Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Addendum To Today's Message

I have now finished Catherine D. Bowen's masterful report on the Miracle at Philadelphia.  After much debate - extremely interesting in the telling1 -  the proposed Constitution was sent to the states for ratification, or not.  That was another very interesting process, which Ms Bowen, by the nature of her book, had to give truncated space to.  What she did allow in that telling was no less interesting a drama, however; and finally the requisite number of states (and more) gave their assent to this new, audacious enterprise - the first precisely of its kind in the world.  She concluded with a detailed report on the celebrations in Philadelphia - the site of the birth of the document in question - when the deal was sealed; by August 1788, a year after the Constitutional Convention completed its deliberations.    

"The Federal processions were wonderfully ingenious," she reports.2  Ships named 'Federal Constitution' and 'Union', mounted on wagons, were drawn by horses through the streets of some cities; Philadelphia had all the ships at her wharves well 'decked out' for the occasion.  And the procession itself was obviously a sight to behold: 

"The First City Troop of Light Dragoons…Architects and house carpenters followed on foot, to the number of four hundred and fifty…behind them, sawmakers and filecutters with their flag…The Agricultural Society,…The Manufacturing Society, its insignia a beehive, with bees issuing in the rays of a rising sun…

"On they came: brickmakers and clockmakers, fringe and ribbon weavers; saddlers and cordwainers; boat builders, sailmakers, ship joiners, rope makers, carvers, gilders, coopers; blacksmiths and coachmakers, skinners and glovers;  goldsmiths and gunsmiths" -

ah yes: the gunmakers.  A vital part of the nation's history…

"By six o'clock it was over.  'Seventeen thousand' celebrants 'soberly retired to their respective homes,' said the official account…

"Afterward, people remarked upon the spectators' silence while the procession passed.  Benjamin Rush, the Philadelphia physician, signer of the Declaration of Independence, called it a 'solemn silence,' as though citizens were awed, moved by a joy intense and profound.  No victory during the late war, Rush said, had brought such deep-seated happiness to every countenance…

"''Tis done,' Rush wrote.  'We have become a nation.'"

And so it was.  And is.  Yet.

And yet…

Let whoever sent me allow an element of Grace to enter this picture, if He/She/It wants.  I'm here to see that the American nation is treated right.  And that means to have justice served on those who have abused her.  

That list includes:

* Barack Obama, for his purloining of the presidency, against the express wishes of the Framers of the Constitution, and that rule of law that they thereby set in motion; capable of being amended by succeeding generations, in the manner allowed for in its construction;

* All those who have had a hand in hiding or forging or otherwise manipulating Obama's bona fides;

* All those in the Democrat Party who had a direct role to play in his illegal raising to that position as a candidate;

* Likewise in the Republican Party; since it was obviously an accessory to that crime  And speaking of that factor:

* The officials of both the major political parties to be tried for their collusion in this conspiracy to defraud the American people, and the rule of law.  And speaking of conspiracies:

* All those involved in the conspiracy that resulted in 9/11; and

* Likewise, all those involved in the conspiracy that resulted in the OKC Murrah Building atrocity; and

* Likewise, all those involved in the assassinations, and subsequent coverups thereto, of JFK, his brother Bobby, and MLK;

The list goes on.  For justice to be served; beyond just the karma involved in these acts.  For, if some sense of leniency is going to be shown such individuals - sparks of divinity in incarnation in the 3rd dimension, of duality and polarity; existing in order to prove one's worth to advance on the spiritual path -  it must be shown after the fact of 'discovery'.  And that includes Barack Obama, and the hiding and manipulation of his bona fides.

For this is MY country; and I will not have it so trifled with.

And I call on the Hosts of Heaven to assist me in this cleansing process.  For Truth to be defended, and honored.  As we approach a major watershed time.  Some of the 'waters of life' to proceed to the other side.  Some to 'miss the cut,' and go back, for another go 'round.  Until Right prevails in their minds.

Not crude, manipulative, 3D Might.



1 'The shafts on both sides were bitter," she commented at one point regarding the debates.
     Miracle, indeed.

2 There was still unhappiness by some Antifederalists - especially in the smaller states -  concerned about the power of the 'beast' that was being unleashed on the continent.  A concern that has been, in the event, justified.  But the nation got over 200 years out of that 'beast', before it began to earn the wisdom of the wariness of some of its progenitors.

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