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The Dead Letter (Of The Constitution)

Another day; another day of despond, at a time when I should be in a celebratory mood…

I have nearly finished reading Catherine Drinker Bowen's magnificent book on the Constitutional Convention in the long summer of 1787 in Philadelphia.  It will be interesting to see if I finish it before the Constitution itself is finished.  It is already barely anything but a dead letter; hanging by a thread.  But, to see what happens, to finish it off for good.

And in saying 'for good' I mean to have a double meaning to it.  To say: whether some good comes from all this outrageous activity remains to be seen.  And that 'outrageous activity' includes the incarceration of a good man and true.

A major nail in its coffin, for me - or perhaps I should say, considering the reference, a lieutenant colonel nail -  was when I read that the judge at Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's court martial pre-hearings - the officer appearing in said court for not deploying as ordered until he could be assured that his Commander in Chief was actually eligible to stand in that position of authority over him, and from whom he ultimately was to take orders - said that she was ruling against his request for 'discovery' (his legal right to see the documentation in question) because she didn't "want to embarrass the president".  

Excuse me?  Would you run that judicial rationale by me, and the American people, again please, Judge?1

And speaking of judges: closer to the completion of the job, of the nailing shut of the coffin of the Constitution, for me has been the various rulings of various judges against lawsuits brought by various citizens in attempts to get the Occupier of the office either to have to prove his bona fides - by releasing a true copy of his LFBC - or, cutting directly to the chase after him through the court system, to be declared ineligible by his own admission, because he does not meet the requirement of the Constitution in being a 'natural born citizen', i.e., one born of citizen parents, plural.2  These various judges have shown their unfitness for their jobs by stating things like they were convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii, case dismissed ('But Your Honor, that's not the - '  'Case dismissed. Next'), or, even more outrageously, that they were convinced that Obama was a, quote, "citizen," and therefore case dismissed, on those grounds alone.
This is not justice.  This is tyranny.  And it should not be allowed to stand.  Nor should it have been put up with all this time, by the American citizenry.

Who seem to have been, in general, asleep at the switch of their country from a nation ruled by law to a regime ruled by a despot, and his despotic minions.

All of this, happening on the cusp of major change, in any event.  The change from 3D life to a higher level of consciousness.  Consider:   

* the world's monetary system is about to collapse.  (And just in time, it would appear.)  To be replaced by a higher-consciousness one.  Until we release such modes of being altogether, and move further into the New Era awaiting us.  On the back (as I have shared before here) of transitioning to it through a system of sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of a more spiritually advanced motive than the profit one of old, now to be put to rest.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of , in a word: Love.
     That new-look society occasioned, not just by Time, but by proofs in our time that there is, indeed, 'something more than Man'.  Such proofs including

* Many evidences - through books, videos, studies - of the truth of reincarnation; and therefore, of the truth that there is Plan in and Purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only.  That we are not only our physical selves, in the moment; but that We Are One Another.  Just playing parts in a physical-plane drama; in order, obviously, to gain awareness, and grow in consciousness.  And in being One Another, it takes only a small step in awareness from that basis to understand that, therefore, We Are All One, on some level.  On some level of fundamental Being.  As sons and daughters of One Divine Source.  And therefore, that we are, ultimately, One with Our Source; when we make it back, through the levels of Consciousness, to total Unity.  
     This understanding of 'who we are truly'  - i.e., as sparks of the One Divine Source - to be enhanced now with the advent of

* Disclosure - the Contact with our Galactic and Celestial neighbors; here to celebrate with us in our moving up a notch of consciousness into a higher level of reality; the process being known as

* Ascension.  Happening in a process, with a basic window of Experience on December 21 of this year.  Coinciding with the cosmological Ascension going on at the same time.

Not to go into all this in detail here.  Just to say, here and now, that

yes, the Constitution will, indeed, fall away.  

But on the right terms.

And the 'terms' of the likes of lying, and cheating, and stealing will not suffice to make that happen, the way it needs to happen.

Which is to honor the Founders.  Not dishonor them.

And then, as many of us Humans as are ready can move up, in the presence of the Light of Illumined Consciousness.  In the Light, that is to say, of The Christ.

Not any lesser being.



1)  And the free-press media in the country reported this widely, in indignant tones, and the people of the nation rose up as one and defended this honorable man's honor, and had his sentencing to prison commuted; the judicial system of the nation dissolved for the same sort of highhanded treatment of civilian citizens seeking similar justice regarding the matter; the Usurper and budding emperor dethroned; and The People lived happily ever after - right?  Right?? 
     What's wrong with this picture???…
     As to the specific 'picture': I won't name this judge here, not wanting to embarrass her.  But just to say, that her name deserves to live in infamy.  -
     - until it is realized that this injustice, specific and in general, was supposed to happen.  For whatever reason, or reasons.
     It will be interesting to find out, in the end, what that is, or they are.   
     Incidentally; on this specific: Terry Lakin's book on this whole thing - titled 'Officer's Oath'; subtitled 'Why My Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded That I Sacrifice My Career' - summarized (in a section entitled 'General Timeline of Terry's Case') this female judge's position thusly:
     * "(I)n the two pre-trial hearings the convening authority (equivalent of a civilian judge) stated immediately that it was her opinion that Barak [sic] Obama is the legal president and therefore all evidence to the contrary was disallowed.
     * "Therefore during the pre-trials and the actual court-martial former LTC Lakin was not allowed to present one element of evidence in his defense.  All witnesses of any type were denied.  All depositions were denied.  All requests for documents were denied."   (p 271)
     There was ample leadup to all this (no one was caught short of sufficient deliberation on the matter):
     * "For more than two years LTC Lakin pursued the issues through every standard military procedure to which [he] had access.  In every case he was ignored or stonewalled, even in procedures where responses were legally or procedurally required.
     * After exhausting every avenue available to him he chose to disobey a direct order to deploy ('Missing Movement') and invite his own court martial with the hopes of forcing some evidence into the open through the normal processes of discovery.  This decision was based largely on Obama's direct order to deploy troops [the Afghanistan 'surge']."   (pp 270-1)  
     Note: while Lakin was in prison for his efforts, Obama released what he purported to be a copy his of long form, vault-copy birth certificate; in part because of the Terry Lakin 'case'.
     That document has proven to be a forgery.
     Got that?
     Like the man himself.  

2) And also the legitimate question about the location of his birth, because part of the original definition of a NBC, along with that of 'jus sanguinis' - i.e., born 'of the blood' - was also the requirement of 'jus soli' - born ' of the soil'.  But that factor became a red herring, because it doesn't matter if he was in fact born in Kenya or not: by not having been born of two U.S. citizen parents, he was ineligible from the git-go; people did, and do, not have to look any further than that.
     Not so's the Republican Party would seem to have noticed.  Or continue to...funny, that.
     Or undoubtedly not.
     All of this sort of thing to come out into a court of law?  Including the facts about 9/11??  And about the OKC Murrah Building bombing?  And the Gulf of Tonkin incident?  And the assassination of JFK?  And....and...and...???
     Justice will be done, in a just 'world'; that's for sure.  Whatever form it will take, I'm not sure.  Only of the result.    

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