Tuesday, 4 December 2012

For The Want Of A Nail

I want to nail something down in this blog.



I will explain.

As we proceed towards a New World, where Love and Truth and all that jazz reigns - and lesser qualities are checked at the door - there is a subject that it would pay us all to pay attention to.  That is the subject of what are called vasanas.  As I understand it, these are like little blocks that have come up in our lives, and keep coming up, from deep inside; what, presumably, the psychological school/model of Psychosynthesis calls 'co-exes,' for 'core experiences': experiences that are still there, in current time, and are running us, and our lives - the lives that we act out in 'reality' from our inner realities.  Sometimes they are just small and niggling 'blocks'; and sometimes they are biggies.    To the point of taking us over, when they are activated.  To the point, to say, of consuming us.  

I have one such vasana in particular.  Where it comes from precisely, I don't know.  But I know what triggers it.  The general theme of 'injustice' triggers it.  And for me to clear this block of mine - so that I can proceed, with many of you, to our - humanity's - next level of development, of spiritual evolution -  I need 'your' help.  If only your understanding, of why I react the way I do - in the huge way I do - to things that I perceive as Injustice.  I'm asking for your support, because these things that I perceive as injustices come from my surroundings; my society, or society at large.  And that's where you, and you, and you come in; because you make up my society at large.  And you, personally, may not have anything to do with specific injustices that drive me up the wall.  But you are still involved; carry some of the weight of responsibility.

I will explain, by way of an example.

You've heard of 'My Pet Goat'?  Here's My Pet Peeve.*  Named and shamed: the American Mainstream Media and the Republican Party are grossly negligent in, and even grossly responsible for, the overthrowing of the rule of law in the U.S., as accomplices of, and accessories both to and after the fact of, ultimately the Democrat Party's purloining of the American presidency, by its nomination of a clearly ineligible candidate for the office of the president of the U.S. in 2008, and compounding the injury by nominating him yet again in 2012.  We are talking, of course, about the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama - I say 'calls himself', because we don't really know his real, to say birth, name, since he has failed to produce a bona fide copy of his birth certificate;  and has rather, in point of fact, produced a document that has been identified by many experts, and even by many 6-year-olds, as a forgery.  I exaggerate a touch, but you get my drift: It is so obvious a forgery that even a 6-year-old - or a reporter for the MSM - could identify it as such.

So the Democrat Party is 'ultimately' responsible for this outrage; yes.  But all 'you' who make up the audience oohing and ahhing over the emperor's new clothes - ?  To say: Who is really responsible??  The person who commits an illegal act, or the person or persons who let him or her get away with it???  And thus set up further such acts.  

Put in another way: Was Hitler responsible for the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, or were those who let him get away with his leadership of them??  Yes, he was guilty of a lot of 'it'.  And so were a lot of other people.  Who were not just bystanders, watching the parade of the Emperor in his new finery.

And forget the idea of 'the emperor'.   If Joe Blow commits a crime, and he sees that many people ignore it, who is responsible - bears at least some of the responsibility - if he goes on to commit other crimes??...

This may be my vasana.  But it is your crime.

Own your responsibility in the purloining of the American presidency.  That is all that I ask.  For, that act - i.e., the allowance of the getting away with that purloining - has allowed the spirit of arbitrary law - of rule by whoever has the power in the moment - to prevail in the country.  

And how many of you have gone along with examples of voter/election fraud, and let them go, because 'everybody does it'??

'Everybody' will not be held accountable, at the end of 'the day' - of the current stage of consciousness development in which you are involved.

You will.

And you have precious little time left to clean up your act - your own act.  Before you will be held accountable for your own life's activities, and decisions.

No one else.  

And - possibly a little secret: It is you who will be holding yourself accountable.  You can call it your Higher Self, if you wish.  But you are responsible for the condition of your aura.  To say: your ticket to go through the doorway, to the realm of higher consciousness, that is presenting itself - for all of Humanity - as we speak. 

And I may not make it through that doorway.  Until you do.

So please: Give me a hand, here.  Help me deal with my vasana regarding Injustice.  By giving me some sign that you understand that an injustice has been committed.  A major injustice.  A gross injustice.  To the rule of law.  And the founding of the American Republic, in the spirit of giving The People the power to rule their own lives, and show the vibrancy of such a socio-political institution; rather than having rulers over them.

That is all that I ask.  

And then I can get off it.

'It": The case, so to speak, of The Want Of A Nail.



* 9/11 being far more than to be considered merely as one's 'pet peeve'.  That atrocity deserves a major space - to the point of a court trial -  all its own.  And in the court of public opinion as well, with all the facts surrounding it brought into the open.   But let me deal here with what's right up front for me at this time, since it is a current issue and event, and so has a little more 'life' to it - for me as well as for 'you' - as an example.


P.S. This fraudulent voting business - both the fact of an ineligible candidate (which - predictably - is leading to a lineup of other such ineligible candidates for the office down the line; at least on the part of the Republicans.  Which would appear to be the quid pro quo that they arranged with the Democrat Party, to look the other way over their candidate; and thus compounding the problem, along the lines whereof I spoke) and running elections for years that were tainted by fraud - is no. 1 on my list of 'pet peeves'.  A lesser such peeve of mine - that really gets my goat - is the sort of statist mentality that is exampled by the report somewhat recently out of the state of Rhode Island about the ACLU taking a school district to court - and winning the case - for running father-daughter dances (along with mother-son activities), on the basis that it was 'discriminatory' to a girl who could not attend because she was the daughter of a single mother.  Excuse me??!
     The ACLU spokesperson reportedly sniffed that "in the 21st Century public schools have no business fostering the notion that girls prefer to go to formal dances while boys prefer baseball games.  This type of gender stereotyping," this spokesperson went on airily, sniffing 'discrimination' in the air while others smell the sulfurous odor of despotism, "only perpetuates outdated notions of 'girl' and 'boy' activities..."
     I could really get in to an essay here on despotism and the roots thereof.  But just to say, for now, that this is the sort of arrogant, insufferable thinking that I am speaking of - of the danger of attitudes developing of the state running The People's lives to within an inch of their lives, on the basis of socio-political ideologies, like socialism, and fascism, rather than in a system that honors the individual - as a sovereign, self-ruling entity; a spark of Divinity, with the right of free will from his/her Creator to exercise - and lets him or her get on with their lives as they see fit.  Not as Mother Superior, aka Big Nanny, sees fit for them.
     With her Big Brother standing right behind her; eagerly awaiting his turn, to have a go at the cattle.
     ...officious prigs.........
     (Wow - another vasana biggie.
     I'm going to have a devil of a time getting through that doorway......
      ...and it's all your fault.)  :-)


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