Saturday, 15 December 2012

Of Tragedies And Times

I was just thinking about this subject today, on my walkabout to town and back, and came across these two e-newsletters on the subject, that I couldn't help commenting on.

It's self-explanatory, really.  Yes, the school shooting in Connecticut was tragic.  Terribly tragic.  And the larger terrible tragedy is that The People can't trust their government not to oppress them.

When we clear the matter up on that level - by a change in government, now; in the whole governmental setup (since both political parties are a part of the problem, not a part of the solution) - we treat the matter on the level that it needs to be treated on.

The first Comments thread was to a blog on Common Dreams titled 'The NRA's Wayne LaPierre Has the Blood of Connecticut Children on His Hands', by one Peter Dreier (Dec. 15); a professor of Politics at Occidental College, would you believe.  (I wonder if he is one of those Marxist professors that seem to have infested that place during Obama's days there???)

        Christopher Williams 7 hours ago
  • Gun control: if not now when?
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  • Shantiananda 7 hours ago

  • I agree that LaPierre is nothing but a a corporate lobbyist and uses fear and paranoia to enhance his NRA position. No doubt about it, but I doubt that the NRA will ever be " tamed". l
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    • Clayton Bagwell Shantiananda 6 hours ago

    • I agree, Shanti. The NRA may never be tamed. Is it because there is an underlying belief that an armed civilian population is more capable of resisting an oppressive government? I think that is at least partially the reason. That is a traditional belief of the United States and I believe a foundation stone for the NRA. But as deep as that tradition may be I would ask, where are the NRA members when the police are riding horses over peaceful protesters, shooting them with chemicals and beating them with clubs. Of course, the NRA members may not see that activity as being one of an oppressive government. Politics do get in the way, and maybe the NRA is full of those who condone police brutality in civil society. Just saying, it looks there has been reason enough for the NRA to get their guns out. And yet they don't. I don't think the NRA or their members' guns have much to do with what happened in Connecticut. After all, it is the United States' credo to bomb, burn, mutilate and kill thousands/millions of children the world over, and to re-supply their allies who engage in similar atrocities and crimes against humanity. Rather than calling for more repression of rights and more control by armed police, better to call for unity, and working class solidarity. We can use a change of consciousness so that we work together and exchange activities to meet the needs of one another, the needs of ourselves as a human organism. We have the technology to banish scarcity. We can step beyond the me first individual concept where the success of one depends upon the repression of others, into one wherein we contribute our actions to meet the needs of each other. ¡UBUNTU! "I am because we are!"
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      • Well put, Clayton  We really need to get to the root of the matter.  Well; roots.  There is the individual consciousness one.  But there is also, fundamentally, the issue that "an armed civilian population is more capable of resisting an oppressive government".  Both the Democrat and the Republican parties have shown an inclination towards despotism.  Nothing will change on the grass roots level until that tendency to unfettered power is eliminated.  

        The fish rots from its head.    
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2)  from One World Rising: 'Here we go…Didn't take long.'  on Dec. 15  re: the Connecticut school shooting.

They have nukes, chemical weapons, all kinds of things that can cause mass death. I don’t believe the govt cares that much whether individuals have guns. Most don’t know how to use them anyway.
I think it’s about creating fear and distraction from, probably, an imminent disclosure announcement.
Many many countries either don’t allow guns, or are stricter about their licensing than here in the U.S. Why don’t we see these scenarios happening there that the NRA etc keep yelling will happen if there’s gun control here? And “control” usually means stricter licensing, background checks, and not allowing assault weapons. I have NEVER heard a gun-control proponent saying it means “taking away” or “disallowing” guns. I think all this uproar, saying that’s the purpose of these shootings, is probably disinfo by the false-flag attacking illuminati to distract from the REAL reason they’re happening. It’s a great divide-and-conquer tactic, too. Trust me, if they want you dead, they’ll nuke you… not engage you in a battle out in front of your house. Sheesh.
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    December 16, 2012 at 2:40 am
    With all due respect: Can you possibly think of WHY you “have NEVER heard a gun-control proponent saying it means ‘taking away’ or ‘disallowing’ guns”?? Of COURSE some of those people/voices are well-intentioned. And, some aren’t.

