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Keeping One's Eye On The Ball

subtitled: How Far Can I Throw Thee...  
(N.B. A more sedate subtitle would be 'Rising To The Occasion'; but I am feeling a bit frisky right at the moment.  Bear with me my little squalls.  They, too, shall pass away.)

This may be my last posting on this subject.  I seem to be flogging a dead horse.  But in the interests of my integrity, I will say this; and then move on.  Otherwise, I run the risk of wiping today's citizens' noses in the mess they have made; and I don't want to do that.  I mollify myself by thinking: 'Cut them some slack.  They operate mostly from ignorance.  Not innate darkness.'  I am referring, of course, to the debacle of the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency of the United States - not just once, but, insult to injury, for a further term.

And therein hangs a tale: the telling of the story of the founding of the American Republic.

I won't go into the Declaration of Independence, and the Revolutionary War.  Most current American citizens know at least something about all that.  I would like, rather, to go briefly into the story of the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the late spring, summer and on into the early fall of 1787.  I am reading 'Miracle at Philadelphia,' Catherine Drinker Bowen's masterfully detailed reconstruction of that event (down even to the terrible swarm of flies in the city, but their 'lightening' by the likes of fireflies in the albeit sweltering evenings).  And I am marveling at the painstaking work that the delegates engaged in, hammering out - line by line, detail by detail - a legal document (a veritable contract) that they could all finally agree to (large states and small states; manufacturing states and farming states; slave states and abolitionists; etc. etc. etc. regarding their differences); and then, having risen admirably to the occasion (albeit with some fierce horsetrading going on now and then, flashing around the place - the State House itself and the various watering holes around town - like a quick summer storm), submit it for further scrutiny by each state in ratifying conventions; and coming up at last with a document to base a nation on.  A marvelous work, tediously teased out of their collective and conflicting wills and passions, and, ultimately, willingness to concede to a greater good; and thereby - through all this - gave their inestimable gift to humankind.  And all for - what, in the end.  

That Republic electing an ineligible candidate to its presidency.

Many of these current citizens, admittedly, not understanding the intricacies of the issue.  But most of them 'getting it'.  And the response?

A collective shrug of the shoulders.

A statement thereby.   Saying, in effect: So what.

Personally, I will not so break faith with the Founders.

I have a final message to the current generation of citizens, making up what they still attach the name to, of a constitutional republic; and then I suppose that I really must release my own will and passion on the subject, and move on.  My message is this:

You seem to have moved beyond the law into a sort of no-man's land.  How do you propose to govern yourselves there if you have no agreed-upon criteria, and each person decides for him- or herself which laws they will abide by and which ones they will simply ignore?  Or do you propose to do away with laws altogether, and have a sort of anarchical free-for-all??

Where the stronger win. As they will.  With that sort of consciousness reigning in your land...

I've got news for you, apparently.  Indeed, Man can live without laws.

But not with the level of consciousness that you are currently reflecting into your collective.

And with that admonishment, a closing word.  This is from the thread of an article at western center for journalism titled 'Sheriff Joe Arpaio Interview: Investigating Obama's Records, Part 1' - Daniel Noe - 5 Dec.

‘We the People’ have been deprived of our constitutional right to redress of grievence; said grievence being the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an ineligible candidate who knowingly, fraudulently represented himself as eligible then presented forged documents as purported evidence of his eligibility in a cover-up of unparalleled magnitude.

We have an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya illegally occupying the Oval Office and our elected officials refuse to honor their oath of office and defend the Constitution. The mockery of the rule of law and of the American experiment in ‘government of the People’ has gone too far. The time has come for American citizen-patriots to take appropriate action.
All those complicit in the most sinister crime in American history must be held accountable for their treason–one way or another.
  • kibitzer2 says:
    December 5, 2012 at 11:46 pm
    Extremely well summarized, Chris. 

  • I think the American public got tranquilized and went to sleep with the advent of the two-party system, in making the assumption that their interests would be covered in that political split. And so here in our day is Sheriff Joe, trying to figure out wha’ happened, when wha’ happened is obvious: the fix has been put in at the top. It’s obvious that the Republican Party honchos did a deal with their counterparts ‘across the aisle’: ‘We’ll play pretend with your man if you will do the same with whoever we will put up in the future for either the Pres spot or the VP, and that way, save us both the hassle of trying to get an amendment to the Constitution through on the issue’ – which had proven too hard to do, after 8 attempts between 2003 and 2008 to do just that. And just so, has America entered Empire territory, with an emperor dressed in all the finery that well-placed money can buy. It’s a disgusting sight.

  • Sheriff Joe should have recognized this by now, and thus know that nothing is going to happen via Congress on the issue. So he should do the logical thing, under the circumstances: Go to the nation’s county sheriffs with his findings, and get them to begin to pony up a posse, from every state in the nation that still believes in the Constitution, and its federal form of government. And let’s have this matter out in the open. Stat.


But actually, the more that I read about what all the Founders of this nation put into getting it off the ground - to say, the consciousness that they put into that effort, and grand enterprise; swarming flies at sweltering night and all - I don't think this current generation of citizens is up to the job, of keeping this ship of state even afloat, let alone moving in the direction of an honorable harbor.

But - prove me wrong.  And I'll be glad to see it.  And acknowledge it.

But I'm not going to lose any more sleep over it.


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