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'Is It Time...

To Consider Civil Disobedience?' - wnd - Joseph Farah  - Dec. 28

Red Patriott 5 hours ago

  • Whatever line is drawn will have to literally affect a vast majority in order to draw out the conflict shy patriots and those who would whole heartedly back up a modern day George Washington...that is whom we need..A valiant modern day George Washington to lead the rebellion against modern day tyranny....Come on...someone make "the stand"....

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  • kibitzer3  (Red Patriott a few seconds ago)

  • I'm ready to "make 'the stand'". Been ready, and waiting, for an indication that The People were ready to do what it will take. Not to go back. But forward.

  • Be aware of what you ask for. You want out of the current move by both the Left AND the Right for a New World Order to their separate extremist liking; with many of the same totalitarian features, just a different gang of despots running the globalized show?? Look neither TO the Left nor to the Right. But Up.

  • Consider, that it is the End of History. Signaled in particular by 1) the imminent collapse of the monetary system that has now gone global; and 2) the fact that in our day, there is overwhelming evidence of the truth of reincarnation. That We Are (and have been) One Another, just playing, and exchanging, parts; obviously as part of a Plan. Easily assumed to be a Plan of lesson-learning, and consciousness-raising; as part of a Purpose. Easily assumed to be the Purpose of returning to full Unity with our mutual Creator, after our soul-developing sojourn in the lower realms of reality; specifically in this 3rd-dimensional realm of duality and polarity and relative separation from each other and the Godhead, for, as I say, that Purpose. And now it is time to move 'up', i.e. in consciousness, out of the level of the problem that we have created for ourselves - to solve. And we solve it by doing just that: moving up, into the higher levels of our making; of Joy and Peace and Harmony and, yes, Oneness. Back together again; as the sparks of divinity that we are, from our Source, the All That Is. Inheriting the kingdom that has been just awaiting us, to get here.

  • For, it's time. We have created a human society - a dysfunctional society - wherein we are acting as if there is no God; no wider reality. Thus we are, largely, cut off from our roots IN that wider reality. All we need to do is to start acting as if, in very fact, there IS indeed a God; by whatever name one wishes to identify the Source of our being. And thus we can, for example, give up money, and the profit motive (and all of the ills that have accrued therefrom). All we need to live with each other is to share goods and services - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive. Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. 

  • Not to belabor the point, about what life will look like on the other side of the End of History. Just to propose that we get there now by filling Washington, D.C. to overflow - in a demonstration of loving, nonviolent civil disobedience - in an Assembly of We, the People, (1) calling on the Usurper (who is filled with the energy of a Liar and Deceiver) to vacate the (mostly honored; though not so much lately) office of the president of the United States (in doing so, confessing to his crime, apologizing for it, and asking The People for their forgiveness for it); (2) dissolving the Congress, for being accessories to and after the fact of that crime against the Constitution and thus the rule of law in the nation; and (3) appointing an Officer OF The People, to clean out the executive branch of government of all the illegal and deceitful activity that has been going on there; thus to prepare the nation for its next steps, in leading the world into ITS next steps, on the spiral stairway to the heavens. Out of the dense, 3D arena (the stage of our ongoing play) that we have been in long enough - for our seasoning; now ready to be Souls For All Seasons, in our next stage of spiritual maturity. 

  • This being what I happen to think it will (and should) take for Humanity to get out of the historical (and karmic) predicament it finds itself in, at this propitious, and crowning, moment IN its history. And thus in particular to keep America out of the internal violence of karmic confrontation that it is heading for, as we speak.

  • And then at some point, I will return to my retirement in southern California, and enjoy watching the REAL New Order of the Ages unfold its wings from there. 

  • All this, since you asked, Red Patriott...


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