  • History is replete with the information for succeeding generations that a government out to oppress its populace first takes away their ability to defend themselves. We’re not talking about nukes. We’re talking about people control. 

  • I think that you need to realize something, Annie. America is the last bastion for freedom of the individual from governmental oppression in the world. As America falls, so goes the world. THAT is why the issue is so crucial in this country.

  • No, not every mad shooting incident has involved the government in some direct way. (Although a truly intelligent government would have long ago put a stop to the medical-pharmaceutical complex’s creation of mentally disturbed people with their drugs and allopathic philosophy of health treatment.) And I agree, that that thinking can go too far, into the realm of paranoia. But the whole cultural thing is serving the agenda of those dark Forces who wish to control humanity for their own ends. And that, now, has to stop. Is, to stop. And those Forces are staging a last-ditch battle for their survival in their distorted version of reality. We need to love them – and leave them behind, as we now move out of their power field, into a new realm for ourselves and those of our brothers and sisters who are ready for the Shift – in consciousness – that is about to take place. That IS taking place, as we speak. And will go on for awhile. The Shift into the New. Where these sorts of questions – of self-defense and such – will no longer apply. For there IS ‘something new under the sun’. Watch. And become part of it.

  • You will be glad you did. And so will we all.

3) And this, my response today to a friend in the UK; to his email titled 'Obama kills more kids in Connecticut' (the photo was of BHO, looking grim):

Another lone gunman/shoots himself/school massacre? Just as Obama is again trying for (semi-auti) gun control. What are the odds?

When will Americans wake up? They've been sleeping through the deaths of 100,000s of overseas children -- now they're sleeping through the deaths of their own… having 'voted' in the Killer in Chief!!

Mr. Change Obama (and the psychos behind him) is behind this.

Cui Bono, as always...


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  • (my response)

  • A tricky call...

    Yes, 'cui bono'.  And, sometimes shit just happens.  In this case (and often in this country), it would appear that the kid was 'mentally disabled'.  I haven't found out yet what that means, precisely, in this instance.  But whatever the precise configuration of it, these brain disorders have been caused by the medical-pharmaceutical complex, and their indifference to the side effects of their drugs (SSRIs especially) and vaccines - which just so happen to 'benefit' the Power Elite, in their attempts to control The People.  And yes, some of those medicos are on the direct payroll of the Cabal powers; and have been for years.  MK-Ultra, and all that.  So whether this kid was under specific mind control or not - and yes, it does look suspicious, doesn't it, the timing and all - remains to be seen.  By a discerning public.  Who are, often, not given to such a feat, in their dumbed-down trance state.  

    Now if I were president......

    But enough of mental disabilities.


4)  wnd: 'Democrat Demands Obama Eligibility Hearing Now' ; subtitle: 'Case seeks decertification of Florida election results' - Bob Unruh -  Dec. 15 (reposted to, 'Fl. Democrat Demands Obama Eligibility Hearing Now' Dec. 15)  

G D Bryan jea2comments 7 hours ago
Why impeach him if he is not qualified to be sworn in in the first place. If he is not
qualified, he doesn't get sworn in. That doesn't require congressional action.

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  • Bob Jones G D Bryan 4 hours ago

  • GD Bryan...exactly, except besides not being sworn in, he would of necessity be taken into custody, along with Biden, Clinton, Reid, and Pelosi, for their individual and collective acts of Treason in that they knew/know Obummer is not eligible, and they allowed him, with their blessings, to usurp the Constitution by acts of Treason!!!
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    • Bob et al,

      I hope people here are beginning to get the whole picture. This is not just about the Democrats stealing an election by fraud and deceit. This involves the Republican Party as well, as co-conspirators in the crime of Obama's running for the presidency. They knew/know he was/is ineligible for that office. Both parties tried 8 times between 2003 and the '08 elections to get an amendment to the Constitution started through Congress on this very subject, of the NBC requirement for the offices of POTUS and VP; and they failed each time even to get their attempts out of committee. So they obviously made a deal: 'We won't say anything about your man if you won't say anything about anybody we might [will] put up for either office in the future. Between us and our mutual control of the MSM in this country, we will just stiff the American people - as long as we stay together on our deal - and the vast majority of them will get over it.'

