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All. Or Nothing

One World Rising: 'Moneyless Manifesto' - video ab. Mark Boyle's book of the same name -  Dec. 29   (He emphasizes a localized, gift-based economy)
'Have a look at this while we search for ways to make change.' - blog owner VisionKeeper.

kibitzer3 says:
Yes. Getting there. And Charles Eisenstein’s ideas on ‘Spiritual Economics’ – money treated as a gift. And Michael Tellinger’s working with the principle of Ubuntu in South Africa. And Jacque Fresco/thevenusproject; and Peter Joseph’s thezeitgeistmovement. And. And…
And the key to it all, to my mind, is the understanding that We Are All One. Is the reality of reincarnation. Without which understanding (aka We Are One Another), we will continue still to see ourselves as separate beings, with no real reason for being, other than simply for itself only; and thus, what I do to others (and Gaia) makes no difference to me. Unless, of course, I can con them into supporting me, in my personal pursuit of some sort, at least, of happiness in life. Me. You. With no REAL connection between us…
I am saying that it is not enough for us simply to be looking at withdrawing our consumption habits from the system, or replacing oil with hemp, or a hundred other specific items of withdrawal of support from the Beast. The Beast itself must be slain – and replaced with Truth. The Truth about Life. (Ta-da!)  Yes; Mark Boyle’s ‘The Moneyless Manifesto’ is part of that. But only a part. If we don’t include the REASON for, not just another, more holistic take on social life, but for life itself, we are not getting there, or getting it; or going to enlist the mass of humanity in our Cause.
We do it – want it; a better way of doing things, of being – because the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good. Without that piece to the picture, we are just spinning our wheels. Making sound and fury, signifying nothing. A tree falling in a forest with no ears. Or few.
This is fundamental to life, now. We need not to blow this Opportunity. Yes, the economic system has to collapse. But it has to collapse, in order for something better to replace it with. Not just more of the same, essentially; just dressed up differently.
Like us, in the parts we play, over and over again. Until we get – really get – what we’re doing; and don’t want to play at ‘life’ anymore. Want the real thing.
And won’t settle for anything less.
It’s all. Or nothing.


...and a reply:

Visionkeeper says:
Kib is on a roll today! Nobody is saying that what ideas are put forth here are the answer, just more parts of the puzzle and if you want to strike the heart of the dark ones dead, dry up their source of money! Their plan can’t work without us as slaves to supply the money. I have been pounding my keyboard for over a year now and my main reason in waking people up was to show them there is more to life, that they have purpose and life has meaning….I’m not following you on this Kib….Of course we are all craving truth but just how do you intend to get the truth out beyond what we all are doing, with the media in bed with this corrupt Govt? VK
...and my reply:

kibitzer3 says:
First of all, let me clarify: I in no way meant to put down all the good work that you have been doing “for over a year now”, in trying to show people that “there is more to life, that they have purpose and life has meaning”. Well done. I just get a little uneasy when some people SEEM to want to start charging off, doing this that ‘n the other, without putting first things first. People aren’t going to listen to somebody – you don’t get people’s attention – if all one does is propose a different monetary system. That just sounds like a communist, or a Luddite wanting to return to barter, or something similarly linear; 3D. When the answer is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right, but Up – and to convince people that there is where one is coming from, in calling for Change.
I am saying that until we humans start thinking of each other as Us/ourselves – and treating each other accordingly – we’ll never crack this nut. That’s the clincher. It’s conveyed in the update to the Golden Rule that I ‘employ’ often in my blogs and emails to ‘others’: ‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself – literally. For We Are All One. And All IS One.’ And then the dialogue proceeds from there. Not from a starting ‘line’ of something like ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if people were nicer to each other. Hey, I’ve got this great idea, of getting rid of capitalism. I mean, we really don’t NEED all these consumer goods. Think of what it’s doing to the environment…’ If you don’t give people a REAL reason for ‘being nice to each other,’ you’re just – as I said above – spinning your wheels.
I think what happened here was that I haven’t followed your blog for all that long, and have come in a chapter late, where most of your ‘family’ are already on the same page as you, and starting their ‘blue sky thinking’ from a spiritual premise to humanity’s need now – a REAL spiritual premise; not just a sort of secular humanistic, left-wing reaction to ‘those greedy Wall Street bankers’. I shouldn’t have been so quick to react, and judge where the dialogue that was starting was coming from. It was insensitive of me. Apologies.
Indeed: the matter at hand is waking people up. Not just to how bad things are, now.
But to what it’s all about, really; and how it is all about. I get frustrated sometimes, as to
how long it’s taking people TO wake up, to their full potential, and identify.

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