Monday, 24 December 2012

Back To Source

Post-December 21, 2012, when a lot of people were looking to some sign of Ascension to 'a better place;' a thought or two:

'Sandy Hook' was a key element in such a possible transition.  It helped bring illumination to a fundamental issue.1  To wit:

We have created a society - a now-obviously extremely dysfunctional society - wherein we are acting as if there is no 'God', no larger reality than just linear third-dimensional life.  Our default position as a society is atheistic.  Thus we are cut off from our roots - have cut ourselves off from our roots.  With a lot of help, by identities and forces - what the Bible calls 'principalities and powers' - who wish to maintain the 'dark'; for that is what they feed on.  To say, the energy of the aligned emotions that they feed off of, of fear, rage, lust, and so forth.  The opposite of the emotions of a more positively-illumined nature, of love, peace, harmony, joy, and so forth.  

It is a battle, that is about to be over, now, with the End of History as we have known it.  And the Dark Forces are not only angry about that.  But terrified.  For it is not only the end of their rule.  But the end of them as entities, and energies.  Of, as the expression has it, 'principalities and powers'.  Until they realize the role they have been playing; and come over to the Light side.  By their free will choice.  As we - those of us who have been compos mentis - have all had, in our sojourn in the 3D school of hard knocks; now, having served its purpose, coming to an end.  That end signaled by the culminating obscenity - the seeming senselessness - of the massacre of innocents at Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook revealed to all of us our dark side: that which can manifest when connection with the Light is lost.  A person such as Adam Lanza has, through whatever all environmental factors, lost their connective link with Spirit - with the Spirit that still pervades them, since it is the very stuff of life itself; it's just the conscious link that has been 'calcified'.  And I use the term literally as well as figuratively.

The pineal gland is our link with the Tree of Life.  (The ancient Sumerians knew this; it's depicted in their drawings.)  It is built like an eye - thus the ancient terminology, and understanding, of the Third Eye in the middle of the forehead.  If the pineal gland be clouded, so is the link with higher consciousness; blocking our link with transcendent visions and intuitions.  What could cause the pineal gland to become beclouded??

For one thing: fluoride.  Fluoride is known to calcify the pineal gland.  For another: pharmaceuticals.      (The root meaning of a group of Greek words including 'pharmakeia' is 'druggist, ' poisoner', or 'giver of potions'; also known as 'sorcerer' - meaning a stimulator of hallucinations and/or visions.)  And especially pharmaceuticals with a base containing fluoride.  And - guess what: Prozac is known chemically as fluoxetine.  Has a fluoride base.  

We have also been subject to 'sorcerers' who know of other means of Mind Control.  But  I don't want to get bogged down in all that sort of discussion here.  I want to keep it clearly on the basic issue of humanity's link with its transcendental identity - and with each other, as units, fractals, facets of One Divine Source.

A thinker, healer and counselor by the name of Paul Levy has spoken beautifully of all this, including of how we are all part of one underlying field,2  and need to recognize ourselves in all the actions that other parts of ourselves engage in - and how those actions can help drive us to total Illumination.  Thus:

"We can all potentially fall prey to evil…Evil has then become the inspiration and stimulator for lucidity and compassion.  It is as if encoded in evil, however horrible its manifestation, is a personal invitation, addressed to all of us, to wake up."   

This is from a remarkable essay of his entitled 'The Sandy Hook Horror: Will It Wake Us Up From Our Collective Nightmare?'  (  Wherein he also incisively pointed out: "We typically think of illumination as seeing the light, but seeing the darkness is a form of illumination as well." 

May we all be illumined by the events transpiring in our day, to help us awaken to our larger identity; as our true, Higher Selves, and as each other, in the drama, the dream, of 3D life; now drawing to its conclusion, for our coming awake to that very fact.

For who would want to continue playing - over and over and monotonously over again - parts in a drama in the staged realm of duality, when they could claim their own Self - and ultimately become a real Creator in their own right?  In direct connection/conscious alignment with their ineffable, awesome, magnificent Source??

In whom we actually live and move and have our being.  Not in this 3D hologram, this matrix, this illusion, this poor attempt at a reality; this verisimilitude of the real thing.

Just waiting for us to throw off the shackles of 3D life and enter the golden Kingdom that is our true birthright.  Where there is no Want; only Abundance.  Of the All That Is.



1) Dec. 21 2012 was, numerological speaking, an 11, which stands for. carries the energetic quality of, Illumination.

2 "Recognizing the underlying field - of which we are all expressions, as well as contained in and connected by - cuts through any sense of separation between ourselves and the whole universe.  From the point of view of the field, everything is seamlessly connected with everything else in such a way that there is no separation anywhere.
     "Recognizing the field gives us an expansion of consciousness in which we recognize our kinship, interdependence and interconnectedness with each other and all living, sentient beings, including the shooter.  We are each reflections of one another, dream characters in each other's dream…" And he concludes this strain of thought with the observation that "the energetic expression of this realization is compassion." 
     Also known as Reverence For All Life.  Treating everything as part of One Supreme Being.


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