      But some won't. Hopefully, enough to bring this thing to a head. Which it is nearing. And which means that it will no longer be 'business as usual' in this corrupted country; needing now a reset.

      Consider. Both political parties need to go before an honest court of law on RICO statutes. And The People need to face the fact of their loggerhead situation, socialists vs. individualists. The Left has been preparing for this; they have always known that sooner or later they would be called on Obama's ineligibility - by enough power to break the 'ridicule' paint job on 'birthers' - and it would mean civil war. (Why do you think that Obama has kept all the executive-branch dictatorial rulings in place that Bush Jr. helped to put INTO place, when the NeoCon fascists wanted to take over, in THEIR version of a New World Order???) So here we are: all of that scenario coming to a head. For what??

      For a breakthrough for humanity, into a New Order of the Ages. Only not the one that the Illuminati and their cohorts in various secret societies believe in. That is part of the process we have been involved in of getting here, to this Synthesis Point. A crowning point for humanity, by which to leave the old behind, and enter into the REAL New. The New Age. A Golden Age. Which, by whatever name, would smell as sweet.

      It's a bit of a story, too long to be gone into here. Suffice it to say here that the stage is set for a major breakthrough, as all of humanity faces a move neither to the Left nor to the Right. But Up. To a new level of consciousness, by which to live our lives, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - now to be released, for a higher classroom.

      It's graduation time, folks. And we will meet together on the other side of the barricade. The barricade to lower-consciousness, 3D living, in Wars, and Want, and such.

      It's time, that is to say, to let the old go. The old monetary system, e.g.; which is about to collapse in on itself anyway. Having served its purpose; but no longer fit FOR purpose. And the old political system; and so forth. A clean sweep; inaugurating the New Era.

      And just in time, by the looks of things.
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1 comment:

CaMaven said...

My response to an article on gun control and "Obama's" "tears" over Newton shootings

Nonsense. "Obama" is cynically exploiting it to the max, for his gun grabbing policies, which he is attempting via the UN, Congress, executive orders, state and local regulations. He doesn't believe in the Second Amendment, nor the Constitution which contains it.

The Sandy Hook School tragedy is very sad. Lives were needlessly destroyed. Offering up the Constitution as a sacrifice will not solve the problem. let's address root causes instead.

But first, a few interesting points:

1. Connecticut has the 5th toughest gun laws in the nation

2. The school is a "gun-free: zone

3. It appears the murderer had severe emotional problems, not addressed

4. it appears the school's security was lax.

5. Gun deaths per capita have dropped in the USA, even as gun laws have loosened and gun ownership has soared.

6. Guns are not the only tool used for murders, by far.

7. In countries where guns were abolished, gun crime almost invariably increases. Often that crime is by the government itself- ref: USSR, Nazi Germany, N. Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, China, etc.

Three purposes of the Second Amendment (in priority sequence):

1. Defense against govt. oppression
2. Defense against other criminals
3. Hunting and recreational use.

Root causes of gun violence (in no special order)
1. Emotional/mental disturbance
2. Moral decay- greed, lack of respect for life, sense of entitlement, sadism, selfishness
3. Ideological insanity (Nazis, Soviets, Maoists,etc)
4. Legitimate self-defense

I think that things would work better if all Americans again underwent militia training, including proper use of guns, including mechanics, morality and justification for use. That was one of the original intentions of the Second Amendment. This would also be a good opportunity to screen out the nuts, or at least identify them.