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Of UFOs & Such

'The UFO Seduction' - Kelly La Sha and Perry Mills on 'Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs'  -  Oct. 6          posted on '2012: What's The 'Real' Truth?' on  8 Oct.  

Lenore says:
If you go into a restaurant for breakfast, do you pay as soon as you see the menu or do you wait till the food arrives, eat it, and then if it’s not good do you send it back, before you pay…?
Before you get to the restaurant do you think of the menu?…
All this ET chatter, and no ones seen breakfast yet…only a few menus flying around in fuzzy pictures….. icon_smile.gif
The article above included much of the recent “party line” on channelers/ET’s (I prefer off worlders or inner dimensionals )
But have you read Billy Meier? who has the clearest photo’s in existence(because they posed the ships for him to take the picture, no joke ) and he took those picture in the 70′s, no photoshopping to blame there…not to mention, THEY’RE NOT “FUZZY LOGIC” PICTURES!!!!!
It’s FUNNY, no one mention’s him is all this diatribe going on out there for the last three decades about ET’s……(hint hint hint)
You might want to hear what he has to say, he has millions of pages of contact information, everyone near the remote Swiss village he lives in, have watched the ships come and go since the 70′s….there’s been 17 attempts on his life, he lived…was protected.. icon_smile.gif
Let’s just say in a word…he calls all the ET FAD circulating on the internet and mindset, a world SELF INDUCED hypnosis….basically psych-ops has gotten so good, we’ve fail to realize we’ve been played, for a VERY LONG TIIIMMMEEEEE…
That doesn’t mean there isn’t off worlders, there are….just not the way you think…..
something to ponder….breakfast hasn’t been served….as of yet….. icon_smile.gif
There’s a lot of great stories out there…Tolec’s…Sheldan’s…. the list is so long…..but they’re only stories for now…could they be a distraction from self as mentioned above? I believe so…..
This is a critical time, when most likely the power’s that be, would prefer the collective consciousness was occupied with other things while THEY changed the formatting and tinkered with the program……
Also, then there’s the very curious case of Dr. Karla Turner….any of you ET experts know about her???
You’ll never guess what she found out icon_smile.gif )))……see, she and her family and neighbors in the small rural town she lived in, became a targeted location for repeat ET abductions back in the 80′s….the only thing is, the so called ET abductors weren’t prepared for the fact that she over came her fear and their mental death grip during the occasions(she was a real spitfire wonder)…and was able to look around and witness carefully who was truly present during these abductions……
You’ll never guess who……NOT ET….. he’d already phoned home……….
It was military personal dressed up in ET’s spacesuits(I think she reached out and touch one), and other’s were there in the background in military fatigues….and a few PLF’s(programable life forms, who look curiously like the so called grey’s, google it)
So… know what she did about it???? she wrote several books, (PHD in English, that’s why she was a Dr.) collected cases from around the country, researched them and began to lecture….
Let me cut to the chase……SHE’S DEAD…..curiously by some sudden cancer that came out of nowhere, no history with it, and killed her fast in her 40′s (research Dr.Greer’s team and their story, same situation)……so a decade later…her research partner, Barbara…who’s kept her mouth shut all these years cause she knew Karla’s death was no accident, one day had a visitor… a very sincere honest fellow showed up to see her research…..
And she thought….”hey, it’s been 10 years…I’m not going public, only showing this guy some papers in my home, how can it hurt, this must be over by now”….a few week later after showing her and Karla’s old research, she and her husband were involved in a very odd hit and run car accident where the driver and car that hit them, were never found.
He husband died and she didn’t, but was she was critical….so….punch line please?….OK….
While in the hospital recovering nicely, suddenly,or maybe not so suddenly icon_smile.gif … she had a stroke with no history of heart problems (I think that’s NSA, or is it CIA?…stokes or heart attacks…. I always get them confused…)
So the moral of this ridiculously long and sometimes morbid tale is……
If someone’s life is threatened repeatedly and taken violently for what they’re trying to share with the public………
Chances are, they’re tell the truth…….
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    October 9, 2012 at 12:32 am
    Thanks, Lenore. I think it’s very helpful to be reminded to practice discernment to the nth degree. Humanity is up against some very intelligent entities (I hesitate to call them ‘people’ because many of them don’t seem to have the same wiring as normal Homo sapiens (as obstructed as ours has been); have no ‘right brain,’ are all ‘left brain’, as it were; all ‘I’, no ‘We’, except as in Master Race mentality), and they can be very persuasive – and technologically advanced. Hence their ability to make the average abductee think they are ETs, and so forth.

  • They can be so persuasive that I’m sure that they can even make themselves believe that they are doing the right thing; as in culling the human herd, and so forth. (‘Too many useless eaters – round’em up, and do’em in.  They’re just cluttering up the place.’) To them, people are to be controlled, not given their freedom. So, how to take that away from them. ‘I know. Make them THINK they are being freed. Set up a change in the social structure where everybody’s equal – a ‘redistribution of wealth,’ and ‘the elimination of private property’ (‘so we can save the environment’) – and in that fairer environment, free from the machinations of those nasty bankers, they will never notice that some – Us, their Masters – are more equal than others.’ I kid you not. Over on 2012 Scenario, they only post this sort of channeling, in conjunction with messages about the ‘high spiritual being’ that BHO is. The propaganda is stunning. They are leading their followers to believe in a communistic model for planet Earth – complete with totalitarian state powers – and palming it off as highly spiritual; upon which accomplishment, their true nature – as fascist wolves in sheep’s clothing – will come out, and they will join mainland China (and hopefully Russia) in their hybrid, socio-corporate New World Order.

  • Maybe we only THINK there will be an Ascension of the rest of us, out of our 3D prison, and that Gaia is joining the Ascension to 4D-5D level. After all, they have had generations to plot this sort of thing into being; and now have major mind-control technology to make it work. So: the answer?

  • As mentioned above, in the comments and in the blog itself: Love, and alignment with your sovereign spirit. And the more you/we can ‘broadcast’ that energy, the more souls will be saved from captivity in another go’round of 3D experience; where these mentally stunted souls reign supreme. 

  • Or at least think they do. I think – feel – they’re in for a big surprise, in this one. For this is a BIG one. Not just your garden variety Harvest. In any event: To work on the inner, folks. We have a lot of ‘miles’ left, to do our job in. To do, that is to say, what we came here to do. 

  • Chose, to come here to do.


The bottom line:

Remember the admonition: 'Even the very elect will be deceived.'

So: Practice your inner listening.  Cultivate that Presence, and Connection.

But above all:

Keep your Love hat on.

For that is the very essence of Creation.

That.  And Light.


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