Friday, 7 December 2012

Just One More Time

Hindsight is a wonderful thing; I accept.  But still, it's a terrible thing, when the nation's leadership puts its people in harm's way, and then fails to follow up properly when they are confronted with said harm.

I speak of the Benghazi 'incident'.  Such an anodyne descriptive word; matching the anodyne way that that whole monstrous matter has been treated - was treated by the authorities involved, and has been treated by the mainstream media in America.

The more I read about that Benghazi business - in the more alternative media1 - the angrier I get.  This nation, and its Commander in Chief, being engaged in arms and other weaponry smuggling to elements of its enemies - if not its enemies themselves -  just because its enemies can sometimes be useful in realpolitik terms??…2  

The stench is rising, further and further.  From its roots in error.  The error, most recently, of the nation having immorally put an ineligible citizen in its top job - at its head, in the office of the presidency of the United States.3   And acquiesced to, by the opposition political party in the country's essentially two-party system; and, most unforgivably perhaps, by the nation's mainstream media.

Let me cut to the chase here - the chase after the Truth of matters - and ask you, the latter group of so-called professionals of a so-called free press: 

You're  giving the man a free pass because he's half black??  

How demeaning of you.  How belittling.  The man must have no self-respect to accept such cheap gratuities.

I call 'em as I see 'em.  And I call him for what he is: a liar and a cheat and a thief.  And in case you or anyone missed any of that indictment, I'll say it again: The man is a liar and a cheat and a thief.  And the country should have had enough of such lying and cheating and thievery, and scheming, and other such degrading behavior, a long time ago.  But that's another story; a wider issue.  Suffice it for now to say: This liar, this cheat, this thief must go. Now.  Before the country as a whole loses its self-respect; for condoning such behavior, at the very top of the body politic: in the office of the presidency of the nation itself.  Which is beginning to rot from its head.

The stench is beginning to be sickening.  We must act, and act now; before it's too late, and the rot has so permeated the nation that it reaches the point of no return, to a state of self-respect, and honor, and completion of its very purpose: to lead the nations of the world into a New Era on Earth; an era, an Age, of peace, and abundance, and joy, for living in alignment with our highest potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  But merely human no more.  Now sloughing off the equivalent body of a caterpillar, and taking on our Light bodies, in the equivalent of a butterfly's metamorphosis into its fuller potential.  Doing this, now, because it's time to.

And just in time, it would appear.  Before we descend back into the mire from whence we have just come, of the lower aspects of our natures.4  Now to inherit our higher aspects.

If we so choose, individually.

I  choose to progress, on the spiral stairway to the heavens.

How about you.


P.S.  And as for the Benghazi affair: I am also aware of the mooted scenario that the American/Israeli NeoCons were behind the whole caper, and had attempted to capitalize on a phony film belittling Mohammed that they put up the money for, as 'demonstration' cover for their attempt to give Obama a black eye just before the elections, to enhance Romney's chances; since he has signaled his allegiances, with NeoCons on his advisory staff, and his public support of former VP Dick Cheney - the gang from the far Right who have tried to inveigle the U.S. into war with Iran since the second Bush Jr. administration, and going back to 'our' first orchestrated invasion of Iraq under Bush Sr., in furtherance of that element of the Secret Government's plans for a (fascistic) New World Order.  And who could deny the possibility, with all the chicanery going on these days; in the foul spirit of collusion and deception.  
     The last gasp of the Dark forces; before they are compelled to slink back into the shadows.  Or have a change of heart; and join the move up to a new level.  Their choice.  God - our Source; the ineffable I Am - being a God of Love, and giving us wayward souls all the opportunities we need to turn our lives around.
     Or all the time we need to lengthen the ropes to hang ourselves by.
     That's choice for you.  The real deal.



1 Most recently in the Dec. 10th issue of The New American magazine, quoting extensively from an Oct. 28th op-ed column in the Washington Times newspaper by retired Admiral James A. Lyons (former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet).  The column was entitled 'Obama needs to come clean on what happened in Benghazi'.  Just so, Admiral.
     I refer to the Washington Times in the context of 'alternative media,' because it would appear that 'everybody' associates it with the AM; given the lack of response to continual ads in it detailing the crimes of Obama, in relation to his fraudulent birth certificate, and other such wonky documents associated with the thus-publicly-charged criminal.  'Everybody' in Washington must walk around whistling merrily away, and when they come across a copy of that paper, shield their eyes quickly from it, and continue walking and whistling. Nothing to see here, folks.  Just keep walking.  That's a good sheep - er, person.  

