shut up on the issue) by saying, Yes, indeed: “Let’s try to wait and see how this all unfolds.”
      And for the record: I agree with the spirit of community, and cooperation, and so forth (and with the idea of a moneyless society). But it’s the WAY we get there that matters.

      [this Addendum not included in the original]
      * The difference between the idea of collectivism and that of individualism is a crucial one, that too many 'liberals' miss, in their fixation on a merely material existence.  I would like to try to tell such people - Leftists - that 'You are betraying the very spirit of the exercise - the free-will dipping into individuation in a 3D, dualistic experience - in releasing your self to the collective - the hive - for purposes of 'equality' and 'fairness' and 'avoiding envy with everybody on the same income level, initially through a redistribution of wealth' and such.'  But to a large extent, they are so enamored of 'the Enlightenment' - in throwing the spiritual baby out with the religious bathwater - that they wouldn't understand the point and value of the difference.  'Soul?  Soul?  Are you kidding me?  You poor deluded soul - heh heh.'   So best sometimes not even to bother; and wait until they're ready to hear it.   


    ...and a last comment, in alignment with this thread, and where it was going; from another posting on this site.  This one was a video - a few years old, now, but timely - on Agenda 21: the UN's - and the Cabal's - attempt to corral humanity into rural 'pack-em and stack'em' living units, ostensibly to 'save the environmentt', but in actuality to control the herd of humanity; for it involves control of farming, and all aspects of food production, as well.  That is: a culling procedure.  My response to this video (which I saw a few years ago; and which was part of my education, into why the various moves to undercut the Constitution, and its protections of individual liberty, and free speech, and such; and why the undercutting of education - more highly educated people consume more resources; and why the undercutting of the 'nuclear' family unit - not only to make The People (read: the herd) more responsive to the idea of the state as their parent (to whom they look for all their needs to be met), but also in order to pack them into high rises, as opposed to 'allowing' them to live in individual 'picket fence' houses, taking up too much space; with Gaia being more important than cancerous Man):

    One Response to Agenda 21 For Dummies – note the upload date. . . this has been out there, but now it’s coming front and center. ~J

    1. kibitzer3 says:
      Thanks for posting this, Jean.
      It shows precisely the danger of ‘big government’, running our lives to within an inch of them. Where ‘the state knows best’. And you accept its diktats – or else.
      That’s NOT the way of the future. That’s the way of the same old, same old. The way of Force. As opposed to the way of Love. Wherein and whereby people – as individuals – will share goods and services with one another – and give of their best in the process – not because of the profit motive: the carrot. Or because of the diktat of the state – the stick. But out of a higher motive. The highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.
      And that makes all the difference.


      P.S.  And a late addition to the original thread (and then I THINK that's it for that 'conversation'):

    • Jean says:
      I’m surpised that you are also not emotional about Romeny, whose father was not a citizen, which means Romney is not a citizen, either. Hugs, ~Jean
    • kibitzer3 says:
      Just to reply to this, and then I’m done on the issue, here: As I understand it, the Romney family, in some sort of arrangement with the Mexican authorities, didn’t have to lose their U.S. citizenship in moving down there for religious purposes. Which must have been the case, because his father was able to run for the governorship of Michigan as a U.S. citizen. But who knows the ins and outs of this: This particular example may even have been part of the reason for the original ‘conspiracy to defraud’ between the Dems and the Repubs. Some people investigating the issue think that the reason for the Repubs to join in on the scam was that they had their eye ‘down the road’ on Marco Rubio for a candidate for Pres or VP (his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth); others suspect that the ‘trigger’ was to try to clear the way for Schwarzenegger to have a shot at the top job.
      Whatever the reason, the Repubs are as culpable in this crime as are the Dems (well; almost), and I for one want no part of either of them. In a just world – and I happen to think that this one is; in the end, at least – both political parties would have to be dissolved, for their criminal conduct in (at the least) this matter, and therefore the elections should be called off, at the least until a) they have their day in court, and b) new, legitimate parties are created. Never happen? Let’s see how ALL of this unfolds…
      Personally, I think the day of such political parties is over, anyway; and such ways of ‘doing business’ in the future. The near future. The very near future…But as I said: It’s the WAY we get there that matters.


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