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'The 2012 Elections...

...Are A First In Our Planetary History' - blog by Nancy B. Detweiler as carried at Galactic Free Press - 24 Oct.

A basically good comment on where we're at historically, she unfortunately has drunk the Kool-Aid about Obama.  Now, maybe I am wrong about the man, and these channeler types are right.  But until I can be convinced otherwise, the following is a fair summary of my position.1

Although I often find Nancy B. Detweiler's material a valuable read [], I have to take exception to this paean of praise of hers to Obama; and would remind all of another quote from the Bible; to wit: 'In those days, even the very elect will be deceived.'
 Obama is an illegal president.  (He is not a 'natural born citizen ', by virtue of not having two U.S. citizen parents.  The Founders knew whereof they spoke when they included that requirement in the Constitution for that particular office and no other.)  I really believe that the Founders were divinely inspired to come up with this country's founding documents - America to be an ensign unto the nations,2 for The Common Man to be his own sovereign; to rule himself, and not be ruled by Royalty or Church or any other form of Elite overlord; and thus accomplished a major break with history - and we should not be so ready to toss them aside, as "just a damn piece of paper," as George II characterized the Constitution (which was keeping him from being the despot that HE wanted to be).  Obama has not shown himself, while in that office, to be anything other than the doctrinaire socialist that his background makes him out to be, and the country - and the world - doesn't need a New World Order from the Left anymore than it needs one from the Right, thank you very much.         
 We are faced with a new world, all right.  But not made up of these sorts of qualities.  Like dishonesty.  And deceit.  And dishonor.  And lack of integrity.
 A pox on both their houses.  They are both filled with darkness.  This election needs not to happen, and The New to start to manifest itself boldly.
 But that's another matter.  For now, just to summarize: Don't look to Obama to be your Knight in Shining Armor, leading you into the New Age.  He is tainted goods.  And the sooner he owns up to it, the better, for all concerned.  Including himself.
 Or he will just have to go back for another round of life in 3rd dimension duality, for a little more seasoning.  Having missed out on this 'season' for those who are ready for Ascension.  And can prove it by their actions.  Not just their 'inner being'; no matter how pure that may be.
 This is about character.  Not color, or any other superficial factor.  And so far, that trait is lacking in the man.     



1 It is a truncated version of my first one, that, alas, got swiped off of my screen, just as I was finishing it up.  After holding my face in my hands for a few minutes of solace, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started all over again.
     I may try to recapture that epistle, as I think it was a good summary of my full thoughts on the subject - of Where We're At (complete with Hegelian dialectical analysis of the matter).  But not tonight.  It has gone past midnight, and it  would take too much concentration to try to retrieve it from my brain's files.
     But let me just start to pull it out while it's somewhat fresh.  Let's see.  I was talking about how we ''ascend' in consciousness as individuals, not as simply being part of a group; and collectivism doesn't 'hold' people to be individuals, looks on them in the collective...
      oh, never mind.  It will come out as it comes out.  

2 "..and a light unto the world," I believe the quote continues.


P.S.  The comment just before mine on this thread was a good one, that I can wholeheartedly support.  I offer it herewith for your considerations.

As a sovereign being, I shall indeed vote accordingly... by not voting at all. Recognizing that voting in the current control system is a free-will license for that system to continue its rule over me, I'll be withdrawing that license. Why should a sovereign being vote for his own continued enslavement?

Further, I take solace in knowing that the plans of Source will fare just fine with or without the participation of any particular politician. And I know that if "Ascension" does take place, it will occur due to natural energetic changes, not the earthly policies of government officials or ETs. The rising energetic tide will lift all boats, not just the ones who vote like you'd like.

Don't forget what happened to Greg Giles. I lovingly suggest that all put down the channeled messages & the Kool Aid and get real.
[N.B,.  Greg Giles is the name of a man who was involved in channeling material from a source that he finally decided (I'm not sure how) was a source of misinformation, apologized to his readers/followers, and has disappeared from the scene
One wonders how many other channelers will follow suit, before this Ascension business is over...]

As for this business of voting, in a corrupt climate:

I'm appalled that it appears to be 'business as usual' in America.   From what I can gather on the Internet, the same problems of corruption, in both the registration and the vote-counting, still exist as years ago.  What has America come to; a Soviet Union??  I refuse to take part in a charade.  People should boycott elections until they can be guaranteed fair and honest,

Do I set too high a standard?  But we need standards, to shoot for.  Not meekly accept 'the way it is'.  'The way it is' is the way we have allowed it to become.  Like so much else in society; a running down, not a rising up.  Being 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' we are on a path of spiritual evolution, ladies and gentlemen.  Not a merry-go-round.  Well, you may be.  But you should get off of it at some point.  And will, sooner or later, anyway.

And this is a good time to do so.  And better than most.               


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