2 To summarize the situation: it would appear that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved, as agent for the U.S. government, in helping to smuggle weaponry from the former Ghaddafi regime in Libya through Turkey to the rebels in Syria, among whom are elements of al-Qaeda.  He had just met with a representative from the Turkish government, and who had just left, when the terrorist attack on the U.S. 'compound' in Benghazi began.
     Who was behind the attack?  Some suspect it was a false flag op, orchestrated by the Israelis -  since that is what they, through their intelligence arm, Mossad, do; is their particular MO.  But there is also the speculation that it was orchestrated - or at least carried out - by the intelligence arm of Iran, in support of their ally, Syria/the Assad regime.  But since Russia is an ally of both of them; and would have had access to satellite photos of the weapons-smuggling going on out of Benghazi…which could have included chemical weapons, and thus be an escalation of the action in that powder-keg part of the world…who knows who was ultimately behind the orchestration of the attack.  
     All we need to know is the truth of the observation, 'O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.'  
     NOT the sort of energy conducive to the world going up in consciousness to a new level of experience.  And thus the need for a regime change in America, too. 
     But back to the main thread of this blog.  Which will come back around here - to this subject - in quick order.

3 And he may not even be a U.S. citizen at that, for all we know; since he has hidden his roots - and compounded the crime by releasing a birth certificate document that has proven to be a forgery.  So we don't really know about his background; except that it stinks.  To high heaven.   

4 Not 'from whence we came' originally.  We body-encapsulated souls - sparks of the One Divine Source of All Life - came from Spirit, and descended into matter to experience a degree of separation, in a realm of duality/polarity; in order to return to total Unity the stronger, the richer for the experience - and to bring that strength and richness back to the Whole, as a gift to the Whole, of which we are a part.  Like a hologram, where each Part contains the Whole, and, the Whole is in every Part.  
     Inexorably calling us back Home; just as plants in earth turn ultimately towards, and seek out, the Light, and its bountiful rays.   


...and one for the road: to a blog on western center for journalism titled 'Can Obama Be Impeached?' - Kris Zane -  Dec. 7

dynahog says:
Yes, Mister Obama can be impeached for not being a “natural born citizen” and other charges.
However, it is the House of Representatives that draws up the Impeachment papers.
The Senate conducts the trial and decides the fate of Mister Obama.
There is no way this U.S. Senate loaded with partisan Democrats would ever do harm to Obama.
However give Obama the rope, and he will hang himself. That demand from Obama to have full authorization to raise the National Debt when ever he wants probably had some Democrats wrinkling their noses, and moving nervously in their chairs.
  • dynahog says:
    December 7, 2012 at 12:04 pm
    Remember though, if Impeachment goes serious in the House and Democrats join in the House, and in the Senate they are in a tizzy, Obama goes BLACK and RACIST.
    That is what he is. A Community Organizer for a Black community in Chicago. Don’t put it past him. If he goes down and O-U-T, the United States of America will go down and O-U-T………………(maybe).

  • If The People figure this out without being saturated by the Liberal Media that stands to lose most of its audiences and $TRILLIONS, then it will be historic for certain.

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  • Gabor Zolna says:
    December 7, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    dynahog, I ride a Road King, and you hit it right on the head, impeachment won’t work, but it will show the American people that love this country, that Speaker John Boehner does have a set of you know what’s, and that he will, as will all of the Republican’s in the House of Representatives, show the American people that they do believe in justice and the Rule of Law.

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    • Ern says:
      December 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm
      Gabor, I have been reading your comments for some time now. Most times I tend to agree with you, however, this time I offer some advice. Dont hold your breath on this one.

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    • kibitzer2 says:
      December 7, 2012 at 10:34 pm
      Gabor (and others), please stop and think: The Republicans are not going to do for the American people this righting of the terrible wrong that has been done to the Republic; The People are going to have to do it for themselves. The reason being, because the Repubs were, by and large, obviously in on the scam from the git go. Recall that the Senate passed a resolution declaring that it was the sense of the Senate that McCain was a natural born citizen, and thus eligible to run for the office in the ’08 elections. And questions about Obama’s eligibility? Not a peep. It’s obvious that a quid pro quo was decided between the two main parties: We won’t say anything about your candidate if you won’t say anything about ours in the future; we’ll just slip this business by the American public, and, with our control between us of the MSM, we will get away with it. After all, look at all that we have already gotten away with…

    • The tipoff: both sides of the aisle tried a total of 8 times between 2003 and 2008 to get an amendment to the Constitution started through Congress on this very NBC issue; and all the attempts failed even to get out of committee. So these, The People’s representatives, just decided to do an end-around of the Constitution. Why else would all the Republican members of Congress stonewall to their constituents on this issue time and time again over these years?? Reality check: The fix was in. 

    • So they can’t be looked to. And the two parties appointed the judges who have been stonewalling on this issue in their courts of so-called law for years now (in some cases, so obviously a fraudulent decision as to be laughable if it weren’t so serious). So a coup has taken place. The Republic is hanging by a slender thread. The answer? The Usurper will have to be deposed, by a nonviolent, civil disobedient uprising of The People, Assembled; a march on Washington that will draw the attention of the entire country to this issue, that the majority is pretending not to see, in an update of the story of the emperor’s new clothes. They need to be MADE to see it. By citizens who will now stand up and say to power: Not on MY watch you won’t.

    • That is, if there are enough patriots left in the country.

    • Waiting to see the answer to that question…


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