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A Christmas Message

I've had an interesting exchange with a friend from 'back home' (back at the spiritual  community where I lived for many years, before this year returning to my old home town, to live out my days; or whatever) in the last couple of days, that I would like to share with whomsoever finds their way to my blog site.  It's a brief summary of my belief system, about what's going on in the world, and where do we go from here.  A fitting wrap-up, I feel, to this year, of all years.

Dec. 24 (carrying over into the first minutes of the 25th) (and slightly edited)

[Salutation to my friend]

1) And thank you for posting the Tarpley video on your site.  You are doing a worthwhile service.

2) And for the 'U.S. Gun Law & The Coming Holocaust' article, w/ all of its valuable pieces.
As to the latter subject, and your concluding question.  A: No, and.

It's kind of complicated.  I'll try to make this brief.

Both 'public' sides of the supposed political aisle have ambitions, and plans, for a post-U.S. Constitution New World Order.  The Left's version -championed by such Marxist-socialist-type luminaries as George Soros, Maurice Strong,1 Noam Chomsky,2 and BHO3 - has the unions in a strong position of power; the Right's version - championed by such fascist-type luminaries as the Bush family, Big Banking and Big Business - has them running the show, and 'the people' as serfs.4  But both of them are just on a lower rung of the pyramid of power in the world today, with the likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers behind both sides.5  The one main thing that is standing in the way of them both is the Constitution; else they can't submerge the U.S. into a region of their NWO.  The tricky part is keeping the people pacified until they can spring their trap.  And yes, they don't just sit around, twiddling their thumbs, hoping that somehow 'events' will allow them to take away the people's guns.  As FDR said (and I paraphrase), 'If something happens politically, you can be sure it was planned'.  He should know.  He helped bring WWII into being, by setting up the Pearl Harbor attack.) 

The boys on the top of the pyramid know all this.  It's historical.  As David Icke calls it: action-reaction-solution.  Personally, I think of it along the lines of the Hegelian dialectic.  To make that story short: Here we are, with a NWO from the Left pending (BHO has all the pieces in place for a martial law-declaring takeover),6 as antithesis to the NWO thesis that had started to be put in place under Bush II.7  TPTB obviously think that they win either way.  But in actuality, both of these pieces are just lead-up to the breakthrough into Synthesis.  A NWO, alright; just not the one either of these camps think it is to be.  With 'history' - economics/the monetary system and such - now having gone global, we are ready for the crowning stage of Synthesis; not just another level, to generate an antithesis to it, and start the historical process going again.  

Enter the New Age.  Of some tarnished renown.  But still, the essence is good, and solid. 

I am, by way of saying, optimistic.  That we had to experience all that we have, to get here.  To 'get' the point: that we can't do it 'alone'.  To say: without acknowledging our roots in a greater reality than just the linear, 3D one, that we have been inhabiting, and stuck in, long enough.

It's time for something new.  The something new.  

Not so much post-U.S. Constitution; as post-money. 

But that's another story.

Sorry for burbling on.  But as I say: it's kind of complicated.  

My short answer to your question: I have hope that we will make it through to the positive outcome waiting for us on the other side of this current 'pass'.  Into a ring-pass-not.  To say: Only those who are ready for a higher-consciousness experience will make it. 

And those who aren't?

Ah.  Well.  Personally, I wouldn't want to be numbered amongst them.

Down that timeline, there be dragons.    




1 M. Strong - the guy behind the Rio Summit - has publicly said that he wants to see the industrial West - because of its environment-trashing, polluting side effects - demolished.  I'm not sure how he figures his union people are going to have much of a standard of living in his scenario.  Maybe they aren't supposed to.  Go, the spotted owl!  

2 Chomsky - who would not denounce Pol Pot, and his Year One agenda - is what is called an anarcho-syndicalist, i.e., roughly speaking, a believer in society being run by the unions.  He is in the tradition of the old 'Wobblies' - the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).     

3 There is evidence that these rogues in this gallery (& Michelle O nee Robinson, with her former law firm, & its history of 'dead peasant' life insurance claims) were involved in 9/11.  And is that ever a can of worms. The more you open it, the more wriggle out, into the light. 

