Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More On Being Positive

1) @ 'Resignations, Arrests, and oh dear, too sick to be seen in public' - 11 Dec. (Reposted to 'One World Rising' on 12 Dec..  A large list of resignations & arrests of people - politicians and bankers - all over the world.  This site - from my previous email subscription to it from the Findhorn Foundation - posts me as 'Stan'):

D..This made my day..!!..I can feel things going on and intensely for about a month..
It is just nice to know what some of it is about..I have felt very uplifted today, even before reading any of this information..That is a good sign, right..?

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    Anonymous11 December 2012 13:59
    I wish I had your optimism. Things are taking too long and they might not even happen. We are about to find out if the Mayans prophecy manifests.

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    Anonymous11 December 2012 20:30
    Good! Now lets hope the dyke and daddy bush die a slow painful death. I am tired of waiting. It is time to arrest every member of the 3 branches of government and start hanging and shooting those responsible for the corruption of our government and economy. That includes the Fed and every registered member of the BAR. Public hangings and shootings before a firing squad leave an indelible image on those thinking of corrupting our great nation again. In addition public spanking with the prison pants around the ankles will cure the gang problem too. Every Friday night the whole community needs to gather downtown and watch the local gangbangers get their asses spanked raw in front of their homeys and everyone else.

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    Anonymous11 December 2012 20:57
    Agree wholeheartedly with ANON 20:30

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    Anonymous12 December 2012 14:35
    So let me get this straight. You want to bring yourself down to their level with an eye for an eye mentality? We are in the process sir, of rising above this 3D duality realm. Throw them out of office, absolutely. Try them for their crimes, certainly. But hanging them in the gallows only makes you one of them. Teach them, forgive them, and love them. They will never again be able to practice their twisted, malicious ways, so just let all the revenge energy go. It is no better than hatred, fear, or jealousy. It's time for humanity to rise above that.

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    Stan12 December 2012 18:04
    Agree with Anon @ 14:35. The Light is winning the day, folks. Let's not tarnish the breakthrough, with 'more of the same'. We're here to bring in a New World. That takes breaking old patterns, of simple action-reaction.

    Our job is to help humanity go neither to the Left nor to the Right. But Up.

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2) (posted at - 12 Dec.)

By Peter Russell
The ancient Chinese symbol for crisis, wei-chi, combines two elements: danger and opportunity. The danger is that if one continues to pursue approaches that are no longer working, then disaster is imminent. The opportunity is to let go of the old patterns and find new ways of being that unleash new, and possibly unforeseen, potentials.

The many global crises we are now facing are symptomatic of [a] set of values and mode of thinking that is no longer working. Our tools and technologies have given us unprecedented control of the world around us. We have thus fallen into the trap of believing that the path to human fulfillment lies in manipulating the world [around] us, manufacturing ever more things, and so creating ever more waste. This is clearly no longer working. Over consumption of resources and unbridled pollution of the oceans, atmosphere and soil are now threatening human civilization, if not humanity itself.

This approach also no longer works on an individual level. Despite all our burgeoning material comforts people as a whole are no happier than they were fifty years ago. The need to feel in control of events leads to greed, anxiety and fear, states of mind which, by their very nature, take us away from the peace and fulfillment we truly seek.

(Nice reminder, Peter.*  Thus are we on the cusp of a New Era.) 


* Peter Russell is the author of an important book of many years ago called 'The Global Brain', which helped define the concept of Gaia as a living entity.

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