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America's Founders: Giants...

..In the Earth

In the last couple of days I have been prompted to go down to the Dollar A Book store in downtown Long Beach.  This prompting has been occasioned by an interaction that I have had, on the Internet, with a person - male or female; I have chosen the label of a male, based on a gut feeling - who has been taking me a little bit to task for 'going after' BHO regarding his constitutional ineligibility for the office, and for praising the Founding Fathers; first accusing me of "reactive, dualistic and 'exclusive' polemics" ("on a fear-based 3-d polarity plane"), and then engaging in the following continuation to my burr under 'his' saddle: 

         Exactly, Anon!
‘Ascension’ involves self-mastery of thought and of Being. It has nothing to do with feelings of anger, blame, judgment or victimhood (which are all issue of ‘lower frequencies’), the pursuit of which can never transform into positive action and the increase in one’s vibratory level that is a prerequisite to acceeding [sic] to “another, higher level of reality” [here quoting a comment I had just made to another poster's contribution to the thread].  And so there’s really no need for us to go on an’ on Anon about it ;o)

And then this came on line from him, in unsolicited response to the same comment I had
just made; specifically about learning our lessons and then moving on, in the "raising of our

    • "If you want to raise your consciousness, kibitzer3, you’ll need to seek out and hear your heart, not look into the past or listen to your head (left-brain); Both past and future are created from the present, which contains them both!"1

      If he had continued to take umbrage over what I had said about BHO's ineligibility according to the Constitution, and for my praising of the Founding Fathers and what they had bequeathed us (he then, in follow-on to my praise, accused them of "genocide against the indigenous population"; showing his political bias), and continued to lecture me on the issue of getting out of my head and into my heart for the purposes of the ascension process going on on the planet, I might have responded - because of the degree of HEART ENERGY that I FEEL for the Constitution and the legacy to us Americans and the world of the Founding Fathers - in the fashion of a retort (indicative of my growing irritation) something like:

    • "(Online name), I really want you to get off my case.  I admit to being a passionate defender of the Constitution; okay?  Against all of its enemies, both foreign and domestic.    
    • "The Constitution is the only thing standing in the way of our takeover - standing between us and tyranny, striking from either the Left OR the Right.
    • "A pox on both their houses.
    • "As for the Founding Fathers, whom both you and Anon have disparaged on this thread:
    • "Yes, they were men of their time (in the matter of slavery as well); and, they also 'rose to the occasion', in service to all humankind, in producing a document for political life that has withstood the test of time - a document putting the individual in the primary place of power in life.  For that, we must - should - give them credit, our thanks, and our gratitude.
    • "I would hope would be the case.
    • "So: The Bush administration preceding that of The Usurper's needs criticism, too.  Particularly for the rolling-out of major inroads into our civil rights and liberties.  And especially for 9/11, and its setting-up of the nation for a hegemonic so-called War on Terror, to further the cause of the Zionists at abroad and at home (here called Neocons), and the cause of a New World Order for the would-be Masters of the Earth behind the whole charade going on on the stage of life.
    • "So: We learn our lessons.  And then we move on.  But we learn our lessons first.  Fully.
    • "And that's not 'sour grapes,'  in harping on about the trashing of the Constitution the way I did, and do.  That's just good, solid sense.  Good, solid common sense.  The sense of The People.  The Common Man."  
    • --
    • The whole business of the Founding Fathers has always held a fascination for me.  They were giants; of intellect, and passion, for a better way of living than under the thumb of either king or pope, or other elite; but rather, freemen, responsible for themselves - for their own destinies and welfare.  NOT the playthings of 'their betters', as they had been throughout the ages.  It was the time for The Common Man to stand up, and be counted, as an entity in his own right.
    • And we are all the better for their having done so.
    • And thus, my trip down to the Dollar A Book store.  I went, looking for a copy of The Federalist Papers, to go further into my understanding of the Constitution, and what those giants came up with, for the fledgling Republic, and, ultimately, the world. I had had a copy of it at my former home - a spiritual community in the north of Scotland; where I had lived and worked for many years - but, upon deciding to leave the community, and return to my former hometown (to 'see out my days' in the sun), I had to jettison the vast bulk of my library.  (Thereby donated to my living unit, called Cluny Hill College; of the Findhorn Foundation.)  That book didn't make the cut, down to a half-dozen to take with me, into my new start in life.  (The only book of a 'political' nature that survived that process was one called 'American  Government & Politics,' by Allen M. Potter,  Peter Fotheringham and James G. Kellas - all of the Department of Politics at the University of  Glasgow.)  
    • Unfortunately, they didn't have a copy of it.  But in perusing the shelves - of both 'Politics' and 'History' - I came across a couple of other good books in the genre to get into.  One is a biography of James Madison - the so-called Father of the Constitution ('A Biography In His Own Words') - and the other is entitled 'Miracle at Philadelphia' ('The Story of the Constitutional  Convention May to September 1787') by Catherine Drinker Bowen.
    • And with the latter, hangs another 'story' - a blog I will also get into.  To give The Ladies their due.  In 'companion' to this one; which I would like to subtitle:
    • Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.   
    • And already, in just glancing through the first of those two new additions to my (growing) library, I have come across some great writings of 'Little Jimmy,' as I understand he was called by his friends, and, undoubtedly, his enemies.  But none of them needs to be quoted right here, right at this time.  Although I would like to close this blog with a quote from him, which came, not from this book (at least not as I have come across yet), but from the Internet; where some other lover of American history, and wisdom, posted one of his more astute politico-historical observations.  And I quote, lovingly:
    • "In a pure democracy there is nothing to check the enforcements to sacrifice the weak party…Hence, it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence in contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security in all rights of property, and having in general been as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths."
    • That's what a constitution saves you from.  That.  And from similar menaces from the Right. 
    • Socialism-communism or fascism/corporatism.
    • A pox on both their houses.
    • I'll take what little Jimmy prescribed.  
    • Him.  And the rest of our Founding Fathers.
    • Hallowed be their names.  For what they vouchsafed us.  And the world.
    • If we could keep it.2
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    • 1 my reply:
    • Reply
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    • kibitzer3 says:
      Ummm – okay.