4 The NeoCons - who backed Bush & Cheney - are a mixture of 'right' and 'left'.  A lot of Jews amongst them, they are 'conservative' only in the sense of wanting America to have strong military might - in order to back Israel, and its Khazarian leadership in their ambitions for hegemony in the Middle East.  (Did you know that the two blue lines in the Israeli flag represent the Nile on the one hand and the Tigris-Euphrates on the other??  Zionists indeed.) So to that extent, they also side with Big Business.  But socially, many of them are leftists. Stemming from the days of the Jews being a persecuted minority.  Boy, have they been waiting for their day... 

5 Classic for the Rothschilds, with how, e.g., they backed both sides of the England-France Waterloo to-do.  And how big banking families bankrolled both Lenin and later, Hitler; etc etc.  War is sweet.
     And speaking of 'both sides' being an illusion: That also goes for the 'Democrats' and the 'Republicans'.  The Republicans have been complicit in Obama's obtaining the U.S. presidency illegally.  If there were a true two-party system in the U.S., they would have questioned O's credentials (just as the Dems in Congress queried McCain's 'natural born citizen' bona fides in 2008.  And Obama's??  Nary a peep out of the Repub camp.  Nor since; even with a huge outpouring of astonishment and angst and anger at the grass roots level in the country. Obviously: the fix was, and has been, in at the top.  All the way to the judicial branch of government.  It is an outrage of monumental proportions.  Truly, the Constitution hangs by a thread.
     Which would seem to have been the point from the very beginning of the exercise.  The exercise, in a nation's takeover, by the tyrannically minded; with an agenda.  That agenda?
      World dominion.    

6 His minions want the socialist utopia of the state running people's lives to within an inch of them, complete with the likes of smart meters on their homes - to keep tabs on their energy usage, and to cut them off if they start exceeding their quota, or if they are obviously hiding an extra body or two in their home, not declared to the state - and most, and finally all, property belonging to the state (so the people won't have any reason to have guns to protect their property), and no growing food outside of the state's allotted allowance, because the state is committed to lowering the population so that we are living in harmony with the - expert-ly decided - carrying capacity of the planet; the list goes on.  (Heard of Agenda 21??) 

7 The fascist NWO's agenda is simpler: a nuclear (actually, neutron) war, to kill off most of humanity - i.e., the 'useless eaters' - and leave just enough serfs to operate Big Brother & Co.'s machinery.  Coming up from their underground bunkers after the Big Blow.  With people gone, but property still intact.  Sweet stuff, that radioactivity.
     Incidentally, this happened once before, in our human race's history.  In the Middle East too, come to that.  (Read Z. Sitchin.)  
     Plus ca change...      


[the email that kicked off my reply above]

> Subject: Re: [exo|human] Please moderate: "The Inevitabilty of the Coming Conflagration"
> From: 
> Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 
> To:
> Hi Stan,
> Thanks for your recent comments ;-)
> I trust you're keeping your head down over there. I think the TPTB are going to pull another Sandy Hook—but bigger!—to point the finger at the NRA and fun-loving US gun owners everywhere. The school shooting on its own just isn't going to be enough to overturn the Constitution… and they're kind of a hurry, it seems.
> "DEMAND A PLAN"  [video included]
> THE AWFUL TRUTH is that the officially-sponsored “Demand a Plan” initiative [reference to the video and a petition to the White House, by whomsoever behind it all] isn’t a popular knee-jerk response. The genuine gut-reaction to the horror of the Sandy Hook murders would simply be “Ban Guns!”
> Trouble is, if the authorities came right out with this blatantly anti-constitutional move immediately after such an atrocity, some people might see it as an insensitive cashing-in on people’s grief; might see it as just too convenient; might even begin to wonder if their government had something to do with it. “Demand a Plan” puts some distance between them and the event.
> I invite you, just for a moment, to imagine the unimaginable: imagine what it would portend for the American people, if their own government was behind the recent cold-bloodied [sic] slaughter of twenty small children. The next logical step is to consider the possibility that the event was staged as part of a strategy to overturn the Constitution and disarm all US citizens…
> If this is true, and they are really capable of these sort of monstrous, inhuman crimes, to further their political objectives, then what else are they capable of? And is the suggestion of another holocaust—this time for American [sic]—just another idle ‘conspiracy theory’?
> http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2012/12/us-gun-law-the-coming-holocaust/
> It's really happening.
> [signed]
> ---

