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Fron A Purist To A Realist - Or...???

I'm beginning to feel the concrete cracking around my feet...

1) My response to a WorldNetDaily blog by Larry Klayman on 7 Dec. titled 'The Good Virgin's Birther Case', about a court case in Alabama where Larry - a former Justice Dept. prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch -  attempted to get the court to force that state's Secretary of State to do her job, and verify that Obama was eligible (or not) to be placed on the state's presidential ballot: 

Jax Bryan
Is this satire?  Because if this is an honest and true article, the attorney handling this case needs to be disbarred instead of wasting time with nonsense.  
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I'm not precisely sure to what 'satire' in this matter you are referring, Jax, since the satire about an honest hearing in an honest court of law being given such short shrift is so overwhelming as to boggle the mind and take all precedence of attention.  But if you are referring to the original application, as it would appear that you are, then either you don't understand the issue and its severity as regards the rule of law in this country, or you are a troll.
If you sincerely want to know what this is all about, I'll be happy to respond.  If you don't, then I'm sure that you have more important things to do than make fun of people's honest attempts to get some justice in this country regarding constitutional matters - matters, that is to say, of the utmost importance.  
Or don't you care about the rule of law???       
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 Sadly, kibitzer, you're one of those who are fighting the rule of law, contesting it without end.  Sore loser doesn't begin to describe your position and your attitude.  "The Rule of Law" is a joke coming out of your mouth/keyboard.
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(I chose not to respond to 'MrPlutodog' because I didn't sense that he really cared about the definition of a 'natural born citizen' that was in the minds of the Framers when they included that requirement in the Constitution; and which requirement (and definition) has never been amended, although that 'route' was tried 8 times between 2003 and '08, in the House, mostly, and mostly, but not exclusively, by Democrats.  Obviously, both major political parties just decided to give up on that avenue to accomplish their end and do an end-around of the Constitution, and hope that they could get away with it; ignoring sticklers for details like me.  No; not just ignoring them.  But ridiculing them, to attempt to get them to go away.  Not likely…but to get the public to ignore them that way - ah.  They scored there.)


...but the plot thickens, as they say:

2) My email response to author Michael Le Mieux re: his NewsWithViews blog of 8 Dec. laying out in detail all the areas that the federal government - more precisely, the Executive branch; but with Legislative, and Judicial,  collusion - have exceeded their mandate under the Constitution: 

8 December

Dear Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for your NewsWithViews column of today, 'US Government v Constitution'.

Like many Americans, I'm sure, I never realized the rot was this bad.  I just assumed that the Congress had, over the years, worked out a relationship with the Constitution through various Supreme Court decisions primarily involving the Commerce Clause - and if there were anything really terrible going on, the Republicans would have made a big stink about it.  Little did I realize how involved they were with a lot of it, for their own (mostly economic) purposes.

It's a sad, sad story.  And here I am, making a big fuss about Obama not being eligible to be in the presidential office because he doesn't qualify under the NBC requirement...I imagine a lot of Democrats - and Republicans - shake their heads over people like me, who just don't get it - that the Constitution was left behind years ago, and the occasional 'constitutional' issue that comes up for adjudication by the SCOTUS is just a bit of Kabuki theatre for the American 'audience'; a bit of Let's Pretend play-acting going on, just to satisfy appearances.

Disgusting stuff.

But - not being a 'realist', rather a fundamentalist, or 'purist' - I will soldier on.  Because I must.

As I 'get' that you must also. 

Thanks for your service in this regard, 'Comrade'  ( :-) )     

'Stan' Stanfield   


So: Whither to go, with this conundrum.

'Tiz a puzzlement.  On the one hand, I know where I want to go with it.  I want justice to be served; and its immediate face would look like:

* The People, Assembled around the White House and the Capitol would - in a show of nonviolent civil disobedience - force the Usurper to vacate the office (with an apology to the American people, and an explanation granted if he wished), and dissolve the Congress - both Houses - for not doing their constitutional duty and reigning in a rogue executive, and further, for being an accessory to and after the fact of the Usurper's nominations in both 2008 and 2012;

* an Officer of The People - appointed by Them - to clean house of the Executive branch of all those 'public servants' who have not been doing their proper job, have had vested interests at work (which includes perhaps most prominently the Attorney General and his officers);

* and all of the laws that the Usurper signed into law being declared null and void.
     A new Congress to start all over again.  Or - 

is this the end of the line, for all that sort of thing, anyway???...1 


1) Ascension is upon us.  A New Era.  A New Dawn.  A Golden Age.  Wherein such forms are no longer necessary, because we are going to move beyond them - on Gaia, at least.  Who ascends with us.  (Or rather, that we ascend with Her.  As our entire Solar System ascends, at this remarkable - and cosmologically aligned - time.)  And those who fail to make the grade - fail the consciousness test - will just have to go elsewhere, on a timeline still carrying them in 3D, and left to their devices there, of a continuation of the consciousness-raising process - the whole point of the exercise; of 'life' in 3D/duality, in order to grow sufficiently, through the exercise of their gift of free will, to move on (into 4-5D at first); as many will now.  And they will have to work with this clean-up spirit as best they can; but it no longer concerns the rest of us.   