    • Feels like I ruffled your feathers with the Obama thing. Speaking of which: I trust that you didn’t mean your response as an excuse for the trashing of the Constitution?? 

    • Just to make it clear: I have no ‘favor’ with the Bush admin that preceded the Obama regime, either. Both have been involved with trying to do away with the Constitution, as an impediment – a rock in their shoe – to a totalitarian takeover; Bush (the Bush clan, & the majority of the Cabal) from the Right, and Obama (the Soros & Co.’family’ of criminals) from the Left, both desiring a New World Order, just from their different political perspectives, of either fascism/’corporatism’ or socialism/communism. Which highlights the importance of the Constitution being preserved, at all costs. 

    • At all costs. 

    • And then we move on.
    • Okay? 

    • I believe that all manner of evidence points to the fact that the Bush faction – including the Neocons – were involved in 9/11, e.g. So I have no specific animosity towards Obama the man. Just with what he is doing. And I believe that he can STILL move to the side of the Light. If he sees it.

    • Okay??

    • And as for questioning my ability to listen to my heart…well. I’ll let my response to your good advice go at this.

    • 2 Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin's reported remark to a woman, at the conclusion of the Convention, who asked, 'What kind of government have you given us, a monarchy or a republic?'  His reputed reply: "A republic, Madam. If you can keep it."
    •     Of whom it was said, by little Jimmy (to continue to give him the last word here), that he
  • "expressed his dislike of everything that tended to debase the spirit of the common people.  If honesty was often the companion of wealth, and if poverty was exposed to peculiar temptation, it was not less true that the possession of property increased the desire of more property.  Some of the greatest rogues he was ever acquainted with, were the richest rogues…This Constitution will be much read and attended to in Europe, and if it should betray a great partiality to the rich, will not only hurt us in the esteem of the more liberal and enlightened men there, but discourage the common people from removing to this Country."
  •                I rest my case.
  •                And just so; as well: a toast to   
  •                 The Common Man.

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