[Below is my "recent comments" that triggered my friend's response.  It was comment to a video he had posted on his web site, of historian/political commentator Webster Tarpley giving an exposition of the past, present, and what he saw as the best future for the U.S. and humanity]

> On 24 Dec 2012, at 03:13, WordPress [had written]:
> > A new comment on the post "The Inevitabilty of the Coming Conflagration" is waiting for your approval
> > http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2012/02/the-inevitabilty-of-the-coming-conflagration/
> > 
> > Author : Stan 
> > URL : http://kibitzer-truthseeker.blogspot.com
> > 
> > Comment: 
> > I knew that Tarpley had an excellent eye on the past and the current, but I hadn't realized that he was such a futurist as well. Rather breathtaking in scope.
> > 
> > And if the world was to continue on a linear timeline, his could very well be the best way to go. However, he is still locked into the money system as it is; and the world should not continue to be so. The Vision - life - is larger than he realizes, or at least, is calculating. But still: Well done, Webster. If I were to be a 3D American president, I would hire you in a nano second.
> > 


And this subsequent exchange, on Christmas Day itself, wherein my friend, in a reply email to mine at the top of this thread, queried me about my feelings regarding the much-ballyhooed Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 end date (he is a fond 'follower' of Terence McKenna, who foresaw, years ago - through such 'devices' as the I Ching - a concluding timeline for humanity on this very same day of the Mayan Long Count calendar's completion; hence my reference herein to that thinker and researcher): 

[me - Dec. 25 afternoon, local time]

1) "I guess the knack with anything transcendental is to hang onto it and 'land' it.. (?)"

     A: Good advice.  Yes, I too was actively curious about the 2012 Dec. Solstice energy, due to such thinkers on the subject as McKenna; and my own inner 'inklings', that something monumental is up, in our time (line).  But for me, the key to the breakthrough into the higher realms (Yes, Virginia, there is an Up)1 hasn't been put into the lock/receptor site for it yet. That is, the awareness - to the degree of humanity really groking it fully - that We Are All One.  Once that awareness kicks in, everything changes, and lo, the New Era entereth.  Or to say, we entereth it.
     It has to do, to some degree, with that book that you, and all thinking humans, malign.  (Babies and bathwater come immediately to mind, at this point.)  Consider, the truth of reincarnation.  ("But the Bible - "  Stay with me a moment.)  'Now let me get this straight.  If we are all just playing, and exchanging, parts, in the 3D drama...that means... - hey.  We are, in fact, One Another.....And if that is so, then that means... - hey: We Are, on some level - on a higher level, than the physical stage stuff - One.  Of One - something.  Entity.  Beingness.  Some sort of shit like that.  And if that is so, then...whatever I do to someone else...I do to... - holy shit.  To myself.  And if so, then......'
     Then we ascend.
     Not before.
     We have to 'get it', first.
     The old Which came first routine.
     For that's how we enter the 5th dimension, of consciousness: by treating each other as ourselves.  Precisely as reflected in the admonition in the (much-maligned, and deservedly so) Bible, of the Golden Rule: for a Golden Age.  Although I word the concept, and relate to it, a little differently; a little more advanced, with the 'missing link' - of the reality of reincarnation - put in place.  To wit: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.'  Literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.
     And that's how 'you' get rid of the likes of guns; and other separation thinking.

2) "So who's on first..?"2
     A: That's not the proper question.  The proper question is, What's on second.

And with that conundrum, I leave you to your Christmas-Day Night delights.3 

:-)  Stan



1 He had queried whether - from the lack of anything noticeably happening on the 21st - there really was, after all, an 'up' ("if 'up' is still a direction these days…'").

2 It would take too long to explain this addition to his narrative.  It is part of his sense of humor.

3 My answer here is part of my sense of humor.  I could have said that "The proper question is, Which came first", to follow on from my comment above it in the narrative itself.  But I wanted to allude to the idea that one thing has taken place (the timeline thing), but it's 'What's on second' - i.e., next (the consciousness thing) - that is the key.
     It's a taste thing.  You either have it or you don't.


And a Happy New Year, one and all.

And a meaningful, insightful, groking one as well.

To help us get this show on the road, man.  Because

it's time.


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