2) Where would one draw the line, on cleaning up the corruption 'in high places' - specifically, in the American federal government??2  It turns out that apparently George Bush Sr. was ineligible for the presidency as well; with a real family name of Scherff, and having come from Germany.  Not to go into all those details; just to look at the ramifications, of cleaning up after the Obama debacle.  Some American citizens will say, of Obama's attempted deposition: 'Where's fairness here?  If Obama is declared ineligible, you need to declare George Bush Sr. ineligible as well.  And what about all those reports of Bush/Rove stealing the 2004 election??'  And on and on it will go.3  As I say: Where would one draw the line, on the cleanup???

I think the answer is to acknowledge it all; learn the lessons; and then let it all go, as we move on and up, with the Creator's gift of Grace in the release of karma, here at the end of the 3D drama, drawing abruptly to a close.  

Which releasing would include that of a reopening of the investigation into 9/11, with all the evidence that has come to light since that terrible event, and how it served the agenda of the NeoCons, in their plans for hegemony in the Middle East.  And a reopening of the investigation into the JFK assassination, with all the evidence that has come to light regarding that atrocity.  And the OKC Murrah Building bombing.  And the Gulf of Tonkin incident.  And.  And.  And……

A truth & Reconciliation session would feel appropriate.   Other than that - beyond that - it feels as though

it's time.  To release involvement in The Play.  Wrap it up. 

And move on.

With far more important matters to attend to, than aspects of the 3D drama that we have been engaged in.

For long enough, now. 

And - as I have said - almost too long, now.4     

Thanks, Founding Fathers of the American experiment in 'individuation' - in self-government and self-responsibility - and constitutional Framers, for getting us here.  With your help, we made it.

Barely.  Limping to a conclusion.  But intact.

And ready for our next adventure, in the realms of The Ineffable One; in whom, and by whom, we live and move and have our Being, as fractals - divine sparks - holographic Parts - of the One Source of All.

With whom I have a bone to pick, about how it all ended; and my sense of justice, and integrity, sorely tested, by the terms of The Play, and the designs of The Playwright…

…Who was probably - considering how these things go - Us.   :-)


1 Perhaps in part directly echoing a prescient warning by Founder and Framer and elder statesman, Benjamin Franklin; to wit: "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."  

2 Not to mention the corruption of the world's monetary system.  But it will have succumbed, too, to the spiritual pressure that is upon Humanity, to Ascend at this time.  Falling away like the training wheels - of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking - that they are, and have been.  For long enough, now.  As we move into a state of Abundance, with the likes of free energy devices, and instant healing techniques, and so forth.  
     Including any devices and other support that the Galactics and the Celestials (celebrating with us our Emancipation from the 3D matrix in which we have been embedded for almost - almost - too long now) give us, as they now announce themselves, through an act of Disclosure.  Which completes the process of unfolding that we have been involved in.  Unfolding, into the New Age, long mooted.  Now here. 

3 As to the threat of race riots in many cities 'if anybody dares touch Obama': I consider the idea repugnant, and insulting to black Americans.  It is saying that they are too stupid to understand the facts as they would be assembled for such an event even to be attempted to take place.  Now, I understand that there would be some ideologues - leftists, who have put Obama into his position of power, with the intention of making a 'fundamental transformation of America'/of imposing a socialist state on America - who would act as firebrands, and try to stir up trouble; as in past such socio-political scenarios in the world.  But we are facing a New Era; and that fact would be part and parcel of the whole process, of trying to get to a proper Completion of the human drama, draw it to a close on a note of Justice having been served.
     At least, that would be my ideal.  Purist that I am.  Basically.

4 I,e., by allowing ourselves to stumble into a World War III; with obscene injury not only to ourselves but to Gaia, and to our galactic - and very possibly, interdimensional - neighbors.
     And on the other side of that political coin - i,e., from the 'fascist' side - seen America possibly descend - via a mesmeric leader on the Left, and its takeover by a mass of people who want 'the government' to take care of them/their needs; single mothers, and illegal aliens, and students wanting a free tertiary education, and the weak-willed in general (a reflection of their lack of self-esteem), and minorities of all kinds; feeling overlooked by the former majority (a truth to some extent; since there is truth on both sides of the dialectic) - into socialism (or outright communism), with its enslavement of the individual to the collective, through taking from some - by the force of the state - to give to others...
     America; the primary champion of the individual in the world, historically 'then' and now...Far too many Americans seem not to understand the fundamental difference between individualism and socialism, where individualism honors the autonomous, sovereign individual, responsible for his/her own personal and soul's progress; and socialism, which treats the individual as merely an integer, in service to the state as the sovereign, like a King or Priest or Oligarchy of old.  The arrival of America on the historical scene was to herald the arrival of a new era, which championed the Individual - and thereby, helped lift him/her out of the mold (in the minds of all) of simply a cipher, a peasant or a serf or a subject; for each of us to become. or at least cognize, that special, spiritual Being of Light that we are in essence; to rise up out of our aeonic chains and claim our true heritage.  That's why I say: Just in time, apparently......
     Not to say that there isn't value in the quality of cooperation, rather than competition, and feeling 'together, as one' insisted of separate, as distinct individuals.  But as fellow souls on the spiritual path.  Not as slaves to the almighty state.   Been there.  Done that.  It's time for something new.
     Time for the crowning Synthesis, of the historical process.  Taking us neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.

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