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The Gun Problem: Perspectives

1) tea party c.c.: 'Obama, Admin quietly let school security funds lapse' - John Solomon and Kimberly Dvorak, Dec. 16; posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee

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I'm rather disappointed at this Comments thread on this subject at this site.  Have the so-called conservatives in this country decided that if you can't beat'em, join 'em???  The federal government has no business spending federal tax dollars on this sort of thing.  Schools are local and state issues.  No wonder the federal government is bankrupt.  'Everybody' has been seduced into being part of the problem - wanting their own piece of pork; 'since it's going to be passed out anyway', I guess is the thinking.

That is not the sort of thinking that is going to get this country back to its basics, and out of the hole that it has dug for itself.  Come on, Conservatives.  You can do better than this.  A wholesale returning to the Constitution is what is needed.  Or the sky's the limit, on federal spending.  

Oh - and yes: a major overhaul of the role that the federal government has played in pushing for the medical-pharmaceutical-complex policies that have led to these sorts of tragedies, i.e., the ignoring of the deleterious side effects of various drugs and vaccines.  A Mind Control agenda has been put in place, by our erstwhile Keepers. (Ever hear of MK-Ultra??) It's time to get to the root of these sorts of tragedies, and apply an ounce of prevention.  Otherwise, we are reduced to the ineffective response of just going around putting out fires.  While the arsonists snicker in the background.

Fundamentals, folks.  The fundamentals.    


2) to post titled 'The Solution to our Nation's 'Gun Problem'' by Gary DeMar on Dec. 15 at Political Outcast (Disqus Digest of Dec. 16):

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago   (Dec. 16)

Rather than just "public executions to send a message," any same society should be looking more closely at the huge increase in the mentally unstable in its midst. Long story short: this is in large part due to the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex's policies of ignoring the deleterious side effects of various drugs and vaccines, which are causing all or most of this epidemic. It also plays into the hands of the MK-Ultra crowd, those members of the Ruling Cabal that operate its mind control warfare; designed to increase pressure for the public to demand safety measures, to be ultimately in the form of a declaration of Martial Law, and despotic takeover of the country, to corral it into the New World Order of our erstwhile Masters.

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Look to the man behind the curtain;        stop focusing on what's going on on the screen of our public awareness.  


3) 2012: What's the Real' Truth?:   Dec. 17  (a 'what if' by Jon)

3 Responses to !!!!!! Three armed women teachers shot Adam Lanza in a classroom – by Jon Rappaport
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  • Ilex says:
    December 17, 2012 at 10:13 pm
    Great article. Let’s not forget that the psychotropic drugs keep the big pharmas in business which in turn keep the politicians wealthy too. Now add the MK Ultras and you’ve got the perfect storm.

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  • stunnedatsunset says:
    December 17, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    General post,

  • I haven’t any truck with Jon Rappoport. His logic is exceptionally clear and concise and his reasoning is as lucid as it is absolute. It’s just that after reading through an essay of such gravity, I’m left with the impression that all is lost. Our future, indeed, seems bleak and it would seem that the only resolution that could possibly alleviate the anguish of pending enslavement is a blood-thirsty, apocalyptic civil uprising. That must surely take down the lives of the elite and all of their minions as a consequence of their cheap antagonistic foreplay, elseways, whatever could we do but lay down and die?

  • Is there any possible way that we might frame these observations in a more positive “LIGHT?” As my own son continually tells me, I live in a world of fantasy and am reluctant to deal with “Reality.” This, he contends, is how it is. People live and people die. What an incredible message of hope–I say to myself–the poor fellow doesn’t even realize how deep the wound he has suffered IS, trapped inside of the meme imposed upon all of us by the guardians of Oceana.

  • We come to this site by the thousands each day to read the alternative news and to seek the truth. We leave our comments by the hundreds–expository annotations defining our beliefs, our understanding of the issues, our informed opinion, or just our worldview. And yet, are their any of us who can reconcile the articles of our immediate reality with the Truth that we sometimes discover to be so awkward and even distressing?

  • Look for the bad in humankind an so you shall find it in great abundance.

  • Can anything be said to amend the Truth in Jon Rappoport’s observations and informed opinion and thereby move the momentum of his words towards a future expectation that might have, as its injunction, a “World without end?” Might we not conceive of an altogether alternate reality in which the All-Mind grants our convictions an empowerment of resolution–of peace, prosperity, and–most of all–of a social context in which all these annoying connotations of race, religion, creed, ethnic dissimilarities, and what have you enjoy absolutely NO value as a distinction worthy of our scrutiny.

  • Jesus Christ! I want this caustic flow of blood to stop. Don’t you? It is eating its way into our heart light and I imagine that you do want this every bit as much as me because I “feel” your thoughts as they race together with those of my own. You’re all tired of “the challenge,” aren’t you. Yes, I think you are. We have all become weary and this paradigm has become TIRESOME!

