Thursday, 27 December 2012

I'm Waiting, America

As the days go by, the evidence of a planned lockdown of and in America mounts, turning it definably, unmistakably into a police state, with the federal government assuming dictatorial controls over the public.  At the same time, many citizens, and people around the world, are waiting, and hoping, for a major spiritual event, signaling the transformation of 3rd dimensional life on Earth into a higher state/level of consciousness, whereby Humanity moves into an ascended state known historically as a Golden Age; or 'The New Age'; or 'The Grand Turning'; or 'The Shift' - various names having been given to a New Era for life on an ascended Earth - Gaia, a living entity in her own right, going through her own transformational experience.

I can't speak for Gaia.  But I think I know why Homo sapiens isn't there yet.  It's because we have some unfinished business still to attend to, before the process can continue to unfold.  And that 'unfinished business' is symbolized by the illegality - the constitutional ineligibility - of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to hold the high and (mostly) honorable office of the presidency of the United States of America.  And as long as he continues, illegally, in that office, the whole process, of Humanity moving into a state of higher consciousness, cannot proceed - by definition.

I'm not going to go into all the details of that ineligibility here.  All of the key players in this drama know whereof I speak.  I am here just going to speak from my Higher Self (which is connected to that of everyone else; so tune in to get your confirmation of the legitimacy of this message) to the issue.  And say: The man is a liar.  He got his position originally on a lie.  I ask you, Citizen (of the U.S.; and of the world): Do you really think to follow a Liar into the sunlit day of a New Earth??  Do you really think that that is where you would end up, doing so???

Or would you, rather more likely, end up in a prison.

A prison as well of your own making.

Wherein we are headed, as we speak.

"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide."  True words from the silver-tongued mouth of this inveterate Liar, and Deceiver.

This man is the block to this whole process, of the next steps for Humanity.  He has to go, for the process to continue its unfoldment.  Meaning, The People have to learn, and practice, discernment, in order to be able to take their next spiritual steps.

And the use here of the word 'discernment' brings up, obliquely but fittingly, the issue of, in a word,  'discrimination'.  I have heard (and seen on the Internet) the argument that The People of America are ignoring the issue of the Emperor's new clothes because of the racial factor - that Obama has not been called on his ineligibility properly, and sufficiently, because people don't want to be labeled as 'racist' if they make an issue of it - or be responsible for setting off 'race riots' in the country, if they attempt, like the little boy of the New Clothes fable, to speak the truth of the matter.  Let me clarify where I am coming from in this whole matter, to put that issue to rest, once and for all.

I'm sure that for some citizens there is a racial factor at work here, that can 'color', so to speak, their response to this interloper's purloining of the American presidency.  However, I happen to be a believer that We Are All One.  That beneath all the 3D differences we experience in our multiple trips through the realm of duality and polarity, and relative separateness, in 3D life* - learning lessons, gaining insights; now as a prince, now as a pauper; now male, now female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another - we are all the same: sparks of divinity off the One Holy Source.

So please, away with your attempts to play the race card in this matter.  Race has nothing to do with this.  Truth has everything to do with this.

And the Truth is - to my way of thinking - that there will be no significant action on the Ascension 'front' as long as the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is occupying the office of the president of the United States.  He is in the office illegally.  He is, then, a block to Spirit to sweep through, first of all, this 'shining city on a hill' - America, and all of her citizens - and then all of Humanity.  Is a representative of all that is dark and sinuous in the heart of Man.

But the onus is not all, or even mainly, on him.  He is, in truth, a bit of a scapegoat.  I am waiting for the American people to set this major Wrong, Right.  To bring it to a head, where it can be dealt with, in the cleansing light of day.  And for the man who calls himself what he does these days to confess to his dishonesty regarding this matter, to apologize to the American people for deceiving them and misleading them so, and to ask them for their forgiveness, as he vacates the office that he, and his shadowy cohorts in crime - including in the Republican Party - have usurped, thereby laying waste to the Constitution of the United States, and opening the door boldly to the threatening police state on the nantion's near horizon.

Other aspects of the trashing of the Constitution over relatively recent years have contributed to this moment.  But none so much as the deliberate defilement of the constitutional qualification for the candidate for the office of the Presidency of the Nation to be a, quote, 'natural born citizen'.  Not just a citizen.  But one with no dual allegiances of loyalties - one, that is to say, born of two U.S. citizen parents.

There is also a matter of where one is born which figures into the definition; but not as definably as the one of what is called in legalese jus sanguinis - that is, born of the blood.  (The other part of the definition is called jus soli - that is, born of the soil.  Or equivalent thereof; as amended over the years.  But a person can be a born citizen 'of the soil' but not be a natural born citizen, by virtue of his parental factor.  As with Obama.)

It is not my job or desire to go into all those details here.  I am here simply stating that it is my sense that     America, and the world, are being held up from their rightful 'birthright' - as emanations from our mutual Divine Source - to progress now to our next level of the school of Creation that we are in; on our way back to full Unity with our One Divine Source.  Having survived the trip through the lower grades of the school.  And deserving of a better fate, than a timeline that drags us back down into the morass of low-consciousness, that we have now the major Opportunity to escape from.

If we so choose.

So: Over to you, America.  The whole world waits on your decision in this weighty matter.   Which will not - I repeat: not - go away.  No matter how much you might wish it to.

Did you think that this whole '3D life' thing was going to be a stroll through the park???...You need to chance big to win big.

Your big - and I mean, BIG - prize awaits you.

Claim it.


Tempus fugit.

And waits for no man, limitlessly.

Not even the de facto president of the greatest nation on the present Earth.



* the 'issue' of reincarnation is another subject.  Just to say here, to it, that the evidence for it, in our day, is overwhelming.  If you don't believe in it, you just haven't been doing your homework; have been living 3D life oblivious to your real lessons.
     If you don't know about these things: it's time you got with the program.  Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels; locked in the illusion.  Start making some progress.  Now.
     You haven't been blessed with life - the experience of Creation - for nothing.
     See you - meet you - on the other side of your awakening.


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