  • If we are ONE, and The ONE is the All-Mind capable of so much creative force, is it rational to cast our thoughts toward some KIND of human action that could conceivably augment a “coming conflict” of humankind so profound and so violent, the blood must flow and humans die by the multimillions? I think not. Better to KNOW that you are GOD and to consider the moments of your heartfelt consideration for the beauty that you CREATE to have much greater value to the logic of your reasoning than the destruction of that which you see as a mistake made in innocence. Better to be GOD and to “build” than to capitulate to the nothingness and destroy what little you have managed to gather to your breast.

  • It isn’t our fault is it? It’s just the role we chose to play.

  • In the end, such a choice must fall upon each one of us as we contemplate our company in the presence of those who must surely love us or abide by the empty, cold, dark, unfathomable loneliness that is the product of our own intellectual abstraction.

  • We must chose a life of gratitude or one submerged in oblivion. Think on this, my darlings. Please? Think on this.

  • Love and Light,
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    December 17, 2012 at 11:37 pm
    Thanks for posting this, Jean. A little sanity can go a long way.

  • As for SaS’s request for us to “(t)hink on this”. I think we’re getting there. I think that people are getting so sick of such tragedies that they are being driven deeper into their hearts, and making a breakthrough, by saying, in pain and desperation, ‘There HAS to be a better way than this. There just HAS to be more to life than this sort of madness. I know that there are religions, but they just seem to divide us. Isn’t there some way to get to the TRUTH of things??’ And indeed, lo and behold: there is.

  • We are fortunate to live at a time that science has caught up with spirituality, and is showing us that there are more, far more dimensions than just this 3D one we currently inhabit. We are also fortunate to live at a time – in particular with modern medical treatments that can help people ‘come back from the dead’ and report on their experiences – that the evidence, exposed to the wider ‘us’ in videos and books and studies, for the fact of reincarnation is overwhelming; and thus, for the fact that there is a Plan to our lives, that we are involved in; and therefore, that there is a Purpose to the whole shebang. That Life, then, indeed has a Purpose, beyond just in and for itself only. And so, shouldn’t we be living as if that were indeed the case; and not as if it were not, as we are currently doing, in our ignorance of such truths?? Living a default position of mere materiality…

  • I won’t go into this any further, here. I’m just saying that we have the ability to think our way out of the box that we have been in (long enough, now). And feel our way out of it. By just such tragedies as this one; that help us break through into our real beings. Not just the parts that we play on the physical plane. To break through into connection with our God Self; where – as SaS says – we are all One. And understand that truth. And really get it.

  • And now act on that understanding. Because we need to. 

  • And because it is time to.

...and then a late entry to this discussion came creeping in, knocking me out of my heart space  Steve Beckow, a Canadian who runs a blog site called The 2012 Scenario, and an admitted Obama fan (who will brook no oppositional pov to that admiration on his site, so his message is, Don't even try), posted on it today a personal note about the shooting tragedy in Connecticut (following right on from an anti-gun message by Michael Moore on the subject).  Steve just doesn't get the American 'fascination' with guns: Canadians don't have them, and all is okay there; etc. etc.  That seems to be the extent of his historical perspective on the matter: a benign socialistic/paternalistic state, no major threat to its citizens.

I am overegging his position here a little, but to make my point: Steve thinks that left-wing dictatorship is okay, it's just those nasty right-wingers who want "wealth and power" that people need to be wary of.  A left-wing dictator at least just wants "benevolence and compassion" to rule.

Right.  Just ask those millions who were slaughtered by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.  Ask those further millions - millions - who were slaughtered by Mao Zedung and his 'agrarian reformers'.  

I say bah, Steve.  Not baa-baa.

Yes, we need now to move beyond 'guns'.  But in the right way.  And no, I don't mean in the Right way; except as in honoring the individual over the power of the state to run his life for him.  The way that the American Founders were trying to help humanity think, in making the individual the sovereign over his life; and therefore, responsible for his life.  Not the state.

Perhaps I should cut you some slack in this regard, since you are a Canadian, and didn't grow up in this country, weren't exposed to such thinking in your primary and secondary education.  But then, neither were many American children themselves; exposed as they have been to leftist thinking for years and years now in this country, in the public education system.  On purpose.  By socialist ideologues, trying to create a - the - New Man.

What the former USSR called the New Soviet Man.

Didn't quite make it, there.

And I hope they don't quite make it here, either.

No thanks to 'useful persons' like well-meaning Canadians.

Ascension can't come soon enough.  We're about to tip over into one side of a dynamic equilibrium; on its way to being catalyzed onto a new level of the dialectic equation.  For humanity to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.

The catalyst being Love.

And not Love with an agenda.  Other than to help us individuated souls get back to Unity with our Source; the Father/Mother God Who is the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  

Not the fool's gold of material-level thinking, where Force rules the day.  The Force - in the end - of the state.

You have a piece of the Truth, Steve.  But only a piece of it. 

Beware that it doesn't have teeth, and bite you.

You have been lucky.  So far. 

Far enough. 


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